My Foal Thunder
 By Faith forever   •   7th Feb 2012   •   3,143 views   •   12 comments
My Foal ThunderIt was 7AM May 29th 2011 on a Sunday. Thunder was born! I had gone to Florida for vacation and almost cryed when I left because I had to leave behind a beloved mare named Paint. She was pregnant with my dream horse. Paint was bred July 4th with a Stud named Thunder. Thunder was black with a white dot on his head. When we were sure Paint was bred successfully she started getting special treatment. She was looked after carefully to ensure the lead mare did not harm her during the pregnancy.

So when I left for Florida I was angry, sad, and happy all at the same time. I was angry because I had to leave Paint, sad because I had to leave my animals, and happy because I was going to see my sister that I have not seen in over a year. While in Florida I would talk to my Grandma and would tell her to tell Paint not have her baby until I get back. Unfortunately Paint didn't listen and on my last day in Flordia it happened. My parents were scared to tell me because they knew I would be mad that I wasn't there. When I saw the first picture ever took of him my heart melted. I was ready to rush home.

The trip back was eight long hours and I would not wait any longer to see my dream horse. When I saw the foal in person I knew that we would be best friends. Thunder is now 8 months old now and is such a loving boy. He loves to chase horse play balls and bring them back. I can sleep with him and even pick up his feet and brush him without any problems. He is almost taller than my 15 hand high horse. When I take Thunder for walks we just enjoy them so much because he just walks behind me without and misbehaving. Thunder is loving his life. He is so spoiled with love and food. Well, Thunder was Born May 29th 2011 at 7:00 A.M. on a Sunday and I missed my beloved horses birth. By the way, Thunders full name is A Little Bit Of Thunder... because he looks like his mom and not like his dad. All he has from his dad are his ears.

My Foal Thunder

My Foal Thunder
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C e n t u r y P r i d e   
He is cute :)
  Feb 7, 2012  •  2,543 views
A lovely story! I really enjoyed reading this. I remember when one of our foals, Mac, was born. I had checked out in the morning and it looked like his mum would foal that night, when I got home, I went out to call the horses up for their feeds to see that his mum had had a beautiful Conker coloured, bay colt. It looks like she'd given birth in the middle of the day! :P
  Feb 8, 2012  •  2,282 views
Que Sara  
He has lovely markings! I love the markings just above his feet, he looks like his hooves have been stitched on with thick yarn and uneven stitches!

Great story, at least you have all your time to spend together now.
  Feb 8, 2012  •  2,318 views
He is a very sweet boy! But I do hope that his headcollar was only on him because you were taking photo's, and you don't just leave it on him whilst he is in the field...
  Feb 8, 2012  •  2,709 views
Aww, he is gorgeous!
It is great that you have him going really well already, congratulations :)
Really enjoyed reading this too!
  Feb 8, 2012  •  2,320 views
Awww very cuuute! :3
  Feb 8, 2012  •  2,428 views
Double Spur Ranch  
He is a wonderful paint it looks like :)
  Feb 9, 2012  •  2,302 views
Free Spirit Farm  
cute story!
  Feb 9, 2012  •  2,490 views
Deleted Accounts  
aw he's so cute, he's going to be an amazing horse
  Feb 11, 2012  •  2,299 views
Great story!! Sorry you missed the birth but i am sure he is still very special to you! :)
  Feb 15, 2012  •  2,416 views
RoyalCrownEstates  MOD 
Great article, I really enjoyed reading this.
  May 17, 2012  •  2,310 views
Sapphire Flames  
he's adorable!!!!!! great article Faith! :)
  May 28, 2012  •  2,282 views
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