100.75" HT Sunny Side Up      
Tori (100%)  |  Mare
Best Rank  19  | Best Jump  100.75"  | Winnings  792,200
Ebony Vlaamps   MOD online
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Best Rank  1  | Best Jump  101.75"  | Winnings  299,603,833
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Retraining a Racehorse - Moonfire (Week 1)
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I am going to type up, in detail, all my experiences with retraining Moonfire. I'm going to tell you what I did and when, what the results were, what my thoughts were, what Moonfire's progression is and so on. I hope to ...
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The Weight Loss
23rd Jun 2011   |   General   |   Baby Lou Tattoo
January 2009, I woke up from my sleep, stretched and walked into the bathroom. I was about to turn 16 years old, stepped on the scales, and my heart sank. 96 kilograms, and at that time, I was 5'7" -- obese. Yep, medically obese. Honestly I was a pretty dreamy 16 year old. I ...
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How To Train Your Horse To Smile
12th Jun 2011   |   Horse Training   |   Baby Lou Tattoo
This is a really cool party trick. It doesn't involve any complicated equipment, the horses love it and it's very effective! The trick is the smile. The goal is to create a big "smile" with your horse. He'll lift up his lip and hold it, usually raising his head up in a big "gr ...
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Colour Theory Part 1
21st Dec 2009   |   Graphics   |   Baby Lou Tattoo
This is a tutorial on on of the most vital elements of art - colour. I will be starting with the most simple areas and delving deeper and deeper into the more advanced sections of colour theory. I will cover how to use colour to your advantage, but will not cover tone, tint and ...
The Joy of Lighting - Part 1
20th Dec 2009   |   Graphics   |   Baby Lou Tattoo
I'm going to explain to you, best I can, though granted it WILL be fairly advanced, how I get my exact light. So many people have issues with lighting and WANT to get it right, be it a manipulator or a painter. I will be using DIAL UP FRIENDLY photos (4) to explain my points. ...
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