If I listened To What People Said
 By PonyBox   •   26th Jun 2011   •   6,495 views   •   31 comments
The Ponybox News section will soon be two years old. Over the past two years we have improved upon the news section and it has steadily gained interest and readership. As always, we also have received our share of unsatisfied readers.

Ponybox Horse NewsA few months ago we received an email from one of these angry readers and I posted it for everyone to see.

Shut Down Ponybox Horse News

After I posted the email I received a myriad of messages with members expressing their dissatisfaction that I would post someones email correspondence on Ponybox. However, I wanted everyone to get a taste of what I deal with on a weekly basis.

After a little research on the origin of these emails we determined that the complaints were coming from a website competitor and they were upset that we were successfully breaking into the equestrian news arena. The emails and comments on our news section may have been an attempt to discredit our stories and articles. Unfortunately for them, it backfired and our Ponybox news section continues to grow in readership.

This past week the disgruntled emails have picked up pace, especially with the recent publishing of a Ponybox article called Weight Loss by B.L.T. I'm not going to post any of the emails or messages as I have done in the past, but the complaints focused on everything from their dissatisfaction with the message the article portrayed, to their disatisfaction of the photos. Especially this photo:

Weight Loss

By the way, I just messaged B.L.T and encouraged here to write more. In fact, I encourage you to share the article with your friends. If you are not keeping up with Dotty's Story or Polo The Weirdo's articles you are really missing out. Ponybox is going to continue to do what it does, even if it means dealing with a lot of dissatisfied people.
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I love your attitude to these people: They keep moaning. Lets write more! Haha.
The news section is a successful and fantastic feature. They're just so jealous they didn't think of it first.
Well done Jeff :D
  Jun 26, 2011  •  3,368 views
Signature Farms Int  
The news section is something I really enjoy reading. Itís really diverse as you can have news from one topic to another, by simply scrolling down!

There are always angry "readers"- who in fact are the jealous competition!

Keep on doing what you do Jeff, and all the wonderful PB news writers!
  Jun 26, 2011  •  3,066 views
Estella Noire  
Wow, that is sad. Shows how much their website must be failing if they are doing this to PonyBox-and it also shows how great this site is :D
I think that the news feature is a great thing to have on a site-you can raise awareness, share stories, ideas and help less experienced riders and horsey people :) Just ignore these fantasists :P Just shows how great this place is-I mean, they just totally owned themselves!
  Jun 26, 2011  •  3,184 views
Seven Sins  
Very nice article, I admire the way you handle these things,
I would probably not be so calm and nice about it as you are. I love how instead of letting this effect ponybox instead we continue to write articles :)

plus I love reading all the articles
  Jun 26, 2011  •  3,193 views
Whoop Whoop! The power of Ponybox!! I just love this site ever since I joined on 04-05-2008. I will always continue to write different stories for the news section, and play the game I love :)
  Jun 26, 2011  •  3,183 views
I always read the news articles
  Jun 26, 2011  •  3,175 views
I am so happy that you decided to keep Ponybox News alive, dispite the bad emails you get. That's the spirit!! Never cancel the News!
  Jun 26, 2011  •  3,224 views
Oh that Sascha, always starting controversial topics by being thin and attractive...darn her. -)
  Jun 26, 2011  •  3,356 views
Valkyrie   MOD 
I think they were complaining about the angle of the second photo. It isn't exactly child appropriate and wouldn't have taken much for her to take a proper photo of herself. I'm not condemning it or anything, but I can see where complaints would come from.

Although I do think the news section is a fantastic thing. It's fun practising my writing and coming up with new article ideas. No other sim site I play offers that. I can't believe people would think that they can be the monopoly on news. It's kind of pathetic. Welcome to the World Wide Web, amateurs.
  Jun 26, 2011  •  3,470 views
Softball Girl  
I am so sorry u have to deal with this every week. But please never shut down PonyBox because it is the coolest website ever! And keep writing stories because they are very cool!

Keep up the good work,
SoftBall Girl
  Jun 26, 2011  •  3,565 views
:-D I really like the weight loss aritcal. I can really help people that want to lose weight without all those stupid ads that are untrue! It tells a true way to get fit!
  Jun 26, 2011  •  3,322 views
BME Sports  
I love the diversity of all of the different posts, I am able to learn about all sorts of new things, it is a great feature, and lets keep it going! :)
  Jun 26, 2011  •  3,352 views
Fantasy Farms  
The competitors are just jealous of Ponybox. Ponybox is the best!
  Jun 26, 2011  •  3,838 views
T W I  
love Ponybox, especially the news section. I feel so privileged to be a contributor to it.
I wonder which horse site it is. No matter which one, I think Ponybox defiantly has amazing system of allowing members to share and discuss news. I doubt you will have much competition in that field in the years to come if you continues making positive improvements like you have been doing so far. :)

I felt you were slightly unclear as to whether the complaining emails about BLT's post came from the competing site that seems to be seeking to undermine Ponybox or simply from members that thought the photo was inappropriate.

