Owning A Racehorse Update
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You may remember a previous article by me, ‘Owning a racehorse may be closer than you think’, about venturing into racehorse syndicates. I shared with you pictures of Redseasalt, the filly we had bought a share in, and promised I’d let you know how it went. here’s the first update for you, and it’s been a busy time!

Redseasalt – they call her Red in the stable but my kids named her Salty - made good progress toward her first start. As a two year old, we had to move carefully to protect her from injury, but you’ll see from the photos that she enjoyed her gallops. She started out with 2 furlong, then 3 furlong breezes, working up to 4 furlongs – almost as far as she’d need to go in her first race. She usually worked with another horse alongside. She also had plenty of gate practice before being ‘tested’ to prove to the stewards that she could be trusted to load into the starting stalls on race day. She also went down to the paddock and saddling enclosure on race days to get used to all the noise and the crowds.

Her first race was a very big day. Myself, my family, and several other syndicate members all met at the paddock to watch her debut – and watch to see who was going into the claims office, just in case someone put a claim on her! She looked fantastic coming down to the paddock, although she was clearly a little apprehensive. Just as they were saddling up, the heavens opened – thunder, lightning, pouring rain. She still went down to the starting stalls just fine, and my husband and I both realized how long we’d been holding our breath once she was safely in the stalls!

Another horse took a long time to load, and when they were off – and now the rain was coming down hard and the track was wet – she wasn’t paying attention and got left behind. She rallied around the final turn, but when she got close enough to the others to feel the dirt in her face, she started to back off. She still finished fifth, but more importantly, she finished her first race safe and sound.

Her next start was totally different. The weather was great, and this time Salty was full of herself in the paddock. Once they went out onto the track, I went to watch on the monitors to make sure she’d load up safely. I watched the first couple go in, then saw them take the number 2 horse back out, and the cameras panned to show our jockey standing in the polytrack. I thought she might have been injured and he’d hopped off, and then I heard ‘there’s a loose horse’ and the reality hit me. I turned around to see Salty galloping riderless, the wrong way, past the stands, to rounds of cheers and applause. I have to say, although I was disappointed, she did look beautiful! My husband was less impressed – he suggested we change her name to ‘Tastes Like Chicken’, but don’t worry, he’s kidding, and I think that name’s been taken already anyway!

Owning A Racehorse
Salty Loose On The Track

What can you do? Horses will be horses. I had to laugh. We went down to the stables to make sure she was okay, and she was on the walker, goofing around and chatting away like she’d done something really clever! Her trainer said she’d be getting ‘a whole lot more gate practice’ and ‘a younger, more athletic jockey’ before her next race!

Salty raced again on July 24. She was drawn number 2, and number 1 was a classy stablemate who had just attempted – unsuccessfully – a stakes race. Salty was rambunctious in the paddock again, but it was wonderful to see how much she had grown, and what a great looking racehorse she’d become. This time they loaded her into the stalls without the jockey and he got on only once she was safely lined up! Her stablemate, Wild Chica, broke fast, and Salty chased her down to take the lead as they turned for home. I could barely control myself – and the lady next to me (also a syndicate owner) was yelling and jumping around like crazy. When you are in a syndicate, you can’t help but get really attached to the horses you own! Wild Chica was the better horse on the day however, and got back to win by half a length at the wire, with Salty second, and another length or so back to the horse in third. But now she is really showing us what she can do!

Owning A Racehorse
Holy Mama

Since Salty is earned enough in that race to pay her bills for a while, my attention turns to Holy Mama – our latest addition. This four year old grey mare is by Kentucky Derby winner Holy Bull, and we bought a share in her after she was claimed out of a race in California and brought up to our track, Emerald Downs. So far she’s raced once for us, also in the rain, and found the surface a little too slippery and finished fourth. She’s quite a handful too, but we’re looking forward to seeing her race next week now she’s had some time to get used to the track, and Salty again soon after. I’ll make sure I let everyone know how they do! One thing’s for sure – every time they race it is full of excitement, and the only thing you can be certain of is that it will be a lot of fun!
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Run Free  
great artical. My Aunts friend is in a syndicate. Him and afew others own two racehorses called Solwith and Run for Sol. I have never met any of them but Solwith has won afew advanced races and Run for Sol is has finished his first race season with good results.
  Jul 31, 2011  •  3,696 views
That was really good that Salty came second after the last race. Congrats
  Jul 31, 2011  •  3,682 views
Soul Horse  
Thats great! Looks like Salty is a clever girl, also I love her coat color!
  Jul 31, 2011  •  3,712 views
No Walkin Farms9  
Salty is beatiful. And so is Holy Mama. Thanks for the update. :)
  Jul 31, 2011  •  3,720 views
Love these articles! Keep the updates coming!
  Jul 31, 2011  •  3,928 views
Balla Eclectic  MOD 
I love the digital display when Salty went for a run on her own ...

  Jul 31, 2011  •  3,907 views
My sister's TB was a retired racehorse and we later found on his papers that his father was a triple-crown winner and his grand-father was Seattle Slew...!xD
But he is the most easy going horse ever even with the racehorse in his blood...he was sold for 100,000 dollars as a young foal and we got him at an auction for $100!!!He is living with us on our farm and we dont race him...he is just used for horse shows,jumping and dressage!!
  Jul 31, 2011  •  3,691 views
Clair L  
keep updates coming plz i love them
  Jul 31, 2011  •  3,883 views
Carpe Diem  
Nice article :) I used to lease a ex-racehorse mare :)
  Jul 31, 2011  •  3,686 views
Awesome!! Thats pretty sweet!
  Jul 31, 2011  •  3,684 views
Untamed Heart  
Good Luck! I love the grey!
  Jul 31, 2011  •  3,863 views
Folie A Deux  
What year did Holy Bull win the Kentuck Derby?
  Jul 31, 2011  •  3,683 views
Prarie Rose  
Thanks for the update. This is really neat :)
  Jul 31, 2011  •  3,691 views
Congratulations, Salty!
  Aug 1, 2011  •  3,723 views
Stay Untamed  
Congrats for Salty! And good luck with Holy Mama
  Aug 1, 2011  •  3,716 views
All That Jazz  
Your horse races at the track near my house! :o Is her jockey Javier Matias?
  Aug 3, 2011  •  3,689 views
Aslans Roar  
wow. :).....................:)
  Aug 4, 2011  •  3,689 views
Aslans Roar  
the only problom is, i don't have a racehorse!! :) lol
  Aug 4, 2011  •  3,689 views
Great article! (:
  Aug 7, 2011  •  3,681 views
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