May 14th Horse Show
 By Dark Star   •   17th May 2011   •   3,651 views   •   18 comments
This weekend I had a horse show with my newest show horse, Dee. A little information on her, Dee is a 6 year old solid chestnut paint mare owned and trained by my trainer, who I lease from. She is trained in barrels, poles, western/english pleasure, hunt seat, some jumping, horsemanship/equitation, and halter/showmanship.

Night before the Show

I had been at the barn until 9:30PM getting Dee cleaned up (her owner banded her, cause I'm not very good at banding) and loading all of the tack and fake tails and leg gear and 50 different bridles, which all went with Dee. I still had to go home, feed my horse, polish my hunt boots and wash my breeches, which wern't allowed to go in the dryer. I ended up going to bed around midnight.

Day of the Show

May 14th Horse ShowWe all got to the barn at 5AM, well all but two people - The two people pulling the trailers. One of them live less then a minute away, but they were just getting a few things and were about to head over, but the other lives about half an hour away and he was still in bed asleep, not answering his phone. After almost an hour, our trainer is back with him right behind her. We get all the horses loaded up and we're on our way.

When we get there all is well. We get the horses cleaned up and polished, fake tails put in, show halters on and our show clothes on. When it's time for my class I put the chain on Dee's halter (over her nose....long story on why) and head off for my age bracket halter class.

We get through that class with a second place. We then finish getting ready for our next event for mares five and over halter. Which we also got second place. Surprisingly enough, we get second again in for halter class in mares five and over open halter.

We had 2 showmanship classes, which we didn't place in either of them. Then we had to tack up for western classes. First was youth walk trot, which we got 4th, then open walk trot, which we didn't place. After the walk trots was youth western pleasure, we didn't place in this either due to her not wanting to put her head down and lope (instead a high head with a gallop).

Next I hand her off to her owner who tacks her up english while I get dressed. While waiting for the next event I work on extending her trot, which she does nicely. Soon it was time for hunt seat walk trot youth, which we got 5th, then hunt seat walk trot open, which we also got 5th. Unfortunately we didn't place in English Pleasure. We then untack her and give her some hay and water while we wait for contesting. I get changed back into my t-shirt and jeans and take her tail and bands out.

Mother Nature Payback

We get tacked up for Poles and it begins to thunder. At first we ignore it, a little rain never hurt anybody. But this wasn't a little rain, this was a half hour pour down. As we continued showing through the rain a horse fell down on the turn, nearly dragging the guy. It was my turn for youth poles and I could barely see anything due to the helmet I had to wear. I loped her up to the end pole and we did the pattern with just a little slip at the second turn. Then it started lightning so we immediately put the horses in the trailer and waited it out. The show management said.

"Whoever wants to run barrels come run now!"

So we get our horses out and put a saddle pad over my saddle (as $700 saddles arn't rain material) and warm up for barrels. The arena was really slick now. When it was my turn, we loped to the barrels, and trotted around them. Dee still slipped a little on the 2nd barrel. I don't understand how people were running low 20s out there. I almost wanted their horses to fall down. But after that we untacked the horses and went home.
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T E M P E S T  
wow, sounds like fun! I wish I could show more often.
  May 17, 2011  •  2,541 views
Sounds like fun, you're lucky you played it safe with the barrels! Good job, Dee looks very pretty by the way! =)
  May 17, 2011  •  2,521 views
Stay Untamed  
sounded like fun! pretty horse!
  May 17, 2011  •  2,538 views
Aslans Roar  
how many other oponents?
  May 18, 2011  •  2,496 views
Aslans Roar  
i wish i could have a horse.... :)
  May 18, 2011  •  2,498 views
Aslans Roar  
hey!! nice outfit!
  May 18, 2011  •  2,498 views
Sounds fun!
Beautiful horse!
  May 18, 2011  •  2,493 views
Clair L  
wow sounds like may whole week
  May 18, 2011  •  2,694 views
Aslans Roar  
hey, whats your pb name?
  May 18, 2011  •  2,498 views
Emma Watson  
I am training my new foal summer and hope that we will go into eventing
  May 18, 2011  •  2,528 views
good job!!!
  May 18, 2011  •  2,723 views
Sound like fun!
  May 18, 2011  •  2,528 views
it musta been fun
  May 19, 2011  •  2,496 views
Aslans Roar  
did u have to show yet?
  May 20, 2011  •  2,494 views
Carpe Diem  
Congrats! Looks like fun :)
  May 21, 2011  •  2,497 views
Sounds like great fun and you did well! Good job for being safe in barrels and good job on your other classes as well!
  May 22, 2011  •  2,523 views
Seven Sins  
congrats, looks like fun
  May 31, 2011  •  2,514 views
Deleted Accounts  
wow sounds fun, the horse is so beautiful:*
  Jul 25, 2012  •  2,530 views
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