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Best Rank  1  | Best Jump  105"  | Winnings  7,788,750
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10 Signs you have the Wrong Instructor
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If your instructor is able to get through more than three bottles of wine in a lesson, you probably have the wrong instructor. Or your instructor has the wrong pupil. You should never drive instructors to alcoholism, no ...
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Wild and Free Sable Island Ponies
5th Sep 2019   |   General   |   Winniefield Park
Thereís a scientist out there that is delighted to find a dead horse. Not that sheís excited that the horse is dead. That is probably as emotionally difficult for her as any of us. But, this scientist, as part of a research team, is happy to find the remains of dead Sable Island ...
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Horse News and Events
22nd Sep 2018   |   General   |   Winniefield Park
For the first time, mules have been allowed to compete in dressage in Great Britain. And for the first time, a mule, a former rescue, won his event at a British dressage show. The ruling is now changed to allow any offspring of a horse mare to compete. ...
The Eventers Dictionary - Part 1 April 20th 2013 Showjumping Competition With Bronze Trick Training - Teach Your Horse to Bow Cross Country 101 - Part Two
How to Lead a Horse
27th Jul 2018   |   Horse Training   |   Winniefield Park
Leading isnít walking ahead of your horse while pulling on the lead rope. It isnít tagging along as your horse drags you along. Rather, your horse should be trained to walk beside you with no tension on the rope at all. You may move the rope a bit to guide the horse, but otherwis ...
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Neonatal Foal Diseases
27th Feb 2018   |   Equine Disease and Prevention   |   Winniefield Park
On the inside, a foal is protected from viruses and bacteria that might make it ill. But, itís born without a fully functioning immune system. Getting the first milk, called colostrum is essential for a foal, as this carries immune building antibodies. If a foal doesnít get this ...
Horse DNA Testing
9th Nov 2017   |   Equine Technology   |   Winniefield Park
Up until the availability of DNA testing and a discovery of speed genes, breeding for the track has been a bit like a combination of gut feeling and practiced eye combined with mathematics. But now, DNA analysis can help breeders match horses with desirable genetics to produce fo ...
Equine Harmful Genetic Mutations
9th May 2017   |   Equine Disease and Prevention   |   Winniefield Park
Scientists have examined ancient horse DNA and discovered that horses were once much more genetically diverse than they are now. Domestication may have preserved horses from extinction, but the downside for the modern domestic horse is that they seem to have far more genetic muta ...
Springtime Foal Watch
5th May 2016   |   General   |   Winniefield Park
There are behaviors and signs that breeders watch for to tell if a mare is due to foal. But, these arenít always foolproof. Watching for udders to wax up, muscles to relax and the mare to get restless can give an indication that a foal will be born soon. But, not all mares do thi ...
The Most Asked Questions About Horses
7th Mar 2015   |   General   |   Winniefield Park
The top question people ask online about horses, whether they are horse owners or not, is how long do horses live? Horses, like people, are living longer than ever. This is largely due to our greater understanding of their needs, better vaccines and better medicines to treat them ...
Countries Where Foals Are Bred For Horsemeat
12th Dec 2014   |   General   |   Winniefield Park
We may dislike it, but there are still many people who eat horse meat. A few years ago, I interviewed a woman from Malta who was living in Britain. When I asked her what she missed, she said the beauty of the island and her mother serving horse meat. For her, horse meat was a tas ...
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Top Horse Raffle Websites To Win A Horse
11th Aug 2014   |   General   |   Winniefield Park
Who wouldnít want to win a horse? Here are contests and raffles that can give you a chance to do just that. Win a warmblood foal, donated to Leg-Up Equestrian Assistance Program by Avalon Equine. Leg-Up Equestrian Assistance Program helps horse owners hit by things like flooding ...
I Donít Know Nothiní About Birthiní no Babies!
