Formal Affair
 By Oak Valley   •   3rd Dec 2009   •   2,648 views   •   12 comments
Charlie was someone I ran to when times were hard or the day was bad. He was always there for me, never judging me, helping me get through the worst of things, he would always put a smile on my face no matter how bad times were. My dream was to compete in the Summer Games after he was broke, but that will never happen. About a month ago Charlie had this lump on his throat, it was the size of a golf ball. We called the vet out to check things out but he did not see anything wrong with him. The lump kept getting bigger, we called the vet out numerous times, and finally he knew what it was. Cancer. I didnít expect Charlie to have cancer at such a young age, I couldnít believe it I was in shock. Charlie having to be put down at the age four. I couldnít imagine having a life without Charlie. Who would be there when the goings got tough? Who would be there to make me smile? I still canít imagine what summer will be like. But the thing that gets me the most is that I felt he was trying to tell me something during the summer. He was being very sweet Ė he usually is Ė but sweeter than normal. He always wanted to be around me, itís like he knew. I feel guilty in some way, that I didnít spend enough time with him this summer that I kind of ignored him, thinking I would see him during winter time at Christmas. If I knew he only had a few months to live I wouldíve spent all my free time with him. I loved him a lot. I was there when he was born, I stayed up late brushing him in the spring, in the winter time I would bundle up in all my jackets and pants just to go see him, when I fell he would come up to me and grab my hood and pull up. Charlie even took my shoes when I would just sit out in the field with him and he would run circles around me. I didnít expect his time on earth to be so short. I wish he could live longer, so my dream could come true, so he could live a full life. I will miss him, but he will be in a better place.
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Posidens Ocean  
Oh MY Gosh thats so sad, i know you will allways miss him,how there will be a voide in your heart were he use to be, but he will be with you in your heart for allways just remember that.
  Dec 3, 2009  •  1,734 views
Prarie Rose  
Aww! I'mso sorry! I know how you feel,except my " Charlie" (his name was TwoDot) Died at 25.
  Dec 3, 2009  •  1,702 views
so sad
  Dec 3, 2009  •  1,832 views
Crystal Lake  
Im so sorry, so sad, he is in a better place now but will forever be in your heart!
  Dec 3, 2009  •  1,815 views
Banner Equine  
I am really sorry, this made me cry. I have never lost a horse close to me, so I dont really know what it is like.. But does loosing a pony that i didnt really take care of (Not my horse btw xD) or neccecarily know count?
  Dec 5, 2009  •  1,755 views
That is so sad! I am very sorry...
  Dec 5, 2009  •  1,837 views
I'm so sorry to hear that. May he rest in peace.
  Dec 5, 2009  •  1,712 views
Otah Loves Pb  
That is a very horrible thing that happend, but to help mend your heart you should get another horse..It won't be the same but it will surly help. I had a cat named Mya. She was ever so beautiful. She was calico with crystale blue eyes. I have a picture of her when she climbed in to my Christmas tree just starring into space. But one night she got out of my house and I never saw her again. But soon i got another cat named Patches and she resembled Mya so much. One thing that did help me alot was that I had another cat named Princess and she helped me to... OH! That reminds me Princess had this little brown spot on her coat in the shape of a heart, and Mya also had one they were not blood related or related in any way at all. But another cool thing that Patches the cat I have now also has a heart...Ahhh Mya I'll miss you!
  Dec 6, 2009  •  1,776 views
That is so sad I am so sorry!! I've lost four guinea pigs and a cat. I am so sorry to hear about your your horse may he live in peace!
  Dec 9, 2009  •  1,706 views
Untamed Heart  
Nice... You go me crying!!!! *sobs*
  Dec 9, 2009  •  1,721 views
Little Bitty Farm  
That is so sad...
  May 9, 2011  •  1,743 views
i am sorry that is so sad :(
  Jul 24, 2012  •  1,708 views
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