Horse We Purchased At Auction Was Drugged
 By Faith forever   •   6th Mar 2012   •   5,688 views   •   9 comments
Indy is our seven year old Paint mare. Until we purchased her at auction she had a rough life. She was a gorgeous brown and white Paint that my Grandma just had to have. When we got her home from auction we put her in a stall, but unfortunately she freaked out over her first night and left the stall a mess. The next day we attempted to ride her and it was also a disaster. She bucked, kicked and used every muscle in her body to dismount her rider. It didn't take a brain surgeon to realize that she was probably drugged at the auction. We definitely had our work cut out for us if we were ever going to turn her into a safe horse.

Over the next few weeks I worked with her by starting her on trails and walks in the pasture. It was a tough road, but over time she was starting to settle in. Indy was about six years old when we bred her and on May 29th, exactly one month early, she foaled a healthy little colt we named Thunder.

Indy is now a happy mare. She rides like a dream and loves to run. She still is a little fat from giving birth to Thunder, but is fitting in well. We no longer worry about leaving her in a stall alone, wondering what the situation will be in the morning. She still is spooky, but I doubt we will ever fully erase the poor treatment she received before we bought her from her mind. But one thing is for sure, Indy will live out the rest of her life without fear of abuse or neglect.

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Faith forever  
Its supposed to say COLT! Paint had a COLT!!!!
  16 days ago  •  4,719 views
Southern Devil  
We've had that done once or twice before. It was HORRIBLE!!
  16 days ago  •  4,721 views
Starlight Farm  
It might not've been a great idea to try to ride her after she trashed her stall.... this story about drugging is why I'm skeptical of horse auctions. But hey, you could've well saved her from a killer buyer and I'm glad she has settled down and turned out to be a nice horse :)
  16 days ago  •  4,766 views
Rusted Faith  
You rode her a few days after you bought her when she was clearly already in a state? Thats not really the best idea, is it? An obviously terrified horse, who had previously been drugged...Oh, I know! Lets ride her a day after you bought her home, right after she trashed the stable. Use your common sense girl! If you think thats the way to look after a neglected horse, then maybe you should stick to good natured horses suitable for first time owners.
  15 days ago  •  5,082 views
Double Spur Ranch  
Very great and loving story!
  14 days ago  •  4,742 views
No Walkin Farms9  
Well if it makes feel any better, I think you did a great job with Indy. She's beautiful and looks perfectly happy and content. Great article. Thanks for sharing Indy's story with us. Ignore those unhappy people who feel the need to criticise you for something that happened years ago.
  14 days ago  •  4,756 views
Deleted Accounts  
wow, you took her out on trails even though she isn't calm yet?
  3 days ago  •  4,758 views
Sapphire Flames  
That's awful! i' sure she'll have a great life now!
  2 days ago  •  4,724 views
Doodles Forever  
Whats done is done, however I have a few ideas that could help you next time you're in this situation:

- If something in the stall is scaring the horse, or the horse previously trashed the stall, don't ride her or put her back in another stable, find an area like a small, empty paddock, or an arena, andf let her loose there for a while until shes calm enough to handle safley. I would personally advise leaving her there overnight unless the weather is extreme. Check on her often, don't attempt to handle her until you need to, but talk to her over the fence in a calm and soothing voice. Horses get used to peoples voices, and can pick up calm vibes from you if you're relaxed. Once shes happy to come up to the fence for a carrot or polo, then you can put on a FLAT HALTER (not a rope halter, if she spooks or pulls, the memory will take away any trust she has in you) and lead her into a spacious stable, with hay, give her a treat and maybe a pat if she'll let you. Then just leave her to i
  May 25, 2012  •  4,739 views
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Horse We Purchased At Auction Was Drugged
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