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Jumping My Polo Horse Bareback
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This video shows myself and my Polo horse simply being ourselves and having a great time! Everything in this video is bareback, it is a complete no saddle zone! The only tack used is always either a bridle or a halter an ...
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National Junior Championships – Part Four
1st Apr 2011   |   Shows and Events   |   Polo the Weirdo
It was the day after the cross country, and though the weather had improved slightly, the sky was still smothered with clouds – which looked about fit to burst with rain. As usual, we arrived at the show grounds early to feed the horses. Both Bronze and Finola looked perfectly ...
National Junior Championships – Part Three
22nd Mar 2011   |   Shows and Events   |   Polo the Weirdo
In a pathetic lapse of concentration that I am still kicking myself for, I went ahead and ‘showjumped’ the fence – getting my weight off his back and leaning forwards, rather than keeping my seat in the saddle and leaning way back on landing like I should have, seeing as the drop ...
Baby Horse Diaries - Energy Levels Retraining a Racehorse – Preparation For First Dressage Show Baby Horse Diaries - Playtime (AKA the Hunger Games) April 20th 2013 Showjumping Competition With Finola
My First Horse Show
18th Mar 2011   |   Shows and Events   |   Carpe Diem
They announced my name and number as second, and I trotted into the arena. I could feel Pepper's nerves through the saddle. I turned her to the first jump. About 5 strides away, she stopped and moved away. We did this a few more times, until the judge told me to ride to the other ...
National Junior Championships – Part Two
14th Mar 2011   |   Shows and Events   |   Polo the Weirdo
This was our first day competing, and our third day at the championships. Finola, of course, was still not starting to compete, since she came only for the jumping. As such, this was Bronze’s moment, and all attention was focused on him. On this day, Bronze would perform for t ...
My First Horse Show
9th Feb 2011   |   Shows and Events   |   All That Jazz
On December 12, 2010 I had my first horse show. I woke up at 5:00am, got dressed, and put sweats and a jacket on top of my show clothes. After I was ready I went out to the Show Unit, where my trainer would meet me with the other riders at the farm and their horses. ...
The Coveted Triple Crown
4th Feb 2011   |   Shows and Events   |   Chris Antley Memorial
Winning the Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing is considered the greatest accomplishment of a Thoroughbred racehorse. The Triple Crown consists of the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes. One might think that this is easy to do, but it is not. A horse h ...
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Too Many Horse Show Ribbons?
31st Jan 2011   |   Shows and Events   |   DejaVu
You show your horse and come home with few ribbons - after few years you have boxes and boxes full of ribbons. Now there's a solution how to show all those ribbons. BarnSmart converts your ribbons into pillows, stuffed animals, and quilts showing off your accomplishments. As your ...
National Junior Championships – Part One
21st Jan 2011   |   Shows and Events   |   Polo the Weirdo
We were up at the crack of dawn. Packed and ready by 5:30AM, we hit the road and drove off to pick up the Bronze horse. Finola was driving up to champs in a float with my jumping instructor – so we had only one horse to prep for the journey. Knowing that we were late and not c ...
Beezie Madden - United States Olympic Show Jumper
8th Jan 2011   |   Shows and Events   |   Painted Destiny
Beezie Madden is an United States Olympic Show Jumper. Her name is Elizabeth Madden, but is called "Beezie." Her birthday is November 20, and she was born into a horsey family that lived on a horse farm in Wisconsin. She has been riding since she was a small child and now resides ...
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16 October 2010 Provincial Junior Showjumping Championships - Part 2
12th Nov 2010   |   Shows and Events   |   Polo the Weirdo
This day started with Polo and Bronze each doing their speed classes. Polo started brilliantly, went around at a great pace and took all the tight corners I mapped out for her. She clipped a pole down on the tightest turn, simply because she didn't quite tuck up her legs enough. ...
16 October 2010 Provincial Junior Showjumping Championships - Part 1
7th Nov 2010   |   Shows and Events   |   Polo the Weirdo
The show began in a somewhat comical fashion. We arrived, uncharacteristically early. I was nervous, uncharacteristically nervous. And so it was that, during an attack of nerves, I decided that I should make a quick trip to the bathroom before getting the horses ready. Unfort ...
Pluck Wins The Breeders Cup Juvenile Race
6th Nov 2010   |   Shows and Events   |   Undesired Humor
Pluck, the horse that had zero odds to win the Breeders Cup Juvenile National Championship, decided that today, November 6th 2010, was his day to shine. Number 13, he stayed in the back, letting the others run off their steam. When they started to loose speed, Pluck said 'See ya ...
Showing My Blue Roan Quarterhorse
4th Nov 2010   |   Shows and Events   |   Uphill Climb
In September I took her to the local show. I made a terrible mistake by using my saddle that did not fit her fat body, and she told me that, and fast. When I entered the ring for an easy walk-trot class, she started to buck like crazy and at first I had no clue what it was, then ...
St. Joseph County 4H Jr. Driving Class
3rd Nov 2010   |   Shows and Events   |   Conga
I recently went to the St. Joseph County 4H fair and showed my horses. Last year, in 2009 I drove a Halflinger named Winston, but unfortunately we finished last. This year I drove the same Halflinger in the Jr. Driving Classe and finished 6th out of 8. I think we id pretty well f ...
