Five Celebrities With Horses [Video]
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It may be debatable who said it, but there's no truer adage than, "There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man." What type of activity would you recommend for someone with a high-pressure lifestyle to get away from it all? Horseback riding, of course! Perhaps that's why so many celebrities enjoy horses and horseback riding. Certainly, having unlimited funds to indulge in your horse passion helps too. Here are just a few high-profile celebs who enjoy some stable time, or that you might see in the show ring or on the trail.

The Material Girl doesn't seem to mind becoming the Stable Girl every so often. A few years ago, Madonna's unscheduled dismount made the media headlines. Madonna didn't take up riding until she turned forty, but of course, had the advantage of excellent coaching by British Eventer Daisy Trafford. If there's one word that could describe Madonna's attitude towards life, it's 'driven'. And this was her approach to riding as well. According to a 2009 Metro UK article, Madonna went from beginner to jumping 1.05m and trail riding in a very short time. One of her more famous horseback riding moments was a photo with fellow celeb David Letterman, also an avid horseman.

Martha Stewart
We can only imagine that Martha Stewart's Fresians have meticulously cleaned stalls, potpourri bowls in the aisle, and their oats and hay are appealingly 'plated'. And while we mere mortals must use our own sweat labor and transfer our horse's dirt onto ourselves while grooming, Stewart's horses get vacuumed. Of course.

Viggo Mortenson
He rode like the wind in Hidalgo, and enjoyed it so much he kept T.J., the American Paint Horse he rode in the movie. He also purchased some of the horses he rode in Lord of the Rings. Mortenson rode as a child, but didn't ride again until he appeared in Young Guns II. He now tries to keep T.J. close by, wherever he goes.

Kelly Rippa
Rippa does not ride, but is frequently seen ring-side watching her daughter who started out in the short-stirrup division on a leased pony. Rippa and her daughter are fixtures in the winter Florida show circuit (according to my snow-bird horse show contacts). One of her more famous horse show pictures shows her with handsome hubby Mark Consuelos at the Hampton Classic Horse Show, a glittering equine social event in Long Island, New York.

Patrick Swazye
If you're a fan of Arabian Horses, you'll likely have seen Swayze's magazine cover photo astride his favorite stallion Tammen. Swayze was first smitten by Arabian horses as a child. The Egyptian Arabian's elegant and proud physique appealed to the dancer in Swayze. He and his wife had a small breeding farm in California, that was Swayze's escape from stardom. He showed at the US Nationals, but the response from unruly fans kept him from the show ring. In a Barbara Walters interview, done after his diagnoses of pancreatic cancer, Swayze said, “I plan to spend a lot of time on the back of a horse, back in the mountains...,” a little later, Walter says, “Patrick, in your heart, you're a cowboy.” “Yes mam, just like my dad,” he replies.

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