Top Ten Horse People Personalities
 By All That Jazz   •   18th Dec 2011   •   9,807 views   •   30 comments
Top Ten Horse People PersonalitiesIf you're anything like me, you've met your fair share of the unique and bizarre people in the horse world. Look through this list, and feel free to comment which ones you think you are, or you know. You'll find everyone from the equestrian model to the future Olympian, and much more!

1.  The Crazy Trainer
This type of horse person usually gives lesson to younger kids. They were valuable trainers and would bring blue ribbons to all their riders... About fifteen years ago. Now, they have no concept of the word 'safety', and would rather watch young beginners stand on their horses while playing a good round of Red Light - Green Light than watch their favorite student perform a dressage test.

2.  The Exaggerator
If you haven't met one of these yet - you probably will eventually. This person loves to stretch the truth as far as possible. For example: "Me and my horse Diamond Princess just jumped six feet!" Reality: Diamond Princess went over her first cross rail without knocking it over.

3.  The Only-Into-Horses-Because-They're-Pretty
Luckily, I've never met one of these before. But you might have. This person will usually miss lessons for excuses like sleeping in or bruising a thumb. Steer clear of this person while at the barn.

4.  The Over-Achiever
Don't get me wrong, over-achieving isn't a bad thing. Unless this person has a too-serious case of over-achievement. If the person will work their horse too hard constantly - until they get the perfect knee tuck throughout the whole course, or lowers their head perfectly so their rider can get the lasso where they want it - then they are a bad over-achiever. The good over-achievers will go above and beyond, to an extent. They know when they should cool off for the day and when to take breaks.

5.  The Fashionista
This person will have all the latest equestrian apparel trends, and tend to put up with itchy breeches or slippery gloves - all in the name of fashion. Now I don't know about you, but I'd prefer my handy dandy paddock boots over uncomfortable boots any day.

Top Ten Horse People Personalities

6.  The Down-to-Earth
This person is usually the most pleasurable to be around. They are not crazy, unless the moment calls for it. These are the most common types of horse people, in my experiences at least.

7.  The Snob
We all know these people are never fun. Even if we've never met one, just the thought makes us gag. These think that whatever they're doing must be better than what you're doing. Just because they're themselves. Don't let these people get to you, or else you won't enjoy your barn time. Times are better when they're not around.

8.  The Know-It-All
These people are often referred to as 'Walking Googles'. If you have a question, ask this person. But be careful and do your research before you go for a ride with them, or else they'll be correcting you left and right. Know-it-all's can be helpful at times, so get to know one.

9.  The Dreamer
These people can be a good refresher after a long week or two filled with lessons and training. They remind you of the things they plan for you both in the future regarding horses (many have the Olympics in mind) and can usually turn a negative outlook into a positive one quickly. They are great friends to have around.

10.  The Beautifier
This type of person spends more time spiffing their horse up than they do riding. They'll brush every speck of dust off their horse's coat, then remove every tangle from the mane and tail. Sometimes, they'll even go to the extent of braiding. These people may not be as good in the saddle, but they sure know their way around the grooming box! There's nothing wrong with these people, though.
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Polish Arabs  
I am the #10. :)

But unless I don't have time. Then I try not to worry about that last tangle. :)
I love my horses to be spotless. And I wish they would stay that way, but sadly my horses have this issue with being clean. :D Hahaha!
  Dec 18, 2011  •  7,452 views
I think I'm part Know-it-all and part Down-to-earth xD Hahaha! This is cool!
  Dec 18, 2011  •  7,069 views
RoyalCrownEstates  MOD 
LOL I like the article, very amuzing to read
  Dec 18, 2011  •  7,112 views
I am either, 'The Beautifier' or 'The Over Achiever' xD
  Dec 18, 2011  •  7,434 views
Deleted Accounts  
im part 'the beautifier', part 'down to earth' and part 'the only into horses because they're pretty' which the title isn't true because i love all ponies but ive missed lessons due to silly things haha!
  Dec 19, 2011  •  7,087 views
Painted Destiny  
I'm the Down to Earth, and sometimes the Beautifier. I love grooming, but usually I spend more time after I ride. xD And I've met a #1 and #8.
  Dec 19, 2011  •  7,323 views
I think i'm a dreamer/know-it-all/down to earth!
  Dec 19, 2011  •  7,320 views
Numbers 3, 5, and 7 are annoying. :p

I think I'm 6/9/10. :)
  Dec 19, 2011  •  7,361 views
Double Spur Ranch  
So true in every nature I just can't decide which one I am haha 6 and 10 maybe haha
  Dec 19, 2011  •  7,321 views
I'm 6, 8, 9, and 10.
My friends tease me about knowing horse genetics. XD "Does this horse have an agouti gene?"
I love grooming. It gives you time to get to know your horse, and just relax. I love riding, too, though. I braid whenever I have time. ^^
  Dec 19, 2011  •  7,329 views
Dark Star  
I've met one person who is #7 and the bad #8. Trust me, you want to avoid them at all costs.

I think when I'm with Dee I'm a #4/8/10.

Another one you should've added, The Avoider. Tries any possible way to get out of doing any work or train their horse, then gets mad at the horse when it doesn't do good in shows.

That kind really annoys me.
  Dec 19, 2011  •  7,320 views
I think i'm probably the down to earth and dreamer kind of person, but I'd refer to my friend as the know-it-all! :D
  Dec 20, 2011  •  7,711 views
Very good!! LOL
  Dec 21, 2011  •  7,691 views
Run Free  
hhmm im probly a mix between #9,#8 and #6. I'm pretty sure I know one of ALL these people, some are great but some you just look at them and think 'please just go away'
  Dec 22, 2011  •  7,733 views
Freedom Nieta  
I am DEFIANTLY number 9!
  Dec 22, 2011  •  7,713 views
Lol I'm defiantly 10 (:
  Dec 22, 2011  •  7,706 views
SkyFall Equestrian Center  
absolutely true!
  Dec 25, 2011  •  7,712 views
I find this hilarious and completely true.
  Dec 28, 2011  •  7,694 views
I am "down to earth" all the way, I do love to groom though I find it extremley I guess I am a little bit of a beautifier...through shows though I have met all of these people.
  Dec 31, 2011  •  7,837 views
Deep as Rhubarb  
I think I'm part down to earth and part beautifier. :P
  Jan 1, 2012  •  7,697 views
wow i know all of theses kinds of people
  Jan 2, 2012  •  7,705 views
Let It Ride  
LOL I think I'm kinda a #9 hahahahah I can be a bit too unrealistic. But hey remember optimistic!!
  Jan 2, 2012  •  7,704 views
C e n t u r y P r i d e   
I am either #6 or #8
  Jan 3, 2012  •  7,720 views
Very true! Im none of them cos i dont ride lolz....
  Jan 4, 2012  •  7,738 views
Evergreen Creek Quarters  
Hahaha! Lovey article!
  Jan 6, 2012  •  4,084 views
I am 6/1... I know one person on ponybox that would fit 'the know it all' one perfectly. I am the nerd.
  Jan 6, 2012  •  3,991 views
I think I am a cross of Know-It-All and Dreamer. I don't know absolutely everything, but if anyone wants to know a completely pointless/useless fact, I'm the person to go for. lol
  Mar 1, 2012  •  3,989 views
Unbridled Equus  
I know a snob. Uck.

I'm probably either 8, 6, or 4. xP
  Apr 27, 2012  •  4,045 views
  Jul 9, 2012  •  4,240 views
I am guilty of being a know it all, a good type of over-achiever and also down to earth :)
  Dec 3, 2014  •  2,514 views
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