The Basic Stuff
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Are you getting a horse? Chances are, if you’re getting your first horse, you’ll want to plan ahead and be sure that you have everything ready for its arrival. You’ll want to plan how you will house your horse, and have fenced paddocks and a stable or run-in shelter ready. And, you’ll want to have your new horse’s meals waiting. This might be good grass pasture, or it might be several weeks supply of good hay. Water is also important, and your new horse will need a fresh, clean supply available at all times. These are the very basics of what your horse needs.

Once your horse has the basic needs of food, water and shelter met, you’ll probably want some things to help you care for and enjoy your horse. An unwritten rule of horse selling is that every horse must come with some sort of halter. Chances are, because it comes with the horse, and sellers don’t want to give their best stuff away, the halter won’t be very nice. It may be old, worn and ill fitting. So, you’ll want to get a nice new halter for your horse. I like breakaway halters, because they’re safer. They’re not as expensive as some of the fancy leather ones, but they’re quite serviceable.

You’ll probably want a lead rope or two. I like the thicker cotton ones because they’re easy to hold and tie with. You’ll want two, since they tend to go astray easily and can get broken. You'll also want two buckets. Rubber is preferable to plastic, even though they’re a bit more expensive. They’ll outlive a plastic bucket though, especially if you live in an area where water freezes. You can bash the ice out of a rubber bucket without damaging it. But, a plastic bucket will probably shatter before the ice does.

You’ll need some grooming tools. At minimum you’ll want a curry comb, body brush, mane and tail comb, and a soft face brush. You can store these in a bucket, along with a soft cloth. This will get most of the basic grooming done. Another thing to throw in the bucket is a hoof pick. This is an essential that you’ll use often, so spring for a sturdy one with an ergonomic handle. You’ll probably find you’ll need a few more specialized tools, depending on your grooming needs. But these can be purchased as needed.

If you’re going to be cleaning a stall or two, you’ll need some basic mucking out tools. A manure fork or rake, shovel and broom, along with a wheelbarrow will get the job done. You’ll of course need a supply of whatever bedding you choose to use, such as shavings, straw or other materials.

As much as you’ll like looking at your new horse, that’s probably not why you bought it. You’ll want to ride, and you’ll need a few essentials for that. First on your list, if you don’t already have one is a helmet. Then second is a safe pair of boots. You’ll need a bridle and bit, girth and saddle pad or blanket. What type you get will depend on your saddle. The saddle however, is the one piece of equipment you’ll want to buy after you get your horse. That way, you can fit the saddle properly to the horse.

Some first aid items are important to have around. This includes some wound dressing, thermometer, scissors, gamgee or disposable diapers for covering wounds, stable leg wraps, sea or epsom salts for wound cleaning, and a roll or two of self adhesive bandages.

Here’s the shopping list:
Feed, Bedding, 2 Water buckets, Halter, 2 Lead Ropes, Curry Comb, Body Brush, Mane Comb, Face Brush, Hoof Pick, Manure Fork, Shovel, Broom, Wheelbarrow, Bridle and bit, Girth, Saddle pad or blanket, Helmet, Boots, First-Aid kit items
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It's been a week and I still randomly laugh over the linked video! Thanks for the helpful advice. :)
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