My Long Journey Back With Horses After An Accident Left Me Paralyzed
 By Seven Sins   •   13th Nov 2011   •   10,075 views   •   24 comments
After a long year of very little contact with horses, the day came. After my accident (My Dream Is To Ride Again) I was left paralyzed never to walk again. Only on October 31st, 2011 I was given the opportunity to ride again. The barn was called Haku Baldwin Horse Center. With the help of some volunteers and my family I rode my first strides on a horse.

Before long I hope to Join a local therapeutic riding barn to help me both mentally and physically. It shows no matter the obstacle anyone can ride a horse again.
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Mutley Jackson  
Amazing…. So touching…. Were you riding bareback…. You are so strong to live through this.
  Nov 13, 2011  •  6,952 views
Thats great you can start riding again
  Nov 13, 2011  •  7,231 views
Sky Caballos  
wow what was the accident?
  Nov 13, 2011  •  7,345 views
YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you!!! *big hugz*
  Nov 13, 2011  •  7,324 views
Set Free  
Thats great glad you were able to ride again :)
  Nov 13, 2011  •  6,996 views
Sky Caballos  
aww thats so sad... good that your back riding again though!
  Nov 14, 2011  •  6,972 views
No Walkin Farms9  
Ok. I admit it. I teared up watching the video. This is simply amazing. It's so great that you got to ride again and hopefully will get to continue to ride. I'm so happy for you!
  Nov 14, 2011  •  7,361 views
Prarie Rose  
YAY!! I'm so happy for you! :) I read your article before and I was heartbroken. I'm so ecstatic that you are riding again! :D
  Nov 14, 2011  •  7,372 views
Oh, I am so happy you could get back on! How did it feel? I hope you join the riding center too! It would be so cool if you could start riding reguarly again! Good Luck!
  Nov 15, 2011  •  7,488 views
Really touching, I love it. It brought a tear to my eye.
  Nov 17, 2011  •  7,330 views
Southern Devil  
I'm SO happy for you! :) You're such a strong person to be able to go through this! :) (BTW I love this song! :)
  Nov 17, 2011  •  7,326 views
Whats a surcingle??
  Nov 18, 2011  •  7,363 views
All That Jazz  
Whoo! So great that you can ride again. :)
  Nov 18, 2011  •  7,360 views
Awesome :D Hope you get to ride more and more !!!!
  Nov 18, 2011  •  7,366 views
RoyalCrownEstates  MOD 
awhh what a nice story, glad to see you ridding again !
  Nov 18, 2011  •  7,351 views
My Paper Heart  
You are my insperation!
  Nov 19, 2011  •  7,321 views
Deep as Rhubarb  
That's so beautiful and touching... It's so great that you can ride again!:)
  Nov 19, 2011  •  7,333 views
I am sorry to hear about your accident hunny, but I am glad you still had the determination to get back in the saddle after it.Great job sweety! Keep it up
  Nov 25, 2011  •  7,374 views
Double Spur Ranch  
Very Good Job :)
  Nov 25, 2011  •  7,327 views
Raquel S  
Your story Honestly brings tears to my eyes. You are an inspiration.
  Dec 2, 2011  •  7,472 views
Well done for staying strong! Your a true inspiration!
  Dec 6, 2011  •  7,539 views
Gone forever BYE  
That was an awesome but sad and touching story!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Oct 31, 2012  •  7,376 views
so sad glad your riding again
  Nov 5, 2012  •  7,385 views
no longer need barn
Yey to riding again
  Oct 15, 2016  •  3,462 views
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