The Weight Loss
 By Baby Lou Tattoo   •   23rd Jun 2011   •   15,214 views   •   40 comments
How To Train Your Horse To Smile

January 2009, I woke up from my sleep, stretched and walked into the bathroom. I was about to turn 16 years old, stepped on the scales, and my heart sank. 96 kilograms, and at that time, I was 5'7" -- obese. Yep, medically obese.

Honestly I was a pretty dreamy 16 year old. I didn't really use the internet for much except pretty pictures and horses, and now, I decided I'd use it for weight loss. I didn't exactly know how to lose weight (what can I say, dreamy) so the whole concept was pretty daunting.

Being big and a little naive isn't so bad, but as soon as you wake up to it.. well, let's just say I never carried weight well. I had boyfriends and I had friends, but I didn't really fit in with them at all.

I realized basically I was eating too much. Now, I was a vegetarian and had been for 9 years, but a bad vegetarian. I ate too much pasta, a lot of cheese, huge servings and very little water or fruit. I can't even imagine how many calories I was consuming in pasta and cheese a day, it could have been upwards of 3000 calories. As for exercise, I was riding a little and not really doing much else, except perhaps, waddling around the house in search of an ethrenet cable (hey, it was 2009.)

After finishing school, I had nothing to do and no real work prospects. This ended up being an entire year off anything, no 9-5 work, no school.. I lounged around a lot and just chilled with my horse, mostly on the ground. This was when I met a horse trainer -- a reining horse trainer. He'd trained Ted before, we'd sent him off for two weeks 6 months earlier, but now I really got to know this trainer. He offered me work and experience at his stables -- and believe me, I took it! This was a perfect opportunity. This trainer was, and is highly credentialed in both Australia and the USA in the reining and clinic circuits, and the chance was too good to miss. Every single morning I was up there working with his horses, mostly leading and saddling and watching and photographing. I learned a lot. I also had to walk a hill, a huge hill, usually lugging a saddle over one shoulder, and a 3-year old in one hand, scaling that hill like a boss.

What happened? I lost weight! This was the motivation I needed. Well, this and the fact the trainer was my own personal thinspiration. A short little fella, but very very fit, and looked great on any horse with excellent posture. So I looked into diet. This lead to the most important part: what you put in your mouth.

The Diet

I went clean. REALLY clean. Holy sort of clean. I went raw vegan. Well, mostly. I did still eat oats, which while raw, do not fall into the "LFRV" (low fat raw vegan) lifestyle. I ate a lot of fruit, and discovered the green smoothie. The green smoothie was my saviour, and something I credit a lot of this weight loss to. What is a green smoothie, you might ask? Well, it's water with fruits, berries, a little flaxseed oil sometimes, and greens. Yeah, a green smoothie really is.. green. But guess what?! You can't taste it, unless you're using handful after handful of rocket. Not recommended unless you enjoy pepper.

Badminton Horse TrialsAnyway, these are beautiful and so much sweeter and tastier than dairy smoothies. My main mix was pineapple, banana (thick!), and some frozen berries. Maybe mango if it was available, and with this, a few handfuls of silverbeat, spinach or rocket. Really, you can make anything. Watermelon, water, ice and grapes is a tasty summer treat.

I drink nothing but water and tea's. Currently, my favourite tea's are ginger root, ginseng (hard to find without lactose), and camomile, all very warming, soothing teas, and at the moment in the freezing Victorian weather, it's a necessity!

I eat no chocolate, dairy, sweets, or processed foods. I drink no coffee, no soft drinks or bottled drinks. The majority of my meals are fruit only. I drink 1-4 litres of clean water a day. Now this isn't to say I don't venture from a raw path, which is a great deal easier in Summer. I eat a lot of homemade vegetable soups, sometimes with a tiny bit of pasta mixed through for a hearty change. I basically chop a lot of vegetables up, leek, fresh herbs and homemade stock, boiling this up in a huge crockery pot and usually simply eating it cold throughout the week. Sometimes I'll stir apple cider vinegar through to make it sour, which tastes great (believe it or not.) For breakfast in the cold weather, I'll have raw oats mixed with some sultanas and raw almonds with water, but I don't feel half as clean unless I'm 100% fruit. That is what my body runs best at, because I'm perfectly well hydrated, like a well oiled machine.

