Queen Tessa Was A Gaming Horse
 By All That Jazz   •   27th Oct 2010   •   5,084 views   •   9 comments
Queen Tessa is a 25 year old 15hh bay and white arabian mare, and she is my best friend. It's only been one short month, but it feels like such a long time that we've known each other. When I first met her, she definentally stood out to me, but I was more interested in the other new horse at the barn, named Payla. But one day, my friend and I went to the barn to ride and it turned out that Teri, the owner of the barn was gone on a trail ride, so we couldn't ride. My friend and I waited in the barn for my mom to come and pick us up, which would take about an hour. One of the only horses that was there at the time was Queen Tessa, and we stood in her stall with her.

I immediatelly fell in love

Everything about her, the way she nickered when I came into her stall, her heart-shaped spot, everything, was perfect. Even though I had never ridden her, I knew I would choose her to be mine. I told my friend,

"I don't care how terrible she is when I ride her, I'm going to choose her."

Queen Tessa Was A Gaming Horse

Teri told me about Queen's past, and how she used to be a gaming horse. She said that a girl had trained her for gaming when Teri wasn't home and jerked on her mouth for hours. All she would do was ask her to run and run and run. She ignored her head set and had no concern for Queen, just herself. Because of her, Queen Tessa was sent off to a horse retirement home. But she was neglected when she was at the retirement home and Teri got her back. Which was when I met her.

For a while, she couldn't be ridden because the girl that gamed her ruined her teeth, so Teri called the vet. It turns out she had hooked teeth that had been hurting her whenever the bit was in her mouth. She had her teeth floated, and a few days later, Teri said I could ride her in a hackamore. I excitedly groomed her, but took my time making her look perfect, and she did! I loved the contrast between her bay and white spots, and the way she turned her head to look at me when I was brushing her.

I was the first one on her back in over nine months, and I could tell. She couldn't stand walking, and tossed her head so high, the back of her neck hit me in the nose a few times. She bucked, reared, and tried to run out of the arena on me, but I kept my promise and didn't stop riding her. We are slowly making progress and we are going to start jumping soon! We are bonding more every day, and I miss whenever I can't be around her. I think Queen Tessa has an uncontrollable nickering problem, because whenever I go into her stall, she nickers so much!

I love her so much. She is my life, my love, and my heart.
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Snowy Brook  
Awww... That is so cute.. You lucky girl for saving that horse.. :D
  Oct 27, 2010  •  4,882 views
Wow thats GREAT! Keep it up!
  Oct 28, 2010  •  4,723 views
Cute story..
  Oct 29, 2010  •  4,765 views
she sounds like a lovely horse and I wish the best for both of you! she deserves to have someone like you care for her in her old age. lovely!
  Oct 29, 2010  •  4,744 views
All That Jazz  
Thanks everyone!! :)
  Nov 4, 2010  •  4,725 views
that is an amazing article and good luck
  Nov 5, 2010  •  4,720 views
All That Jazz  
Thanks :)
  Nov 5, 2010  •  4,726 views
I love it :) Your horsey is very pretty! =)
  Nov 9, 2010  •  4,944 views
Carpe Diem  
I miss Chantilly. :(
  Aug 29, 2011  •  4,728 views
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