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Ths first Barrel
Views 987  |  Comments 39  |  FileSize 29 KB  |  Dimensions 337 x 237 pixels
Album My Photo Box  |  Uploaded Jun 11, 2008
ok , i wuv this one
Barn Flip In Process  
cute pix!
  Jun 12, 2008  •  261 views
Dublin Farms Norweigains  
is that an arab?
  Jun 13, 2008  •  261 views
Holly Wood Stables  
good job!!! me and my sister barrel races too and love it!
  Jun 16, 2008  •  261 views
SHR Jump Barn  
yea, its an arabian, she acts like a qh
  Jun 18, 2008  •  261 views
Kickin Up Dust  
i barrel race to!!!
  Nov 11, 2008  •  261 views
SHR Jump Barn  
Sweet i love to
  Nov 11, 2008  •  261 views
Seashell City Stables I  
WARE A HAT OR A HELMET YOU ARE GOING TO DIE!!! love the horse though
  Nov 11, 2008  •  261 views
Gryphon Reining  
you guys looked like you had a good run!
  Nov 11, 2008  •  261 views
Painted Dreams Farm  
I love your horse.
RTF- It is up to each individual to decide if they want to wear a helmet or not. I don't wear one, I never have and I never will.
  Nov 11, 2008  •  261 views
Playboys Shetland Barn  
real cowgirls dont wear helmets if u r 1 RTF i am a real cowgirl and i dont wear 1
  Nov 11, 2008  •  261 views
Thoroughbred Stud Farm  
Nice barrel!!!!:D
  Nov 12, 2008  •  261 views
SHR Jump Barn  
Thank you, and i do not like to wear helmets, because i just dont want them to get in my way, and they look, thank you for the comments
  Nov 12, 2008  •  261 views
Gotland Ranch  
u look REALLY good except u have no helmet!!! i dont care if REAL cowgirls dont wear helmets. there was this one woman in NY who was walking on her horse and he tripped and she fell off, hit her head, and died on the spot because she wasnt wearing a helmet. SO WEAR ONE!!!!!
  Nov 12, 2008  •  261 views
The Big Blue  
don't worry about what people say. It is up to you if you wear a helmet and not them. I love to ride. I rode english til i sold my horses and I never wore one. I LOVE ARABIANS & BARREL RACING. nice horse.
  Nov 12, 2008  •  261 views
Budweiser Ranch  
dont listen to what royal treasure falicity says u dont need a hemet real cowgirl dont need helmets
  Nov 12, 2008  •  261 views
Rock Shore Riding Academy  
scuse me but I am a real cowgirl!! when I'm not wearing my cowboy hat its my helmet. yeah they loook funny, so what?? it very well could save your life.
  Nov 12, 2008  •  263 views
Hi im Kathy and i do barrles to they are so much fun i also do Penning,sorting,poles,cutting,and goattying its so much fun I have three horses They are George(12),Er(10),and KATE(24) I love horses we should talk.
  Nov 12, 2008  •  263 views
Double J Ranch  
I think that you and your horse look great together! No offense at all, but i am probably quite a bit older than alot of people on here! I dont think that Real cowgirls should wear HELMETS! Just like i dont think that Bull Riders should wear HELMETS!!! Thats is the risk that you are taking by getting on a horse and riding, or a bull! I have Rodeo'd my whole life and i have NEVER worn a darn helmet and never will! So no matter what anyone tells you, you dont need one! :) again, i think you two look great!!!!! :) :) :)
  Nov 12, 2008  •  263 views
Kicking Horse Ranch  
nice horse, looks like you did goof for your first race!

And jeez you guys give it up, she's not going to wear a helmet just cuz you say so. I've been kicked in the head from a horse, and Im lucky to live and I still don't wear a helmet. Oh by the way just gotta say this but theres cowboy hats that are actually helmets they look like normal cowboy hates!
  Nov 12, 2008  •  263 views
Dancing With The Stars  
I love barrel racing
  Nov 13, 2008  •  263 views
Butterfly Acres  
OMG I love Barrel racing! Ur horse is beautiful btw =)
  Nov 13, 2008  •  263 views
Gemstone Ranch  
awwh... i love your horse, she is so cute!
  Nov 14, 2008  •  263 views
Crossbred Rescue  
You should really be wearing a helmet.
  Nov 15, 2008  •  263 views
Oakmoor Horses  
I personally wear a helmet, even though I trust the horses that I ride a lot. I never KNOW what will happen, so I do as a precautionary, HOWEVER I really think that it is a personal preference. My trainer does not wear a helmet because she does not feel she needs one. I feel it is a decision between the trainer and rider if they should be wearing a helmet or not!
  Nov 15, 2008  •  263 views
Tillys Echo is HERE  
back to what kikking horse ranch said i have seen those cowboy helmets and give the girl a breack i dont wear a helmet eathier cause they r uncomfertable
  Nov 15, 2008  •  235 views
Brickyard Farms  
I for one wear a helmet, the horses I ride are great and wonderful.When you are riding you could be doing good but another horse and rider could run into you and hurt you that way. A helmet saved my moms life one time, and believe me she is a real cowgirl. So please don't tell me real cowgirls don't wear helments cause they do!!!!
  Nov 15, 2008  •  235 views
Quarter Horse Luver  
im don't wear a helmet, but that doesn't mean it's smart.
  Nov 16, 2008  •  235 views
Wild Western Ranch  
i've only not ridden with a helmet twice. once a pony ride as a three year old and once two years ago. that time the horse was standing.
  Nov 20, 2008  •  235 views
The A Team  
i love to barrel race and pole bend my horses name is piggy i for one do not wear a halmet i never have
  Nov 20, 2008  •  235 views
never forget me  
ummm just b/c a helmet "looks funny" doesnt mean u can be like yeah watevs
i think that maybe if you ride western its okay because its mostly flat, like barrels and poles and stuff, but when you jump its reallly smart
last week, in fact, i was jumping and my horse reared, and i fell and nearly hit the jump with my head. i was glad i was wearing my helmet :)
  Dec 11, 2008  •  235 views
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