7th Jul 2013   |   Horse Stories   |   Winniefield Park
One bitterly cold, windy, snowy April morning, my father called me. 'I have an emergency.' I was about to tell him to hang up and call 911, when he elaborated. 'Sundown had her foal out in the pasture.' I was relieved we didn't need an ambulance, but this particular emergency wou ...
How Old are You in Horse Years
28th May 2013   |   General   |   Winniefield Park
A horseís average lifespan is around 28 years. A humanís average lifespan in North America is around 77 years. Horseís don't live as long as humans. And, they age at very different rates, making it difficult to compare horse years to human years. Even in infancy, horses are quite ...
Jumpy Horse 3.7 Horse Game App Promotion Codes
11th May 2013   |   Equine Technology   |   PonyBox
Internet Reshenia, developer of the Jumpy Horse App recently released version 3.7. This update includes a new 'Where's My Foal' mini-game and downloadable Pegasus, Mustang, Big Cat, Mountain Lion and Bull characters. The Jumpy horse game is unique in that it continues to grow ...
How To Name Your Horse or Foal Based on Horsenality
29th Apr 2013   |   General   |   Winniefield Park
Do you have a new horse to name? If you're buying a horse, it may come with a name. But that doesn't mean you like the name, and you may want to choose something more suitable. You may already have a name in mind and that's perfect. But maybe you can't decide, or need to name a n ...
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Jumpy Horse Game for iPhone and iPad Releases Update
17th Nov 2012   |   Equine Technology   |   PonyBox
Ponybox's favorite iPhone and iPad app just released Jumpy Horse version 3.5. Jumpy horse has evolved into a top notch horse lover application over the past two years, and with the latest updates it gets even better! Here's what's new. A unicorn was added to types of horses a ...
My Foal Thunder
7th Feb 2012   |   Horse Stories   |   Faith forever
It was 7AM May 29th 2011 on a Sunday. Thunder was born! I had gone to Florida for vacation and almost cryed when I left because I had to leave behind a beloved mare named Paint. She was pregnant with my dream horse. Paint was bred July 4th with a Stud named Thunder. Thunder was b ...
Farmville Releases Candycane Pony
13th Dec 2010   |   Equine Technology   |   DejaVu
Facebook releases limited edition Candycane Pony. For a limited time the pony can be yours for 26FV$. You also gain 2600 experience points for the purchase and it can be harvested every 3 days giving you 84 coins each time. It gets even better, you can also place your Mini C ...
The Last Of The Wild Horse Breeds
28th Nov 2010   |   General   |   Pineh
The unique characteristics of the horse made it particularly valuable to hunters. The horse would eat grass, and the chlorophyll would release from the chloroplasts inside their mouths, creating a thick green mucus stored in the back of their throats. Yuck, right? Hunters would k ...
Wild Roots - Part 1
17th Nov 2010   |   Horse Fiction   |   Savveh
Flea circled the area, the small mare's barrel sagging dangerously, heavy with a foal. She was chalk white other then some small freckle like spots that dappled her body. She was the oldest mare in the herd, her temper gone sour after years of putting young cocky horses in their ...
The Story of a Foal Named Rain
19th Oct 2010   |   Horse Stories   |   Live Life
When he was 3 months old he was forced onto a trailer. This trailer took him to an auction for emaciated horses. He was the only foal there. If he wasn't bought, he would be transported to a slaughter house. Fortunently, the current owners of Rain were there, not planning to buy ...
Adding Proper Credits to Horse Images for Sim Games
3rd Oct 2010   |   Graphics   |   Padfoot Designs
There are multiple places where you can find stock images. Such as,, and even here. Make sure you follow the rules of the owner of the stock images. You would not be using them right if you didn't. Follow ALL of the rules... not just one. ...
Digital Art for Beginners - Part 3 - The Final Touches
9th Apr 2010   |   Graphics   |   T W I
Welcome to part three of my digital art tutorial! This is the last in my series, so you should have colored in and added muscle and lighting details to your lineart by now if you have been following along. Today we will be learning how to add those final touches to complete your ...
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