The Magic In Miniature Horses
 By Tiny Spurs   •   17th Dec 2012   •   2,981 views   •   4 comments
The Magic In Miniature HorsesWouldn't it be nice to have a real life Pony In My Pocket? Well, for many people, a miniature horse is the next best thing. Petite, willing and very companionable, miniature horses are perfect mates for people of all ages. Just yesterday I was bossed around by just such a creature, who pawed at me when I stopped scratching her neck. And while at times it made me cry out in desperation, I couldn't stop laughing.

So what do these little bundles of joy do to us? And better yet, what do they do for us? First of all, miniature horses are great paddock mates for other horses, as they can be bossy and stubborn enough to stand up for themselves. However, they are also splendid human companions, as they never cease to amuse us, and even a quick cuddle with one of these cute equines will bring a smile to your dial. Miniatures act as the secret best friend you wish you could pack into your suitcase to take with you on holiday. And they’re so small and compliant you nearly could! Mini horses are friendly and interact well with kids and adults, and they look so adorable in family portraits!

Miniature horses are also fabulous to show. With their own competitions including dressage, jumping and harness, miniature horses are like an alternative to riding; for numerous reasons people have no choice but to give up riding, and so miniatures give non-riding horse lovers the opportunity to compete anyway!

These awesome horses also act as guide animals, helping blind people get around and still enjoy life. Miniature horses are popular at children’s parties, and look great in harness to give kids a ride down the road or around the paddock. Their pretty little heads suit both English and Western bridles, and dressing up yourself to match them is all part of the fun!

So if you can’t afford a big horse, can no longer ride or are just smitten with miniature horses already, go check them out! They are affordable to buy and maintain, they give you a lifetime of fun and they really are something special. But I must warn you: they are addictive! You can never buy just one!
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So true! Even though many people love the looks of bigger horses, minature horses give people lots of comfort, like the shetland ponies in my stable. They're so adorable to play with too :)
  Dec 17, 2012  •  3,070 views
Valkyrie   MOD 
I got my first two minis for Christmas in 2003 and it has been an amazing nine years (crap NINE YEARS? o_O). We simply didn't have space (and I didn't have time) for a bigger horse but miniatures fit the bill so well! Since then I've bred my own little miniature foal (now a 7yo rotund ball of attitude XD) and sold one of the first two I got as a kid's pony.

They are the cutest, bossiest, smartest, craftiest, evillest things I have ever met and I totally love them!
  Dec 17, 2012  •  2,731 views
I have three minis and I love them to bits! I totally get what you mean by the being bossy!
  Dec 22, 2012  •  2,824 views
I am loving the story! Great piece!
  Jan 2, 2013  •  2,737 views
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