The Benefits of Therapeutic Riding
 By Seven Sins   •   6th Jan 2012   •   6,627 views   •   20 comments
Therapeutic RidingMost people have heard of some form of physical therapy. Well on horseback it is often called Hippotherapy, it is a commonly used for around 100 different conditions; autism, brain injuries, spinal cord injury, visual or hearing loss, down syndrome, cerebral palsy, as well as many other conditions. These diseases and conditions can benefit from riding horses, they can increase balance, confidence, mobility, flexibility, and muscle strength. When riding a horse it mimics the gait that a human makes when walking, so for those that can't walk, it is a way to walk again.

Since riding is similar to the human walk it strengthens the spine as well as improves posture and muscle tone. It has both physical and emotional benefits. When using a horse, it allows everyone to be on equal grounds and gives them a sense of freedom. I personally know how much horses have driven me to keep going since my accident. Participants can also learn companionship, confidence, responsibility, and educational skills.

In therapeutic riding, horses are trained in different ways to meet the needs of their riders. Horses can help with anxiety and depression as well as recover from trauma. Therapeutic horseback riding is made up certified therapists, staff, volunteers, as well as parents and family. I know after I rode for the first time since my accident, that it gave me a new mental boost as well as helped keeping my leg spasms under control. I'm hoping this Spring to get into a riding program near where I live.

Here is an example video of a therapeutic riding center I visited while in Maui. Where volunteers as well as my family helped me mount and ride again, the horses name is Jet.

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Set Free  
That is so cool :)
  52 days ago  •  5,780 views
lovely video and article :) will you be able to walk again after time?
  52 days ago  •  6,043 views
Let It Ride  
Great article!!
  51 days ago  •  5,756 views
I have a friend who needs to horse ride beause of depression, it has really helped her, everyone who has been with her since the start of her depression has noticed a real difference!
  51 days ago  •  5,752 views
All That Jazz  
I used to volunteer at a therapeutic riding center. :)
Great article!
  51 days ago  •  5,771 views
It really goes to show how incredible horses are, I'm so glad to hear you're able to ride again.
  51 days ago  •  5,743 views
wow thats cool
  51 days ago  •  5,754 views
Painted Destiny  
That's awesome! I think it'd be cool to volunteer. Glad you're getting to ride some (:
  50 days ago  •  5,735 views
Evergreen Creek Quarters   
Lovely article. :)
  50 days ago  •  5,828 views
I would honestly love to volunteer at a therapeutic riding center, but I'm most likely too young. However, this is an incredible article! I wasn't aware that it could help with visual/hearing loss.
  50 days ago  •  5,756 views
that is amazing and interesting because I volenteer at a therapuetic riding stable
  50 days ago  •  5,779 views
Double Spur Ranch  
Love this article!!! And the video :)
  49 days ago  •  5,747 views
Awesome :) Glad to hear you can keep riding !
  48 days ago  •  5,769 views
Really cool, something we don't see a lot of on Ponybox. Thanks for sharing =D The best of luck!
  46 days ago  •  5,746 views
Awesome! Hope you will recover soon :D
  45 days ago  •  5,787 views
Such an amazing articale! Thanks for sharing! i wish you the best of luck! :))
  41 days ago  •  5,767 views
Lovely article !
Before I purchased my first mare, she was one of the many horses for lessons at a Therapeutic Center. =]
  40 days ago  •  5,773 views
Wow that is soooo cool! (:
  39 days ago  •  5,760 views
Free Spirit Farm  
That is so cool!
  39 days ago  •  5,770 views
I spent a short period at a Therapeutic riding facility (leading horses) and the change in the kids was really interesting. I've not seen people be affected like that so intensely ever before. Really cool experience.
  May 3, 2012  •  5,767 views
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