104.5" * Vast Majority        
Friesian (100%)  |  Stallion
Best Rank  2  | Best Jump  104.5"  | Winnings  2,822,500
PythonPonyPalaces STANDBR   MOD online
This Barn was viewed 3,586 times
Best Rank  1  | Best Jump  105"  | Winnings  849,696,571
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Teach a Horse to Bend
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In this article I shall be explaining in detail all the methods I have used to teach a horse to bend. Before I begin I wish to remind my readers that to try to follow these methods exactly step by step, or using any meth ...
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Ponybox Horse Sim Game Graphic Sale Feature
6th Jan 2013   |   Ponybox News   |   PonyBox
Once again Ponybox put your ideas to work and just released a long awaited graphic sale feature. With this new feature you can buy and sell graphic usage rights. Buyers of the graphics can use them on sim games, RPG's, non-commercial websites, forums, website profiles and graphic ...
Remembering Ponybox 2012 Video
31st Dec 2012   |   Ponybox News   |   PonyBox
Another exciting year with Ponybox winds down as we head into 2013. Ponybox turned 10 years old in 2012 and during this time we have transformed every aspect of the website, from a small horse game website, to the most popular social media community for horse lovers. ...
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Ponybox is Looking for Guest Articles
25th Nov 2012   |   Ponybox News   |   PonyBox
Looking for more exposure for your horse stories, shows, training experiences or just want to express your recent barn or equestrian experience? Ponybox is always looking for member equestrian news, stories, articles or videos to post in our news section. Ponybox receives thousan ...
Ponybox Newsletter Video #5
30th Oct 2012   |   Ponybox News   |   PonyBox
Episode 5 of the Ponybox Newsletter Video gets off to a slightly crazy start, but if you have seen the other videos, crazy is normal. Enter the parrot hat. After the bird leaves the set you get greeted as usual by a myriad of shout-outs, horses for sale, items for sale and graph ...
Ponybox Newsletter Video #4
14th Oct 2012   |   Ponybox News   |   PonyBox
The 4th installment of the Ponybox Newsletter Video delivers dancing, shout-outs, sim horse discounts, graphic customs, and even more shout-outs! As a special feature, this episode includes a 1 minute skit of the movie Spirit using Breyer Horses. As always, if you have a shout-ou ...
Ponybox Newsletter Video #3
5th Oct 2012   |   Ponybox News   |   PonyBox
Ponybox members, meet Elmer the bird. This week the Ponybox Newsletter is full of shout-outs, barn specials, and Deviant Art commission specials for your custom graphics. Following the shout-outs, enjoy a special clarinet solo and more creative comedy for your entertainment. As a ...
Ponybox Newsletter Video #2
30th Sep 2012   |   Ponybox News   |   PonyBox
This week the Ponybox newsletter begins with a pudding eating contest. Yes, you heard it right... Pudding. Following the pudding fest is a myriad of shout-outs! Get your barn featured as a shout-out by leaving a comment on this article. After quick appearance by a parrot, the sho ...
Ponybox Newsletter Video #1
24th Sep 2012   |   Ponybox News   |   PonyBox
Ponybox has a celebrity in the midst! Ponybox member Whitney has just released a new vlog centered around her experiences on Whitney brings both a comical and entertaining aspect to her vlog that will keep you begging for more episodes. On this episode, Whitney intro ...
Ponybox Shout Out Videos
6th Aug 2012   |   Ponybox News   |   PonyBox
Ponybox Shout-out videos are taking over YouTube. Do you have something to say about Ponybox or its members? Just upload your video to YouTube with Ponybox in the title and we will feature it here. Check out these member videos recently posted on YouTube. ...
Aspiring Female Jockey Represents the Sport on Ponybox
8th Jul 2012   |   Ponybox News   |   PonyBox
Ponybox member C h r i s has long represented the horse jockey community on Ponybox with works of art and writings that detail the struggles and accolades of this sport. She is an aspiring jockey that represents the passion, dedication and discipl ...
Dotty's Story is now available on!
19th Dec 2011   |   Ponybox News   |   PonyBox
It’s here! Dotty’s Story is now available, in its entirety, through for e-readers - and in print copies for those of you who are ‘old school’ readers! Follow Ponybox’s favorite racehorse from her first steps as a baby through all of her adventures. To get your copy ...
Ponybox Horse News Section Brings More Criticism From Parents
14th Nov 2011   |   Ponybox News   |   PonyBox
The Ponybox news section is unique in that it is made up mostly of member stories and news. Over the past few months we have received an increase in the number of member submitted stories and articles to be posted on Ponybox. Unfortunately, most of the articles are not suitable f ...
This Weeks Horse Game Accounts For Sale
5th Oct 2011   |   Ponybox News   |   PonyBox
A summary of this weeks horse game auctions are shown below. Ponybox released a new feature this summer that allows you to buy and sell horse game accounts. So far over 80 accounts have been sold with new auctions being added daily. This week accounts are ranging from 5K to 25K b ...
This Weeks Horse Game Accounts For Sale
23rd Sep 2011   |   Ponybox News   |   PonyBox
A summary of this weeks horse game auctions are shown below. Ponybox released a new feature this summer that allows you to buy and sell horse game accounts. So far over 80 accounts have been sold with new auctions being added daily. This week accounts are ranging from 5K to 25K b ...
