Labeling Your Horse Tack
 By Winniefield Park   •   8th Dec 2015   •   4,412 views   •   1 comments
Labeling Your Horse Tack

If you board your horse, or if there is more than one horse and rider pair in your stable, labeling your gear is a good idea. It helps prevent confusion when things arenít put back where they belong, and labeled items are a bit less attractive to thieves. There are lots of different ways to label things, some permanent, and some more temporary. One thing to think about when labeling your horseís stuff though, is that although it's nice to put your horseís name on things, it also makes it easier for strangers to approach your horse and sound friendly. You might not want this, as horse thieves probably like easy to approach horses, and calling them by name helps. Conversely, my horse would probably stroll off with anyone that offers her a carrot or handful of grain, no matter what they called her. But, why give thieves any small advantage?

Saddle Pads and Blankets
Consider using fabric paint, permanent marker, heat transfer vinyl, embroidery, or applique to put your mark on any horse gear made of fabric. A company named Tri-Chem makes great tubes of fabric paint with a roller tip to make drawing and coloring easier. Even acrylic craft paint from the dollar store stands up to the wear and tear of stable use pretty well. Heat transfer vinyl can be purchased at hobby stores, and to get a nice clean cut symbol, you can buy a die punch rather than trying to hand cut with scissors. Heat bond lets you bond one layer of fabric to another for an appliqued effect. You could of course go nuts with either hand or machine embroidery. If youíve got the time and skill, why not? Or if you can afford it, take your stuff to a place that embroiders sports gear.

Saddles are trickier to label, because you donít want to mar the leather in any obvious way. You could write your name in an inconspicuous place in permanent marker. Some saddles are carved with the ownerís name on an inside flap. Itís also possible to buy metal leather tools with letters you can individually stamp into the leather. I have a brass name plate that is nailed behind the cantle of my saddle, which looks nice, but comes off rather easily and is very obvious. Itís also possible to get a hand held heat tool that works like a miniature branding iron. You can then burn your initials into any leather item. I personally wouldnít trust myself with this as Iíd be afraid of branding my hand, or the dog or the dining room table.

Itís tradition to put a horseís name on its leather halter with a nice brass plate. If you buy an OTTB, you may get one of these with either its name, or its sireís and damís name. These look nice, but as I mentioned it makes it easier for someone to speak to your horse by name and you might not want that. Maybe save these halters for special occasions. I use cheap breakaway halters for turnout. I donít care if they get lost and if I did, Iíd probably take a Sharpie marker and write something on them. Small tags and keychains are also useful. Just make sure they canít get hooked on thin nostrils, eyelids or ears if they bend.

If youíre riding at home, one of those nice brass name plates would look great on your bridle. I say bling out your at-home stuff as much as makes you happy. If you show, your labeling may have to be more discrete. Maybe use those metal leather stamps to tap your initials into the underside of the straps, or use a marker to write your initials. Just be very careful that the ink doesnít go through the leather - it probably wonít but you donít want a stain to come through on the visible side. Bridle tags are also available, and these make a good temporary way of labeling both halters and bridles.

Buckets, Sprays and Bottles
When it comes to marking buckets and tubs, paint pens you can buy at plumbing and electrical supply stores are really great. A thick Sharpie marker is the next best thing. A label maker is also handy, and labels can be wrapped around whip handles and other small items.

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I wanted to provide a picture of my horse's new blanket with my initials on it, but found out that fabric paint doesn't work on waterproof fabric. It slid right off!
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