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Vlaamperd (100%)  |  Mare
Best Rank  7  | Best Jump  99.5"  | Winnings  12,952,935
Ebony Vlaamps   MOD 
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Best Rank  1  | Best Jump  101.75"  | Winnings  284,968,333
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Crazy Stunts with Olop - Jumping Backwards - Part 1
PonyBox News Trending
Who is Olop, you ask? Well, that is my new nickname for Polo. Read on, and I daresay the reason will soon become clear. Those of you who know me will surely know that I am somewhat ‘lacking’ in the sanity division. In ...
11,421 Unique Views
PonyBox Rare Jumpers
17th Feb 2020   |   Ponybox News   |   Winniefield Park
If you look at the jumping statistics you’ll see that the most common breed in the competitions is the Thoroughbred. This makes sense since Thoroughbreds are athletes that excel in high jumping competitions. Currently, the highest record jump is not held by a Thoroughbred. It’s h ...
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Horse Magazine Apps
4th Jan 2020   |   General   |   Winniefield Park
An interesting magazine is a good way to pass the time on the bus or in a waiting room. But who wants to read those germ laden, dogeared waiting room magazines, or yesterday's newspaper? And, your Facebook Instagram feeds can get equally uninspiring. Why not try a horse magazine ...
How To Name A Racehorse Among The Stars - Part 2 of 8 Similarities between Students and Equestrians Horse Parenting 101
How to Improve Your Intelligence and Other News
28th Apr 2018   |   General   |   Winniefield Park
Horseback riding may improve your child’s intelligence. So says a study reported in a Country Living Magazine. The study, done by the Tokyo University of Agriculture, claims that the vibrations created by the horse while riding benefit the brain. Does this means those of us who r ...
Horse Ears and Hearing
11th Feb 2018   |   Horse Anatomy   |   Winniefield Park
Horses ears are large and open and funnel sound down into their ear canal. That big ear flap we see is called the pinna and is cartilage covered in skin and hair. They can move their ears separately, swiveling 180 degrees, listening to two different sounds at the same time. There ...
2017 in Horse Science
16th Dec 2017   |   Equine Technology   |   Winniefield Park
Scientific research helps us look after our horses better, become better riders, and unveils some of the secrets about the history of the modern horse. Much of the research is most relevant to other researchers and veterinarians. But some of it is interesting for those of us who ...
The Miniature Horse
7th May 2016   |   General   |   Caledon98
Miniature horses are a ‘height breed’ meaning they can be any breed of horse (Shetland, Falabella, etc) as long as they meet the height requirements of 34” and under for Category A or over 34” but no higher than 38” for Category B. ...
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Dumb Things People Do on Horseback Video
8th Sep 2014   |   General   |   Winniefield Park
Did you participate in the ice-water challenge? If, for some reason, you’ve had your head stuck deep in a round bale over the last few weeks and don’t know what it is, here’s a quick explanation. Post a video of yourself dumping a bucket of ice-water on your head to a social netw ...
A Royal Obsession - All the Queen's Horses
11th Apr 2014   |   General   |   Winniefield Park
On April 21, Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II will turn 88 years old. She is certainly not your average 88 year old, and that's not just because she may be the most famous woman in the world. Outside her queenly duties, HRH enjoys spending time with her horses. They are, in ...
PETA Video Exposes Horse Racing Drugs and Deaths
28th Mar 2014   |   Shows and Events   |   Winniefield Park
Have you watched a video released by PETA called Horse Racing's Daily Double: Drugs and Death? It's a 9 minute exposè of the horse racing industry's use of drugs to enhance performance and mask injuries and lameness. The video starts out by stating that 24 horses per week die on ...
What Are Diagonals And Why They Are Important
4th Aug 2013   |   General   |   Winniefield Park
A very long time ago, the Western Horseman Magazine published very useful pamphlets that you could order through the mail. One such pamphlet was called 'Those Cantankerous Leads,' and its purpose was to help new riders understand leads at a canter or lope. However, you have to le ...
A Brave Marine - Sergeant Reckless
11th Jul 2012   |   Equine History and Culture   |   mosquito
This isn’t the story of just any marine. Sergeant Reckless was unique. First of all, I think I’m safe in saying she was the first female marine ever, certainly the first to be promoted to Sergeant. She was like her comrades in many ways – She liked a good breakfast of scrambled e ...
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Places To Win Horses And Tack Online
9th Aug 2011   |   General   |   FloridaCowgirl
Most horse people could use a new pair of boots, some free grooming products or even a new trailer but with the cost of just feeding and caring for a horse, there's not always enough money left at the end of the month to invest in these items. Fortunately, there are a few website ...
Ponybox CEO Jeff Ness Featured in Fast Company Magazine
5th Aug 2010   |   Ponybox News   |   PonyBox
Fast Company, a business development magazine, is doing a search for the most influential people. The most popular will be posted in the November issue of Fast Company. You can vote for Jeff Ness by selecting the link below. ...
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