My First Horse Show
 By All That Jazz   •   9th Feb 2011   •   6,341 views   •   24 comments
My First Horse ShowOn December 12, 2010 I had my first horse show. I woke up at 5:00am, got dressed, and put sweats and a jacket on top of my show clothes. After I was ready I went out to the Show Unit, where my trainer would meet me with the other riders at the farm and their horses.

At about 7:15 AM we started grooming the horses and tacking them up. I was going to be riding Minx, a gray Arabian mare in my first class. I took her out to the arena after she looked spotless to warm her up. I memorized the course and anxiously waited for my turn. After the announcer finally called my name, I went into the arena with all eyes watching me.

I trotted Minx in a 20 meter circle and headed to the first jump. She easily went over it and everything went smooth until the fourth pole. I didn't line her up right and she tried to run out on the side. I kept my right leg on her side, and squeezed my left hand on the reins so she went over it. The fifth jump was just a couple strides away and I didn't have enough time to line her up right again, but she went over it. I finished the course and everyone clapped as I left the arena. Unfortunately, I didn't win a ribbon in that class since there were about 20 to 25 other competitors, who all did great.

My second class was on Pepper, who had thrown a rider twice earlier that day. My name was one of the first that was called so I entered the arena and trotted Pepper in a 20 meter circle and headed for the first jump. I was feeling pretty confident until about 5 strides away Pepper decided she wanted nothing to do with that pole. She stopped suddenly and I got thrown off balance. I circled her around again and headed for the jump a second time, but with a little more force. She did the same thing. I tapped her hindquarters with the crop and circled for the jump a third time. This time she started going, but then quickly spread her front legs in front of her and ducked out to the side while I came tumbling onto the ground. That class was pretty much lost for me, but I didn't mind.

My goal at the show was to either fall off, or get a ribbon. Thanks to Pepper, I had just met one of my goals! After that class we had a couple hours of waiting until the Equitation classes, which I was doing two on Minx. I untacked Minx, put her in the stall and spent some time relaxing while I was waiting for my classes. When time finally came for me to warm up again, I was ready. The class I was doing next was a Super-Senior Equitation Class for horses over 20. That class went well, but since I was on the wrong trotting diagonal for a minute I only got third place. My second goal was to get a ribbon - Both goals were accomplished!

The next class was about ten minutes later, and there were about 20 other competitors. All was going well until I slowed down to let another horse pass me. Minx, being the cranky Arabian she is, decided that she didn't like going slow, so she started backing up and flicking her tail. Since that class was a pleasure class, I had to act like it was no big deal and that I wasn't worried about Minx upsetting another horse. I gave a big smile and the judge came over the loudspeaker and said,

"Riders, please keep your eyes up and pay attention to the horses around you."

Everybody quickly glanced at me and Minx finally started behaving herself again. But because of her little spaz attack, I didn't win a ribbon in that class either. I brought Minx back to her stall to untack, groom, and of course give her lots of treats and hugs for how proud I was of her. She is an old, out of shape horse who gave that show her all, and I was happy with how she did. An hour or two later I was home. Although it was an exhausting day I can't wait until my next show!
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Painted Destiny  
Congrats on meeting your goals! It sounded fun!
  Feb 9, 2011  •  3,407 views
No Walkin Farms9  
Sounds like fun. Glad you accomplished both of your goals and had fun yourself. Great photos also. Minx is a beautiful horse.
  Feb 9, 2011  •  3,408 views
Seven Sins  
cool sounds like you had fun anyway
  Feb 9, 2011  •  3,401 views
Wow, don't mention I was there. Totally feeling the love here! Haha xD
Good article by the way...:) haha
  Feb 9, 2011  •  3,729 views
Balla Eclectic  MOD 
A bit of everything happening in your first show. Sounds like you had fun and to come away with a ribbon is brilliant - congrats. You both look great in the photos. Good luck for your next show.
  Feb 10, 2011  •  3,432 views
Sounds like you had fun! :) Congrats!
  Feb 10, 2011  •  3,722 views
Sounds like you had a blast!
Good luck for your next show :D
  Feb 10, 2011  •  3,743 views
Wanderin Boy Memorial  
Congratulations ! Minx is beautiful
  Feb 10, 2011  •  3,715 views
King of Wings  
sounds fun! glad you met your goals!!
  Feb 10, 2011  •  3,750 views
Congratulations! =)
  Feb 10, 2011  •  3,718 views
Rolling Thunder  
Congrats on meeting your goals it sounds like you really enjoyed yourself and had fun
  Feb 10, 2011  •  3,753 views
All That Jazz  
Thanks everyone!
  Feb 10, 2011  •  3,704 views
SkyFall Equestrian Center  
Aaaaww... Minx is sooo cute! *Grabs her and runs*
  Feb 11, 2011  •  3,707 views
Little Bitty Farm  
Sounds like you had alot of fun!
  Feb 13, 2011  •  3,743 views
I remember my horse show :) It went a bite like this too :D
  Feb 17, 2011  •  3,711 views
MS Horses  
Good job! Cute pony by the wasy!
  Feb 21, 2011  •  3,713 views
Congrats, I'm glad you had fun because that's what counts ^^
  Feb 22, 2011  •  3,702 views
MS Horses  
Great article!
  Feb 24, 2011  •  3,719 views
Beautiful horse!
  Feb 26, 2011  •  3,718 views
nice article
  Feb 27, 2011  •  3,699 views
Well done
  Mar 5, 2011  •  3,710 views
T E M P E S T  
Good job meeting your goals! Also, good job getting Minx over the jump!
  Mar 5, 2011  •  3,776 views
All That Jazz  
Thank you everyone!
  Mar 12, 2011  •  3,706 views
Deleted Accounts  
minx is beautiful, wow and she sounds so sweet - i love arabians! well done for completing your goals and doing well!
  Apr 15, 2012  •  3,736 views
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