Everyone Loves A Good Horse Show
29th Oct 2010   |   Shows and Events   |   Lil Booger
I competed in two flat classes on Sammy placing 2nd in both. My friend was doing well. She was very pleased. She had one more class to go. The low cross rails. I had decided at the last minute not to do them since she was but later entered after her class. She was freaking that ...
9 - 10 October Showjumping Competition
28th Oct 2010   |   Shows and Events   |   Polo the Weirdo
To start with, Moony was having a bit of a baby moment and was struggling to concentrate properly in the new show venue - especially considering it was quite a big show with lots going on. Crowds, flags, open spaces, cows on the hill - and a course of jumps that the poor baby is ...
Archie Struggles at Recent Horse Shows
25th Oct 2010   |   Shows and Events   |   Dark Star
We get to the show and I'm getting Archie ready for halter. I asked him to trot and he steps on the back of my boot, causing me to fall down, thus staining my jeans from the wet grass. I change jeans just in time for the show to start. He was awesome in the class. The horse in fr ...
October 23rd Schooling Jumping Show
25th Oct 2010   |   Shows and Events   |   Minnie
Yesterday I went to a small schooling show with my horse Violet. It was a jumping show and it was a "jumper jackpot", meaning that if you win the class you win back your entry fee. The shows are low-key and small and I just treated it like a day to have fun schooling (like whe ...
2 - 3 October Equestrian Eventing Results
23rd Oct 2010   |   Shows and Events   |   Polo the Weirdo
On 2 October 2010, Bronze, Badger and I embarked upon the short journey to a showground not-so-far-away where we were scheduled to compete in an event - more specifically, our last even before the upcoming eventing championships. The Saturday started with the dressage. Badger ...
World Equestrian Games Cross Country and Stadium Jumping
21st Oct 2010   |   Shows and Events   |   Purple BITS
I recently went to the World Equestrian Games Cross Country and Stadium Jumping. The thrill of watching the cross country was amazing! You could hear the horses hooves and sometimes you could almost touch them. They were flying! I saw Karen 'O Conner who was AMAZING! I also say ...
World Equestrian Games - Cross Country & Stadium Jumping
17th Oct 2010   |   Shows and Events   |   L u n a r
I was lucky enough to visit the World equestrian Games while they were here in The USA. I had the opportunity to watch amazing horses to there stuff around a very difficult Cross Country course last saturday and then show off in the big arena preforming the Stadium Jumping phase. ...
Hunter Creek Show - Part 2
14th Oct 2010   |   Shows and Events   |   Pintie
After riding Dylan, I got to get on Chip to do Short Stirrup and Starting Hunter. At first, we started out pretty rough. The speaker was crackling and Chip spooked at it and ended up galloping around the arena at one point. Then, after finishing up cantering, a pony in front of h ...
Hunter Creek Horse Show - Part 1
10th Oct 2010   |   Shows and Events   |   Pintie
Yesterday, I had a blast at the Hunter Creek Horse Show. I had to wake up at 530AM, but it was completely worth it. I was showing Dylan, my trainers pony that she is trying to sell, in cross poles, since he is green over jumps. There was only one other girl in the arena with me, ...
Horse Flat Show Update
3rd Oct 2010   |   Shows and Events   |   Cryztaltrees
The next flat show I went to was the Motoua Spring Show and again I had to ride Maddy to it. Unfortunatly, in the 2nd round Maddy got lame in her right fore hoof and we pulled out. We suspect it was a stone bruise. On the good side, we did get two ribbons: a 2nd and a 3rd and got ...
18 - 19 September Dam 'n Dyke Horse Show
30th Sep 2010   |   Shows and Events   |   Polo the Weirdo
Finding myself sick once again, it was with a distinct lack of energy and enthusiasm that I awoke (or should I say – I grudgingly woke up after much encouragement.) at 05:30 AM on Saturday 18 September 2010. In between coughs and sneezes, I managed to get ready for the show. It t ...
How To Compete in 4H Showmanship Classes
28th Sep 2010   |   Shows and Events   |   Strawberry Kiwi Equine
In every showmanship class there is a pattern you have to memorize. Before you start your pattern, you will want to line your horse up. You will want your horse to stand square. The ideal position is getting all four feet aligned with each other, but not every horse is capable of ...
My First Horse Show With Gracie
27th Sep 2010   |   Shows and Events   |   Comanche Ranch
Luckily I didn't fall off, and kept my cool. Some of the people were rather rude too. They saw that if they tailed her, she would act up, or if they sped by her, she would act up. So several people tailed me, and Gracie almost kicked them. A few more people sped in front of m ...
2010 World Equestrian Games
17th Sep 2010   |   Shows and Events   |   Superior Studs
The 2010 WEGs are just around the corner! There are eight events in this years Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games, and for the first time ever they will be held in America, in Kentucky Horse Park, Kentucky! ...
HDHJA Show August 14th
6th Sep 2010   |   Shows and Events   |   Minnie
In the fourth, higher class, we were the last in the arena. The person who went before me had just taken over the lead. We went in the arena and Violet was being very lazy but we managed to get through with a clean round. ...
Rocky Mountain Classic II Horse Show
3rd Sep 2010   |   Shows and Events   |   CBear
The Rocky Mountain Classic II is held once a year at Anderson Ranch in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. There are two types of competition Show jumping and Hunter, I competed in both. In the Hunter's I won 12 ribbons in total including a Reserve Champion ribbon. In the Hunters I won the ...
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