Buy and Sell Horse Game Accounts
5th Sep 2011   |   Ponybox News   |   PonyBox
Last week Ponybox revealed their new Game Trader. The game trader allows you to buy and sell horse game accounts using Ponybucks. We have been watching some of the accounts listed for sale and their are some good deals out there. Recently a low ID Ponybox Morgan barn was sold for ...
Ponybox Upgrades Set For Release
14th Aug 2011   |   Ponybox News   |   PonyBox
Late August Ponybox will be releasing a large upgrade to the site. This initial upgrade will not include the legacy servers, but it will have a huge impact on regular site. The upgrade will be released in two phases, with Phase 1 set for release around August 21st and ...
Dotty Drawing Contest
30th Jul 2011   |   Ponybox News   |   PonyBox
Last week Ponybox contributor Mosquito submitted the final chapter of Dotty's Story. We received a lot of good feedback on the story and were relieved to find out she finally made it home. With so many fans of Dotty we decided to go forward with releasing her story for others to ...
Ponybox Letter Of Correction For Abused Circus Horse Story
23rd Jul 2011   |   Ponybox News   |   PonyBox
Recently, Ponybox published a member submitted story concerning citizen reporting of abused circus horses. This story received a lot of member comments and concerns and has generated a lot of heated topics concerning the treatment of animals in performing roles, such as circuses. ...
If I listened To What People Said
26th Jun 2011   |   Ponybox News   |   PonyBox
The Ponybox News section will soon be two years old. Over the past two years we have improved upon the news section and it has steadily gained interest and readership. As always, we also have received our share of unsatisfied readers. A few months ago we received an email fro ... Updates - Horse Games - Horse News - Horse Books
27th May 2011   |   Ponybox News   |   PonyBox
Each day Ponybox receives a few emails on where we are with updates or new product releases. I'm proud to tell you that Ponybox is on track for some fresh updates and releases. Many of your suggestions over the past year have been incorporated into our updates and will be avail ...
Ponybox Releases Should I Buy It Feature
13th Feb 2011   |   Ponybox News   |   PonyBox
Today, Ponyboxers awoke to a new feature on Ponybox named Should I Buy It. Should I Buy It allows members to post a description, photo and price of an item or horse they are thinking of buying. Members can then offer suggestions, alternatives or feedback on the item. ...
My Boarding Facility Free Shirt Giveaway
6th Feb 2011   |   Ponybox News   |   PonyBox
Starting today and running through March 2011, Ponybox is running a contest named My Boarding Facility and is giving away free horse shirts to all entries that display on Ponybox. Submitting an entry is easy. Just submit a Ponybox news article titled "My Boarding ...
Shut Down Ponybox Horse News
29th Jan 2011   |   Ponybox News   |   PonyBox
I find it absolutely appalling that you feel it is perfectly fine to allow dangerous and fundamentally wrong training practices to be posted by your members. I'm a regular visitor to your equestrian news section, but after viewing the cart accident article posted earlier this wee ...
2011 Rings In Fewer Rules To Ponybox Forums
31st Dec 2010   |   Ponybox News   |   PonyBox
Thanks again for sticking with Ponybox for another year, I can't believe its been over eight years since we first went online. I especially want to thank our moderators, donators and news contributors. Some of our moderators have been with us for many years and they have played ...
How To Submit News To Ponybox
25th Dec 2010   |   Ponybox News   |   PonyBox
Today we changed the way you submit equestrian related news and articles to Ponybox. The Ponybox interface that was previously used was closed for reasons I will explain shortly. You now simply email your news articles and videos or images to ...
Buy Sell Trade Horse Sim Game Accounts
20th Dec 2010   |   Ponybox News   |   PonyBox
We are happy to announce a new feature on Ponybox set to release soon that will allow you to Buy and Sell any sim horse game account using Ponybucks. This new feature will be integrated into the Ponybox Marketplace. ...
New Like Button Added To Ponybox News
19th Dec 2010   |   Ponybox News   |   PonyBox
Today, Ponybox added a Ponybox Like button to each news article. As a member, you can now select the button on the articles you like and help increase its popularity. In addition, a notification is sent to the author indicating you like their article. ...
Ponywear Horse Shirts for 1 Cent on Ebay
12th Nov 2010   |   Ponybox News   |   PonyBox
To celebrate the new opening of the Ponywear Horse Shirts store on Ebay we have listed some of our inventory in the 1 cent auctions. This means bidding begins for these shirts at only 1 Penny. Ponywear has been shipping shirts from their online store since 2001 and has now opened ...
Ponybox is Giving Away $500 in Horse Shirts
25th Sep 2010   |   Ponybox News   |   PonyBox
Today, started a new insane contest. We are clearing out $500 in 2009/2010 Ponywear inventory to make room for our 2011 line. To get one of these shirts just submit a news article to Ponybox and get 1000 views within 30 days! ...
Creative Writing - Horse Stories
21st Sep 2010   |   Ponybox News   |   PonyBox
Do you enjoy to write, but don't own a horse to contribute to the daily horse news articles? We have the perfect solution. Ponybox is now accepting equestrian related fictional short stories that will display for thousands to read in our main news section. ...
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