I counted no calories, but had a general idea and kept it around 1, 200 calories per day or under. Currently, I can eat up to 3, 000 calories a day in sweet, juicy fruits and continue to lose weight, not bloat, and not feel sick and lethargic.

the Exercise

I was lazy. That's why it took me a year to lose the weight. I did a bit of running and a LOT of riding. That's it. Maybe 30 minutes a day non-hard running at night on a newly purchased treadmill, walking my dog 3-6 kilometres a day, as well as riding and training reiners.

However, as I got more into exercise during the last few months, (coincidently, after I discovered dubstep) I started running harder, and longer distances. I got into dance (I always loved dancers bodies) and yes, yoga. I do a lot of 1980's style aerobics (minus the legwarmers, thank you very much!) and ride. In fact, Ted is definitely the major reason I lost the weight -- trick training takes a lot out of you!

The Benefits

Not only looking and feeling better, but there are so many reasons to do this and stick with it. I promise you, it's worth the wait. It's not the lifestyle changes that are hard, it's the waiting for the results you expect every morning.

Badminton Horse TrialsMy skin and hair and nails. It was obvious, when I changed my diet and lost some pounds, my organs worked much smoother. The new hydration suppled and toned my skin, and the nicest result.. my acne disappeared. Not overnight, of course, it took 2 years of majority-vegan diet and lots of water to totally clear, but eventually it was gone. For the first time in years, I had a clear face.

My hair grew longer, faster. No down my circulation was drastically improved.. it thickened and grew lush, dark and long.

My riding and whole horsemanship improved drastically. My posture and riding position became more efficient, and my balance is next to none. I can do fancy tricks like vaulting, as well as basic athletic feats (such as training a horse to flying lead change which involves constant pressure with the outside leg until the change is made) which before, would have been nearly impossible. I don't bounce or flail around anymore. I have no problem riding two-year olds and no longer do I have any guilt buckling up a 15 kilo saddle anymore.


It boils down to eat well, live right. Get some sun, don't be afraid of living outside, breathing in the air deep, using your lungs, and moving. That's all there is to it. If you do nothing else, replace breakfast or lunch with a green smoothie -- trust me on this one. A well made green smoothie is not only tasty, but packs a HUGE punch nutritionally. You will feel the difference. Google them and try it for a month and tell me how you feel. Go for a run with your dog!

I feel confident and happy. I entered a long-term relationship and ended up with a glamorous job in a local nightclub. These things of course didn't happen because of the weight loss, they happened due to the security and confidence from succeeding in the weight loss.

It's worth it.

If you have ANY questions, or need motivation, please do not hesitate to e-mail me, message or I.M me.

I'm here to help, from someone who's been there.
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Arabesque International  online
Wow! This is an awesome post. So inspiring!
  Jun 23, 2011  •  7,567 views
Valkyrie   MOD 
What a great story! So inspiring! And you look great now, too :)
  Jun 23, 2011  •  8,034 views
wow well done A different posed 1st pic of you now wouldve been better but you look amazing be proud of yourself girl. You had a goal and you certainly achieved it and in such a short time. your gorgeous
  Jun 23, 2011  •  7,557 views
Cruisin Past Curfew  
Great story! Great job on your weight loss! You look great!
  Jun 23, 2011  •  7,464 views
Uh, yeah. "Eating healthy" and "Exercising" mhmm. Sure. I'll buy it. Meanwhile, Mariana's Trench says... -)
  Jun 23, 2011  •  7,498 views
Stay Untamed  
Yay! Congratulations! You look so good now!
  Jun 23, 2011  •  7,505 views
I'm very impressed and I'm glad the lifestyle changes worked so well for you! Wonderful work! Cheers to your health and new-found happiness!
  Jun 23, 2011  •  7,490 views
Good for you! You look great! I'm about your old stats, so it's certainly nice to see your before and after photo and also the story. =)

