Horses Give Us The Wings We Lack
 By Standardbred   •   21st Sep 2011   •   3,482 views   •   8 comments
Horse StandardbredHave you had that feeling of pure helplessness? If you have you know that it's very unsettling. Well last weekend I had a horse show on a horse I had only ridden a few times. His name is Stink. At the show I was scared because he isn't my horse and his owner who is my riding coach wasn't there. I was enterd in two classes, halter and walk trot/pace since it was a Standardbred show pace was included because it is a natural gait for the Standardbreds.

Halter went great. He was an angel for me. He walked to the judge with his ears pearked. When it was time to make him trot beside me he was never more than a step ahead of me. He couldn't have been any better. Stink did do a small little kick but no one noticed, which I was happy about. He stood beautifuly while in line, he was nice and square. He just looked amazing. There were six others in my class, dark bays, a stunning grey, a bay roan, a unique black with colour all through his mane. When they started at seventh place I was scared I would place low, but as they got higher and higher they called out my name and number. I had placed second. I was so proud of Stink! He couln't have been any more of a gentleman.

After halter we went back to the triler and tacked up. After I tacked him up I hopped on and walked him. I could feel Stink was wanting to take off by the way he was walking. I walked him in big circles for a while trying to calm him down but he still had that 'go' to him. I halted him for a few moments then walked him around once more. When I tried to halt him where I had before he just took off at race speed. Now since he's a Standardbred trotter you may not think it's very fast, but boy let me tell you there is a big difference between the trot you and I are used to and the race trot. It's so much faster and the strides are longer. Well me trying to get my control back I posted the entire time I was at the race gait, that was until he took a sharp right..

I went flying through the air!

I landed on my shoulder, suprisingly, I was in no pain at all. In fact I laid on the ground giggling for a minute or two. When I sat back up I looked around for rotten Stink. There he was trotting with his head and tail up. I couldn't help but laugh, it looked like he was proud to have gotten me off! Once I got back up a few people near where I fell asked if I was okay. One lady walked over to me and we chatted for a few minutes and she asked if I was okay. She said he was most likely going to be caught with his head over the fence visiting the other horses. No doubt there he was, his head over the fence looking at the other horses in the paddock. I walked back over to my Nanny with a big smile on my face while laughing. All I wanted to know when I walked back over to my Nanny was if she had gotten a picture of me flying through the air.

I will admit. I was scared to get back on Stink. I thought he would take off again, but I got right back on, mud and all. By the time I was back on walk trot was allowed to warm up. I just walked him around the ring over and over. I would switch directions every so often. I was terified to trot after what had just happned. I walked around the ring for about twenty minutes. When the class started I felt Stink want to go again. We walked clockwise for about three or four laps the we trotted about four laps. I was worried he was going to just take off but I had him under control. Then They wanted us to halt. Stink halted for me, which I didn't think he would. After that he walked a lap counter clockwise, then we went up to a trot for five laps. I was tense the entire time. When it was time for the placings before they started the judge who had seen me fall asked me if I was okay. It made me feel good that she asked how I was doing. I ended up not placing but I still thought I did pretty good, since my Nanny was trying to get me to not do walk trot bacuse she thought he would take off again. I managed to keep Stink under control the entire time. I couldn't be more proud of Stink and I.

Even if it was a crazy show, I still had the best time. If I could go back in time and change what happened I wouldn't change it for the world. I learned so much that day and I had a blast. I don't blame Stink for taking off. He's a race horse, something inside his head just clicked on. Being around all the other horses and being in the trailer must have brough back old memories from his racing days. Even if it was him who took off it was just his brain saying 'you're at a race, go, go, go!'. I still love him to death even if I have only ridden him three times. When we had gotten him back to his barn I hung his second place ribbon on his stall door, since his 'sister' has all her hunter ribbons on her stall door. I started Stink's ribbon collection. He's an amazing horse to ride when he's in his own surroundings, but when he's not.. It's a whole different story.
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All That Jazz  
Aww, love the story :)
  Sep 21, 2011  •  2,345 views
RoyalCrownEstates  MOD 
awhh nice article !!
  Sep 22, 2011  •  2,363 views
Very happy you got back on! He sounds like a trouble maker but those horses give you much more sense of accomplishment!
  Sep 22, 2011  •  2,346 views
I love this :) I landed on my shoulder once, except it hurt really bad :/
  Sep 22, 2011  •  2,363 views
Stay Untamed  
cute story :)
  Sep 22, 2011  •  2,394 views
Cute story.
  Sep 23, 2011  •  2,342 views
nice story :)
  Sep 24, 2011  •  2,606 views
Carpe Diem  
Glad you got back on! Nice article. :)
  Sep 24, 2011  •  2,350 views
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