Horse360 - The Ultimate Equine Anatomy App
 By FreeRein   •   6th Jul 2012   •   4,963 views   •   17 comments
Horse360 - The Ultimate Equine Anatomy AppI am going to be completely honest with you. I know the outside of a horse like the back of my hand; croup, dock, tail, hock, cornet, jowl, poll, fetlock, hock, cannon, etc. Everything. But when it came to things like tendons, ligaments, the difference between the Metatarsal and the Metacarpal, and all of the various flexors and extensors. I thought I had a large amount of equine knowledge... Until I found the Horse360 app!

The Horse360 app has a total of 21 sections for learning and you can also review them. There are over hundreds of terms to learn and you start at general and end at naming different parts of organs! You can review what youíve learned by heading to the review part where you choose one of the 21 sections and it gives you a part, and you have to tap on it with your finger. There is also vet view where you can change the view of your equine from outside, to inside, and back again and review the body parts that you already know. Itís pretty cool and I thought it would be a lot harder to learn about the horse from head to hoof and back.

This app is pretty cool, and I recommend buying the entire bundle, which costs $9.99 (US Currency) instead of purchasing each section for one dollar each. It is a fun way to learn about our equine companions and is really easy to use and makes a very fun thing to do when you get bored on the bus, in the car, or in your English class! (LOL)

You can buy it here, or in the app store on one of many apple devices.

Here are some screenshots which hopefully let you enjoy the experience and give you a quick preview of the app. All photos were screenshots by me, and they are Copyright of the app, and itís creator(s). I am not claiming any images as my own.

Horse360 - The Ultimate Equine Anatomy App

Horse360 - The Ultimate Equine Anatomy App
Cruisin Past Curfew  
Hopefully I can get it on my Android!
  Jul 6, 2012  •  4,054 views
Neat! This is an app I will have to look into...
  Jul 6, 2012  •  4,557 views
Ooooh!!! Want! Very much!
Except it's expensive. XD
We'll see!
  Jul 6, 2012  •  4,102 views
I will so be getting this! :D
  Jul 7, 2012  •  4,067 views
Unbridled Sakia  
It would be cool if I could get this app on my kindle but my mom won't want to pay for it....
  Jul 7, 2012  •  4,097 views
Love Forever  
I HAVE to try this.
  Jul 7, 2012  •  4,051 views
thanks this sounds cool
  Jul 7, 2012  •  4,047 views
My friend (Who's actually not horsey) showed me this, it really is a great app and teaches you so much.
  Jul 7, 2012  •  4,077 views
Double Spur Ranch  
This is awesome! I wish i had a phone that i could get apps on! Can't wait for my upgrade!
  Jul 7, 2012  •  4,059 views
Twisted Rose  
I am definitely getting this! I also struggle with this side of horse knowledge, so it will be a real help!
  Jul 8, 2012  •  4,062 views
Sapphire Flames  
wow..that's so coool! :)
  Jul 8, 2012  •  4,044 views
Sounds like a great app ! Thanks for the heads up. =)
  Jul 8, 2012  •  4,063 views
very interesting! I'm not aware of the finer details like you said and this app would be helpful!
  Jul 11, 2012  •  4,339 views
That sound like a really cool app!
  Jul 12, 2012  •  4,103 views
That was amazing!
  Jul 18, 2012  •  4,292 views
C H O S E N  
Wow, that looks like a cool app O.o
  Jul 21, 2012  •  4,076 views
Foxchase Farm  
This is really cool! Thanks for sharing :)
  Jul 28, 2012  •  4,084 views
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