My Trip To The United States Pony Club Festival
 By Purple BITS   •   28th Jul 2011   •   6,006 views   •   21 comments
I recently attended the United States Pony Club Festival in Lexington, Kentucky. The festival combines all three regional championships and also has an educational portion with mounted and unmounted clinics. I participated in five mounted clinics. I did two dressage clinics, one cross country, one stadium jumping, and one games. The other clinic choices were foxhunting, polocrosse, and ground training.

The long 10 hour drive was stressful on both the riders and the horses, but also educational. While doing research for the trip I discovered this helpful tip. If your horse doesn’t like to drink strange water, put Gatorade in his water at home and then on the trip and at your destination. This helped my pony, Sly, drink the whole time. We stopped for water breaks three times each way, letting the horses get out and stretch their legs.

Once we got to Lexington we spent about 4 hours figuring out where the horses went and then we went to bed. For the next four mornings, we would get up at 5:30 a.m. and get to bed at about 10:30 p.m. Some clinics were helpful, and some weren’t as helpful, but they were all fun.

The whole time we were there we experienced the true Pony Club spirit. People helped others to fill water buckets, carry tack, and just support each other. Pony Club is a great organization for anyone who loves horses and wants to learn more. You can join just by finding a club in your area and contacting the D.C. at Join today!
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Pony Club's a great organization - cool that you managed to go!
  Jul 28, 2011  •  4,011 views
sounds so much fun! i wish i could have gone.

i also know the gfatorade trick and it works really well. i heard beezie madden does it with koolade
  Jul 28, 2011  •  4,159 views
That looks so fun! :D I was at the Horse Park a day before the festival. I wish I could have been there to watch. xD I've always wanted to be in Pony Club, but I don't have a horse. :P Maybe, hopefully, I will end up getting one, then I can maybe join. xD
  Jul 28, 2011  •  4,311 views
R A C E R  
I was there too! Only for the HM part (didn't want to haul my pony all the way to Kentucky).
It was amazing to listen to the lessons and watch the different goings-on at the park. Great article! :)
  Jul 28, 2011  •  4,278 views
Purple BITS  
@Placebo: yea it is! it was cool!

@hoofbeats: the Gatorade trick does work!

@splash: you dont have to have a pony! you can do Horse Management until you get one, but it is quite expensive

@willow: well you shulda told me! Lol
  Jul 28, 2011  •  4,195 views
Topthorn Equestri  
Sounds like you had lots of fun! I don't do ponyclub but I've always wanted too. They don't have one very close to where I live and the times that they meet I can't make. : You have an adorable pony! Looks like he loves his job!
  Jul 28, 2011  •  4,188 views
I was there two. I was in Quiz nationals! I think I may have watched you ride
  Jul 28, 2011  •  4,196 views
Prarie Rose  
Looks like a lot of fun! :)
  Jul 28, 2011  •  4,169 views
Lucky horse  
that looks great
  Jul 29, 2011  •  4,303 views
I might have to join sometime! It looks really fun!
  Jul 29, 2011  •  4,158 views
Pony club is great, and its even better that you could go.
  Jul 29, 2011  •  4,160 views
I'm in 4-H because it has more option for western riders. I Enjoy riding english with my quarter horse and if ever I was to go more english I might join!
  Jul 29, 2011  •  4,161 views
All That Jazz  
Cool! You're a really good rider :)
  Jul 29, 2011  •  4,170 views
Untamed Heart  
Sound like fun.... :)
  Jul 31, 2011  •  4,462 views
Stay Untamed  
Sounds like fun!
  Aug 1, 2011  •  4,194 views
Omigod... I didn't know you went? Did you have a blast? Was Sly good? Thanks for the tip on the gatorade... Skippy is scared of the water at the PC barn. Email me!:)
  Aug 2, 2011  •  4,305 views
I was there a day before festival! I competed in Quiz champs.
  Aug 7, 2011  •  4,305 views
SO LUCKY!!! I wish I could have stayed for festival!!!
  Aug 23, 2011  •  4,177 views
The Fire Of Heart  
hope you had fun
  Aug 24, 2011  •  4,188 views
Sunny Daze  
looked like lots of fun :)
  Aug 25, 2011  •  4,176 views
Love the video!!!
  26 days ago  •  4,182 views
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