I recently started yoga and it has certainly improved my riding. I ride a lot of green/young horses and there have been a few times that I probably would have hit the ground if my legs weren't as strong as they are now. Plus my balance in a hunt saddle has improved. Hahaha that was the best reason for me to keep it up!
  Jun 23, 2011  •  7,668 views
That's insane!!:D Congrats!!
  Jun 23, 2011  •  7,479 views
Silent Nights  
thats amazing!
  Jun 23, 2011  •  7,485 views
Estella Noire  
Wow! You have done so well, you look great!
  Jun 24, 2011  •  7,472 views
Moody Farms  MOD 
Fabulous article! And thank you for the 30 bananas website you suggestied to me. I have been reading it for 2 days (at work lol) and am finding it useful!
  Jun 24, 2011  •  8,339 views
Run Free  
well done you did a great job losing all that weight
you go girl!!!!
  Jun 24, 2011  •  8,044 views
Prarie Rose  
Wow, congrats on your weight loss! You look great now. Very inspiring story.
  Jun 24, 2011  •  8,047 views
Topthorn Equestri  
Wow! Absolutely amazing!! You go girl!!
  Jun 24, 2011  •  8,056 views
EchoValley Extra  
Really inspiring! This is really gonna help me lose these 40 or 50 pounds. Congrats on your weight loss girleh!
  Jun 24, 2011  •  8,067 views
What a great accomplishment, and so inspiring to others that may be struggling with their weight as well. Great job!
  Jun 24, 2011  •  8,395 views
Very good job! It is hard to lose weight! I am trying to right now. I will message you probably. But congratualations!
  Jun 24, 2011  •  8,412 views
Wow. This was a grand read! I'll give some of it a try! :)
  Jun 24, 2011  •  8,418 views
Carpe Diem  
Congrats! Very inspiring :)
  Jun 24, 2011  •  8,394 views
Inspiring! Great post
  Jun 25, 2011  •  8,655 views
Seven Sins  
wow you did an amazing job
  Jun 25, 2011  •  8,673 views
Very inspiring
  Jun 26, 2011  •  8,655 views
Wow!!! Amazing! You look great! While I'm not a Vegan/Vegetarian, I've always been a bit of a nut when it comes to what I put in my mouth:) Congratulations!

P.S. for anyone else who wants to do it, it's not impossible to lose weight while keeping your carnivorous habits:) Just remember, everything in moderation!
  Jun 26, 2011  •  8,797 views
Swiftpaw Elites  
Oh my dear! You have really made a huge remarkable change! Great job, this was inspiring!
  Jun 28, 2011  •  6,625 views
Oh my!! This was a very inspiring, now everybody can see that those things actually work!! Lots and lots of hard work, and i have to say, nice job!!! :)
My family (except for 2 of my 3 brothers) have been trying to lose weight but we all think it is impossible!! So if you show everybody this news article... it will inspire them to do it so they can acheive it!!
Thank you so much!!
  Jul 1, 2011  •  6,531 views
Oh my!! This was a very inspiring, now everybody can see that those things actually work!! Lots and lots of hard work, and i have to say, nice job!!! :)My family (except for 2 of my 3 brothers) have been trying to lose weight but we all think it is impossible!! So if you show everybody this news article... it will inspire them to do it so they can acheive it!! Thank you so much!!
  Jul 1, 2011  •  6,531 views
wow thats amazing its really an inspiring story!
  Jul 1, 2011  •  6,554 views
Lope Quickly  
Wow great job!! Takes alot of work to do something like that!
  Jul 1, 2011  •  6,543 views
You look gorgeous! x
  Jul 2, 2011  •  6,523 views
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