My First Show Experience
 By lovehorse   •   17th Oct 2011   •   2,845 views   •   12 comments
My First ShowAs I walked down to Cherry's stable carrying the water bucket, I thought about how lucky I was to have this beautiful chestnut as mine. I stood there for a second, daydreaming about Cherry, forgetting how heaving the water was. I could have been standing there all day, but I was interrupted by foot-steps. I thought that they might think I was stupid for closing my eyes and day-dreaming, when I should be working hard, so I opened my eyes and continued to Cherry's stable.

"Hello girl, how have you been?" I asked her, stroking her long blaze with a grin on my face. I opened her stable door and topped up her pink water bucket. I stroked her smooth, comforting coat and pressed my head against her neck. She looked around at me and nuzzled my hands for a while. At that moment all I could see was Cherry, I blocked out Issy's (our family dog) barking at the birds, everything was put on hold. I wouldn't even know if a million eagles swept around the stable, all I wanted to do was cuddle Cherry forever until the cows came home.

"Cherry, do you want a brush?" I asked her at last. I jogged to the tack room and got my grooming kit. I walked to Cherry''s stable and gave her a long brush. Cherry gently shut her eyes sleepily, she loved a good old brush. As I was brushing away I sang to her our song:

"Cherry, cherry baby. Cherry, cherry baby my love..."

I brushed her until her mane, tail, forelock and body were dust-free, and then I picked out her hoofs.

The next day we were going to take her to a show. Not to compete, but just to get her use to the noise and excitement of a show. Sam (my step mum and instructor), told me that if she was calm and didn't mind the show then I could enter her in a hand show. Unfortunately, An air show was also going on near by, but Cherry didn't seem too bothered about it.

Her ears forward, her eyes alert and her legs eager to explore. Sam said this was typical show pony behavior.... As Sam led Cherry around the show I played with Paige (Sam's niece). Me and Paige took Issy for a walk with Issy's best friend Amy. They tugged at the lead, but I told them to heel and they just about managed it! After Paige and I came back I walked over to Cherry, Sam and my dad. While I was walking a girl gave me a warm smile. I wanted to go over to her, but I'm very shy so I just smiled back and continued walking towards Cherry. I felt bad and was kicking myself that I may have missed out on meeting my first friend at a show, I could have at least said hi.

When I got over to Cherry I patted her and kissed her warm, silky fur. How I loved it! Shortly afterwards Sam led Cherry down back to the lorry, with my dad beside leading Mutley. Cherry got her fill of the excitement of a show and it was time to take her home. Suddenly, out of nowhere a giant plane came swooping down. As quickly as it startled us it was gone. Poor Cherry spooked and reared up, hitting her hoof on the metal stopper on the side of the lorry. Sam and I clasped our hand over our mouths, we were scared that Cherry hurt herself.

I stayed back, biting my lip anxiously. Sam inspected her leg, It was fine. But she said not to work her too hard. On the way back from the show, Me and Paige were the entertainers and cheering up everyone by singing songs and making funny jokes. When we finally got back we unloaded the horses off the lorry and made sure the horses bed and water was prepared. Before I left I visited Cherry's stable and smiled at her.

"Are you okay?" I asked her.

She nuzzled my hand and I kissed her muzzle, holding back my tears.
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Nice story xx
  43 days ago  •  2,021 views
Dream Forever  
I love this!! Nearly moved me to tears!!!! Bravo looking forward to the next!!
  43 days ago  •  2,005 views
nice very cute :)
  43 days ago  •  2,006 views
Stay Untamed  
Cute story :) Good luck at the next one, hopefully she won't get hurt!
  43 days ago  •  2,045 views
it wasn't my first show, but my first show with Cherry (:
  42 days ago  •  2,002 views
im crying now beautiful i hope when she gets better your news will say you won all 1st prize ribbons
  42 days ago  •  2,111 views
Sky Caballos  
thats why she went lame the time! i love how you put it into words like that! i could never do that!
  42 days ago  •  2,023 views
Aslans Roar  
i like the stroy
  40 days ago  •  2,033 views
Great story (:
  40 days ago  •  2,034 views
I LOOOVVVEEE this are very descriptive!!!!....i could never write anything like this!!! :) I LOOOVVVVEEEE it!!! :)
  27 days ago  •  2,031 views
RoyalCrownEstates  MOD 
Great story !
  24 days ago  •  2,036 views
This was just the cutest thing! Reaally nice (:
  24 days ago  •  2,033 views
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