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standing pretty
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Album My Photo Box  |  Uploaded Jun 11, 2008
love her sooooo much
Horse Life Barn  
u 2 look great
  Jun 12, 2008  •  282 views
Angel Fire Ranch  
Wow! Your horse is pretty!
  Jun 12, 2008  •  282 views
SHR Jump Barn  
  Jun 18, 2008  •  282 views
Second Chance Ranch  
very preaty mare!!! I also have an arabian.
  Jul 27, 2008  •  282 views
KLC Paints  
beautiful horse u 2 look great
  Aug 17, 2008  •  282 views
Lightening Creek  
you two look gorgious
  41 days ago  •  282 views
SHR Jump Barn  
Thank you all for the wonder full comments, i appriciate them
  Oct 26, 2008  •  282 views
Weregirls Arabians  
gorgeous mare.My friends and I are either gonna adopt an arabian or buy one from a guy near my friends house.
  Nov 3, 2008  •  282 views
SHR Jump Barn  
AWSOME... so happy you like
  Nov 7, 2008  •  282 views
Affinity Equestrian  
cute you two look great!
  Nov 11, 2008  •  282 views
Seashell City Stables I  
(dont get hurt and ware a helmet please)
  Nov 11, 2008  •  282 views
Gryphon Reining  
you 2 look so cute! and RTL, you normally don't wear a helmet in western. cowgirls are tough
  Nov 11, 2008  •  282 views
Luckey Wood Stables  
I do western and i wear a helmet. I do english too and i wear a helmet. It doesn't matter what disapline you do and it is more of do you trust the horse you are on or not. She must trust her horse so she doesn't need to weat it. Idk. Beautiful horse
  Nov 11, 2008  •  282 views
KaleidoScope Farms  
I've been riding for 27 years and I have never had a helmet on my head. You ride anyway you want. And don't let anyone tell you different. You remind me of my self when I was young. I did barrels starting at age 5 on a Quarter/Arab cross Calico, she was the best horse ever.....
  Nov 11, 2008  •  284 views
Playboys Shetland Barn  
tough girls dont wear helmets RTf
  Nov 11, 2008  •  284 views
Thoroughbred Stud Farm  
I never were a helmet(unles my dad tells me to)!!Pretty horse thoudh!!!!XD
  Nov 12, 2008  •  284 views
Willowrun Ranch  
Whats your horses name? you two look great together
  Nov 12, 2008  •  284 views
SHR Jump Barn  
Her name Is *Drum Roll*... Takoa Darema Bay ... ( Reg. Name )
She is 14 Years Old, Seal bay Arabian, She is retired from Western and i am Training her in dressage, i Will Show Pics Soon... ALSO !!! i wish not to wear a helmet , as LWS says, i trust her with all my heart, i will post more pics, like of when we jump with NO tack... Thankies
  Nov 12, 2008  •  284 views
Golden Valley Ranch  
your so lucky you have a horse!!!!
  Nov 12, 2008  •  284 views
Budweiser Ranch  
i love ur horse she is so pretty love her
  Nov 12, 2008  •  284 views
Loch Ewe Stables  
i have nothing against you peoples that dont wear a helmet cause its part of a tradition thing. but i rode once in my whole life with out a helmet and that time i fell of onto the road cracked open the back of my head and had to be airambulanced to hospital .
i was in hospital for a whole week and something. i dont remember that day or the 4 months after that.
worst part was my mum wouldn't let me on a horse for a whole two months and i was so desperate to ride again. and the fact that i think it has damaged my memory remembering ability.
  Nov 12, 2008  •  284 views
SHR Jump Barn  
Truthfully - I Break and train horses, and i dont even youse a helmet then...
  Nov 12, 2008  •  284 views
Rock Shore Riding Academy  
scuse me SVR....but I have a horse i'd trust with my life!! and I always wear a helmet on him because its safe!! in shows no! but just riding YES you really should!! Purtty horse.
  Nov 12, 2008  •  284 views
Horseshoe Island Stables  
SVR your wrong.....Tough Girls WEAR helemts!! it means they arn't afraid to look funny. SMART girls wear helmets!! I have few pics on my page that I'm not wearing one! I was already on and my mum didn't want to go get it out of the tack room for me!! I wanted it!! I would have rather worn it than not!! and its not because I'm not tough!! she just didn't want to walk to the tack room to go get.
  Nov 12, 2008  •  284 views
Blazing Glory Stables  
hie im grace i love your horse im 13 years old i train horses ive riden bronkes and abused horses i live on a farm caled hie point farm my mom ownes a vet clinic so its fun to go see the horses. i have a realy abused horse i gotfor my aleventh birthday so im gonna tell you the story by the way the horses name is blaze ok iny way a iong time agoe thar was this gy who bot blaze from a oction for 25$ he wa realy realy skinny so the gy tryd to get blaze in the trailer butt he wouldent go in so the gy tied blaze up to the back of the trailer and drove afew yards thin stoped and backed up on blaze and blaze wint under the trailer thinhe drove forward got out of the truck and untied the lead and draged blaze into the mud took his gun out and shot him throu the nose.thin win mom got him she stiched him and let me train him for my soon as i can ill send you a pictur of me and blaze :)
  Nov 13, 2008  •  256 views
Mill creek farm  
im 11 years old to!!!!!!is that horse yours?????
  Nov 13, 2008  •  256 views
Butterfly Acres  
She's gorgues, and as for helmets, I've never worn one in my entrie life except for in english shows. But then only becuz if I don't I get disquiflied, but I ride both english and western. =P
  Nov 13, 2008  •  256 views
SHR Jump Barn  
coolio, thank you for the comments
  Nov 14, 2008  •  256 views
Blue Skies  
LOLOL, i am 11 too... MAIL ME!!!
  Nov 14, 2008  •  256 views
Carlitos Crossing  
wow! your horse is sooo pretty! by the way im 13:)
god bless
  Nov 14, 2008  •  256 views
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