Team Weirdo Professional Circuit
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Team Weirdo Professional Circuit

It has been an interesting year for Team Weirdo. For starters, I’ve not been able to come up with a better name than ‘Team Weirdo’, and I guess it has stuck, which is... inconvenient, I suppose, but not unfitting. Beyond that, 2017 has seen both the start and the end of many an era. As you all have read, this was the year that marked a very sad farewell to the special horse who started it all... my dear Polo. Yet, even despite the fact that it brought a day so strongly dreaded, I cannot say that 2017 has been a bad year. Because for Team Weirdo, this was not the end. The end of an era, maybe, but not the end. 2017 has been the start of something completely new.

Team Weirdo is no longer just me, a group of scruffy misfit horses, and an incredible support team behind the scenes. Now, Team Weirdo has extended to the professional circuit, and includes a small, scruffy group of pupils – both human and equine – who have happened upon the misfortune of becoming the Guinea Pigs of my professional training skills for the years ahead. Thus far, the improvement in every one of these special souls has been overwhelming, and the future ahead is looking – at worst – inspirational and exciting. At best? Tentatively hoping – downright successful.

Furthermore, 2017 has finally brought me some big news to report from the competitive circuit! Ponybox’s favourite OTTB, Moonfire, returned in full force at the end of this year after an unfortunate paddock injury left him off work until August – just a few short months after his eventual recovery from his tie back operation in 2016. Moonfire returned to the competitive scene by cinching the South African adult 1m Eventing Champion title – finishing with the best score of the entire national championship show. From there we surfed on the success, throwing our all into chasing down the last few big shows left for the year. Moo took on the extremely challenging International Spurwing Horse Trials Africa Cup competition as his first run at one star in over two years, and finished a very respectable 5th in a huge and strong class, against horses graded two and three star. From there, the champion traveled on to Port Elizabeth to take home the Eastern Cape Champion title with an outstanding one star performance, leaving him with a lead of over ten penalties.

After what I can only describe as an overwhelmingly successful show season for our team, the Champion was given a well-deserved holiday, and is now resuming work for his 2018 debut.

And, if Mr. Moo’s success isn’t exciting enough, some tentative plans brewed at the beginning of the year have now finally begun falling into place as we hurtle towards 2018. They say that for every window closed, a door opens. In the last few years, due to changing circumstances and a series of misfortunes, I have had to say goodbye to many a very special partner and competition horse:

Mountain of Bronze
Mountain of Bronze - One star eventer and junior and adult team horse – began his new life as a schoolmaster with a young rider.

Finola – One star eventer and extremely successful open showjumper – hung up the jumping boots for a wistful attempt at a late start at stud.

Without these remarkable horses, my own competitive string was comprised of only Moonfire, meaning that when he was injured, I was not competing at all... all the windows were closed. But as luck would have it, we finally came across a key for an old door that we had sworn never to open again. Yeah, we all know it.

It’s that “Why don’t I buy a new horse” door.

So, with that very long and rambling newsflash of an intro... Ponybox, allow me to introduce the latest addition to Team Weirdo:

De Niro
De Niro - Four (4) year old Warmblood Stallion, by Sirandipity (Sir Shutterfly (Hann) x Calvaro Z x Ramiro Z) out of Tsunami (Sandor (SAWB) x Empress Bayxx).

This talented youngster will be bringing with him a whole new set of challenges and opportunities that the OTTB based Team Weirdo has never encountered before.

De Niro

De Niro

De Niro

So, Ponybox, for a very exciting journey with many interesting stories ahead... watch this space.
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