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Album Deadsy Doodles  |  Uploaded Jan 11, 2016
A Deadsy Doodle

Paint dried quietly on the canvas in the corner, the studio reverent for once in several hours, the weekdays were always hectic with the art classes Ozzie taught. Most students were young aspiring artists, generally between the ages of five and ten. The more mature classes usually came in on a Friday, after Ozzie’s patience had already been worn out by the first few days of shaping young artists and his shifts at the factory.

The pencil in Ozzie’s hand gently scratched the surface of his paper, a light sketch while he awaited the arrival of his star student, a young palomino producing artwork of someone three times his age and experience. As the sketch progressed his ears turned to the sound of the studio door gently, timidly closing, he looked up to his student coming for his private class.

“Hey dude.” He said getting up and shaking his hands warmly.

“Hi Oz.” he said sitting his stuff down after the handshake. Ozzie stood behind his student’s chair after he’d settled in and resumed his artwork. Ozzie analyzed his progress, looking over his shoulder at his work.

“Very good.” He said quietly. “I think….you need some more color in here though. Looks a little dull to me.” He said turning his head and gesturing to the sore spot on the artwork. The palomino nodded his head in agreement. Ozzie went back to his own place and continued his sketching.

“Is school getting better?” Ozzie asked quietly as they worked, trying to break the silence instead of turning on the radio.

“Yeah, those kids finally left me alone, Oasis had her boyfriend intimidate them a little bit.” He said nodding his head.

Ozzie chuckled. “That’s good. Just focus on your grades and your art, you’ll survive.” His ear turned again with the sound of a door opening, this time behind him, the door that connected the studio garage with the rest of the house. Liz looked inside at them with an odd look on her face.

“You okay?” Ozzie asked twisting his brow with concern.

“We need to talk.” She said looking worried.

“Sure, after we’re done…” he started but was interrupted by his wife’s short temper.

“Now.” She said wide eyed and impatient. Oz scratched his head and got up from his seat, feeling pressed. He asked his student to excuse him a moment. The palomino kept working after the two had gone into the house, he heard some light bickering and the sounds of an argument before Ozzie came back a little while later looking surprisingly pleasant.

He sat back down and released a sigh “So, I guess I’m going to be a daddy.” a huge smile stretched over his face, leaning his elbows on the table, lost in a giddy daze.
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