Horse Show Checklist
 By Fantasy Farms   •   19th Mar 2010   •   10,573 views   •   10 comments
Have you ever been to a horse show and realized that your forgot your girth? Using this checklist will help you not forget anything. Before a horse show, make sure your tack is clean and in working order. Make sure you horse is clean too. Go through this checklist the night before and right before you leave to go to the show. Most importantly, have fun at your show!

Horse Show

Map to showgrounds
Show information
Membership cards
Horse registration
Health certificate, coggins, other required veterinary information
Emergency telephone numbers
Test booklet (dressage riders) NRHA patterns (reiners)
Veterinarian phone number

For Travel:
Truck and trailer registration
Head bumper
Shipping boots or wraps
Tail bandage
Stable sheet
Leather or breakway halters
Lead ropes
Jack for trailer
Tail bag/wrap
Spare tire
Manure fork
Emergency phone numbers in case of breakdown
Trailer first-aid kit
Plenty of stored water for horse(s) buckets

For You:
Hat or cap
Comfortable clothes/shoes for after competition
Beverages and snacks
Folding chairs
Aspirin, Band-Aids
Cell phone
Lint remover
Safety pins and sewing kit
Grooming apron or other cover-up

For Your Horse:
Saddle pads
Legwear (for warm-up, as well as show-ring--as dictated by your discipline)
Approved martingales
Spare stirrups and leathers
Breast plate, as needed
Longe line and longe whip (optional)
Stud chain (optional)
Halter and lead line, plus a spare
Horse blanket and cooler (optional)
Drinking water and bucket
Hay/haynet, other feed
Equine first-aid kit
Stall guard and screw eyes (if youíre boarding overnight)

For Grooming:
Fly spray
Sweat scraper
Brushes, curries
Hoof pick
Coat polish
Spot remover and/or whitening product
Sponges and rags
Hoof dressing / polish
Grooming tote
Cordless clippers (for missed hairs)
Water in a spray bottle
Braiding kit / banding supplies
Ribbons for mane (saddleseat)
Rain gear, if needed

Show Apparel:
Jeans or show pants
Boot pulls
Boot socks
Shin and knee guards (games/gymkhana) other protective gear
Coat, jacket or vest
Show shirt
Helmet or hat
Hair net/hair accessories
Tie / pin / scarf / choker
Rain gear, if needed
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Evergreen Creek Quarters  
wow, this is great help for people with a show coming up, thanks ! great post
  33 days ago  •  6,081 views
great way to lay out this format.. i already dp this but a very good reminder to sum new showing girls and boys
  32 days ago  •  6,065 views
Dandys Luck  
This is really good! I started making a list last year when I forgot to bring my saddle to a show XD
  32 days ago  •  6,024 views
Nice!! Very helpful for first time showers!!
  32 days ago  •  5,964 views
Fantasy Farms  
Thanks everyone :)
  32 days ago  •  5,980 views
Yes, This is very helpful for everybody! I always worry I forgot something! LOL! REALLY!
  32 days ago  •  5,964 views
Barnabus Jack  
Ah, lists. They give order in the world of chaos that is preparing for a show...
Well, it's chaos in my household, where every member of my family - save my father and one of my brothers - rides.

I already make numerous lists like this (always make a spare copy) but it's good for showing newcomers. :)
  Jul 29, 2010  •  6,128 views
Dark Star  
My friend once got to a show and relised she forgot her
  Aug 18, 2010  •  5,956 views
in year 6 i did SAPSASA tennis. i showed up there one morning without my racquet....
  Sep 25, 2010  •  6,008 views
Little Bitty Farm  
Very helpful!
  May 9, 2011  •  5,992 views
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