FFA Horse Judging
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FFA Horse JudgingDuring my years in high school we had a program through my schools agriculture department called FFA, which was once known as Future Farmers of America. Although that name isn't used anymore because it let to the false belief that FFA was just for farmers. During my senior year I learned that one of the activities we could participate in was horse judging. This consisted of learning everything about a horse, from their colors and body parts to their riding patterns in different events in order to evaluate. There are three different sections of horse judging through FFA, the actual evaluation, the team horse information test, and the speech made to the judges.

The foundation of evaluating a halter horse consist of:
-Structural correctness and movement
-Muscling and substance
-Breed and gender characteristics

Reasons are what they call your speech to the judges, it consists of breaking up the four horses in your top pair and bottom pair and why you placed them accordingly. Explaining what characteristics the horse had that made them more desirable then others.

There is a total of 6 to 8 judged classes of halter and performance, then 2 sets of reason in each class type. classes are about 15 minutes each and are worth 50 points total, oral reasons must not exceed 2 minutes in length. In those two minutes you have to tell the judge why you placed each horse as you did.

Halter classes judge Quarter horse, Conformation Hunter, Appaloosa, Arabian, Paint and Morgan.

Performance classes consisted of Western Pleasure, Western Riding, Reining, English Pleasure (saddle seat), Hunter under Saddle (hunt seat) and Hunter Hack.

Performance horses are judged differently then halter. They are evaluated on:
-Attitude and manners
-Functional correctness
-Quality of movement
-Head carriage

Horse evaluation is a fun contest to compete in, many of the members of my FFA chapter have received scholarships to college for doing well in horse judging as well as having the chance to travel to nationals in Indianapolis, Indiana to compete at the national level when our team got 1st in state. I recommend it to anyone wanting to try something new involving horses that have access to FFA.

FFA Horse Judging
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Double Spur Ranch  
Great job! I compete in our FFA program too it's really fun, but our team is never serious in horse so it sucks when I'm the only one with a high high schore haha...
  Feb 14, 2012  •  15,550 views
Wow that is really cool! My friend is doing that :) Keep up the good work!
  Feb 14, 2012  •  15,528 views
That sounds really cool! :D

Good job (:
  Feb 14, 2012  •  15,775 views
Deleted Accounts  
we dont get to do that at my school but it sounds really good fun:D
  Feb 15, 2012  •  15,552 views
Dark Star  
Sounds like our horse judging team in 4H (We don't have a horse team in FFA because we don't have many horse riders in our FFA club)

I was one of the people that displayed a gaited horse for the judging team (My horse won both halter and gaited performance. haha he's not a champion KMHA gelding for no reason I guess)
  Feb 15, 2012  •  15,537 views
Faith forever  
I`m in FFA and hope to be doing that if our teacher could ever get off his butt and plan a trip and stuff but yes! I love FFA!
  Feb 15, 2012  •  15,532 views
That sound like so much fun! if i wasn't homeschooled i would totally do it! :P
Great job!
  Feb 16, 2012  •  15,569 views
  Feb 17, 2012  •  15,555 views
Painted Destiny  
As of right now I'm going to be doing this at state level this summer ^^ This article is what made me decide to do this instead of another one.
  Feb 21, 2012  •  15,533 views
Awesome article! I'm so glad that more people are hearing about this. FFA Horse Judging is a great expirience and everyone should try it.
  Mar 5, 2012  •  15,571 views
that sounds good fun!! its good to no also how the judges judge our horses:)
  Mar 6, 2012  •  15,551 views
My school tid that we dident do evey well we only had 3internet members.
  Mar 6, 2012  •  15,592 views
RoyalCrownEstates  MOD 
that sounds awesome!
great article
  May 17, 2012  •  15,563 views
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