I'm Grounded From My First Horse Show
 By Madeirey   •   12th Jan 2012   •   3,675 views   •   13 comments
Horse DrawingToday was just not my day. I was infuriated, confused, and thinking the world was torturing me. Although, the world was not exactly torturing me; I just thought it was. My mom and I had another one of our fights because I didn’t finish cleaning the tack room like I was supposed to. My mom started yelling, getting mad, and I was starting to get mad at her for yelling. I hate yelling, it drives me up the wall. So we started to fight and it ended with my mom grounding me from going to my first Novice horse show.

I was mad!

The day passed and my dad came home and said instead of not going to the show I would just be grounded from my computer and phone for 3 days. I immediately took him up on that because the show overruled Ponybox and everything else (sorry ponyboxers). So being the deprived child I was I got some free books on my Kindle and read, cleaned, and worked my days away, wondering what Moodles was going to do to me when she got on Ponybox. Maybe I shouldn’t have sent her those 100 messages...Hmmm. I’m just going to list some interesting things I did over the slow three days being grounded.

Yard work is fun! Not. We have a huge part of our yard that had fallen trees and branches to burn so we did that for 3-4 hours. We made a little pile, started the fire, and began to add onto it by dragging the old branches and putting them on it. Ashes rained down on us and the smoke burned my lungs. A doctor recommended situation? Probably not, but it had to be done. I was wearing a Nike synthetic jacket at the time and my dad walked over to my and pointed at my shirt. “What happened?” he asked and I looked down. Sure enough there was a hole on my shirt where a hot piece of ash or something burned though. Lovely.

Another funny moment was that my mom and dad were talking about building another house on our land (we bought the land/house we are living in now VERY cheap because it has a lot of issues) and my mom didn’t like the prospect of contracting builders, so I volunteered.

“You know, I could contact the builders and stuff.” I said happily. Then I put my hands on my dad’s shoulders behind him and finished my sentence with a smile. “I’ll just need my computer and phone back.” My dad started laughing quite hard after I said that.

Horse DrawingOut of boredom I made a code that I'm writing in now. It's very cool and unique, I love it! I made a code about 2 years before but I threw it away after a few months. I had memorized it and I couldn’t risk other people getting to it. I still remembered a lot of it so I copied it down and then made new symbols for the letters I forgot. With my first code I made I had gotten so into it that I began to write letters in it that I was supposed to put English. Like I would switch on and off of it. It was hilarious in a annoying way. Hahaha! So I would be writing my name and for the A I would put my code A and then I would go back to English letters then the C would be in my code and then I would go back to English letters...It was really fun.

I also started to draw creatures. I made an animal called a Mythril and I’m starting on another one. They are going to be some animals in my book that I'm rewriting. (Sorry, The Other World fans!) I think I’ll put up a picture later of it...Yes, I’ll do that.

I got a lot done in my time away from the computer. The grounding was necessary and I began to appreciate it after a day. But I’m back now and I’m happy! Today I have to do all of my English homework before tomorrow and it’s already 11PM so I guess I should get a move on with it!
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Cruisin Past Curfew  
I wondered where you were! PonyBox was very slow without you!

Awesome story though! I enjoyed reading it X3
  24 days ago  •  2,662 views
Seven Sins  
I like the drawing, and PB was very dead without you on
great article
  24 days ago  •  2,673 views
All That Jazz  
Great story! Glad you get to go (or already went to...) your show! :)
  23 days ago  •  2,704 views
Aww how bad of. them. Anyways, i think that stable chores are sure important...
  23 days ago  •  2,714 views
Ohhh Maddie.

I'm glad your back though. =)
  23 days ago  •  2,673 views
Love LOVE LOVE!! The jumping picture!!!
  23 days ago  •  2,672 views
Deleted Accounts  
hehe that was a fun artical to read:3
  23 days ago  •  2,691 views
Mutley Jackson  
I love how you dedicated a sentence and a half to ME!!! XD

And yes, you shouldnt have... -_-
  22 days ago  •  2,665 views
Unbridled Equus  
Woah! I love this! Poor you though!
  22 days ago  •  2,728 views
Let It Ride  
hey at least u got to go to the show :)
  22 days ago  •  2,683 views
Double Spur Ranch  
Haha great story! To me it would be torture! Ha :)
  22 days ago  •  2,674 views
What did you coem int eh show?
  19 days ago  •  2,665 views
nadine johnson  
hey do you want to be my friend
  17 days ago  •  2,704 views
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