As to my opinion on the photo, I think you certainly had the right to approve the photo and publish the article.
I think a different one would have been more appropriate, as I tend to associate the bodily position, camera position, etc with a generally inappropriate meaning. I agree with Pulse, that it would not have taken much to have simply exchanged that photo for
  Jun 26, 2011  •  3,530 views
Prarie Rose  
I love having the news. It gives all of us Ponyboxers a chance to write about something we love. aka, horses, or whatever else. It's also fun to see what other people like us write. I love this site.
  Jun 26, 2011  •  3,483 views
Jeff you know what I find appalling-the fact that people feel justified to send such horrible e-mails to you. You have tried very hard over the past few years to build up this equestrian community through the news section and have been very successful, keep up the good work and to all those who feel the need to send in such letters-if you aren't happy with the website then maybe you should just leave and never look back!
  Jun 27, 2011  •  3,506 views
Wanderin Boy Memorial  MOD 
Great article Jeff !! The news article section of this website is a big and great thing. I really admire how you handle all of those things. We all love you Jeff, and because of you, all of us have a wonderful game to play :)
  Jun 27, 2011  •  3,509 views
Run Free  
the ponybox news section is brilliant. it encourages people to write and use proper english instead of things like 'lol, brb, g2g, etc.' I am writing three stories for ponybox and i am thriving in my english class because of all the advice from other ponyboxers
  Jun 27, 2011  •  3,481 views
Inactive Member  
Good for you Jeff!
  Jun 27, 2011  •  3,510 views
Balla Eclectic  MOD 
Happy 2nd Birthday wishes for Ponybox News. Can't believe it's been 2 years. Wow doesn't time fly?

I love the diversity of the news topics. I'm sure that's something you wouldn't find on many (if any) equestrian sites. As with anything that is popular, you will always attract negativity. People need to realise that the Internet is an open forum. People will write things and people will read things and not everyone is going to agree with or condone what is said. Adults and children alike should realise they need to do their research before believing anything they read online (or anywhere for that matter).

I am not surprised you received some negative emails for BLT's article. Anything relating to weight loss can be very controversial. In all honesty I was surprised you posted it, but also glad as I personally found it very inspirational.

Keep up the good work Jeff and all the News contribitors. I'll be right here reading everything posted.
  Jun 27, 2011  •  3,672 views
Aslans Roar  
good news rticle
  Jun 28, 2011  •  3,472 views
Swiftpaw Elites  
I, myself, that doesn't have really anything to do,I read the News Section on PonyBox.
It keeps me up in beat with stories on current races, How To's on taking care of horses, stories that people create, and just everything that you could learn and all of these sucess stories is just hours of time I spend on reading them.
I'm glad you don't listen to people like that. I would be left with nothing to read if you did! :)
  Jun 28, 2011  •  3,568 views
I love the news section and good job for not listening to these weird people and still keeping it up.
  Jun 28, 2011  •  3,564 views
Excellent point.
Some people just have no respect!
You work really hard on this website and all they do is moan, it isn't fair on you!
Thank you so much jeff ness for everything and I hope people don't moan again!
  Jun 29, 2011  •  3,466 views
Soul Horse  
The News section is a great addition to Ponybox! I don't understand what the fuss is about! I love to see the creative side of other players, so all I can say Jeff you did an awesome job!
  Jun 30, 2011  •  2,915 views
Silent Nights  
don't EVER get rid of the news. it is a place to go to share your feelings
  Jul 1, 2011  •  2,898 views
All That Jazz  
good article, thanks :)
  Jul 3, 2011  •  2,890 views
My Paper Heart  
I agree with you Jeff. I don't really see the reason why people complain if they don't like it ignore it.
  Jul 3, 2011  •  2,880 views
Llama In A Box  
I love the fact that we don't bow down to these moaners.

If you don't like it, don't read it. I personally think it is fantastic to have real stories in the news, ones that inspire others in various ways, not just creative writing or info on various breeds.

It's realistic. You get real news. :) Keep at it, Jeff - I love these news forums. :D
  Jul 4, 2011  •  3,232 views
That was a very nasty email... oh Pat!!! well im glad you are keeping the news section because i am just starting to read them and i find them fantastic! They are so interesting and filled with so much detail!
Well Done Mr. Jeff! Thank you for all your hard work on this website and thanks for making it the best website ever!!! :-)
  Jul 4, 2011  •  2,885 views
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