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Album Horses Mine and Others  |  Uploaded Oct 11, 2010
Rohan..and my Girleh! Pokahontas! beast!
barbed wire is bad for horse
  Feb 23, 2012  •  252 views
....Rather depressing when you see a photo like this and just know that one, or both, of these horses are eventually going to end up severely injured and/or killed when kept around uncapped T-posts and barbed wire. Such horrifying, dangerous conditions.

Very sad when you witness an irresponsible owner who doesn't seem to take any consideration for their horses' safety. Poor creatures.

Make sure to have enough money and strength for your massive vet bills and the guilt you'll have to live with.
  Feb 24, 2012  •  252 views
Horse Dreamer  
I think the T-posts did it for me!
  Feb 25, 2012  •  252 views
Spyricle..thank you for your wonderfully judgmental comment! Makes my day! Until you personally have to pay for anything yourself VET BILLS, BOARD, BUYING A HORSE, TRAINING, FEED, SHOWING..I'd quit the quips.

Are they still currently in said Can anyone share a photo without your judgemental, biased, righteous, comments..probably not!
  Mar 15, 2012  •  252 views
Spy thank you for your judgmental, harboring on harassment and at at the very least bigotous comment! I really do appreciate it! Try thinking before you open your mouth.

1. Are they still in this pasture? No
2. How old are you again, are you legally able to make decisions for horses your PARENTS own?
3. Do you share those VET BILLS you speak of, the FEEDING, UPKEEP, BOARD, INSURANCE COSTS?
4. Until you do my dear, pipe down.

I thought hey..let's share photos of my horses on here..but why bother, fencing aside you could say something nice once in a while.

1. I have insurance on my animals.
2. In between moving, 3 weeks of worry in that pasture? You betcha!
3. Bullying/Harassment.. you can go to court for it!
  Mar 15, 2012  •  252 views
Que Sara  
Gorgeous horses!

I can't see anything wrong with your fencing, it's in good condition and as taught as it should be. The post is high enough where they can't get caught up on the top of it.

Some people just haven't got enough experience in life to realise that barbed wire isn't alive and therefore cannot just jump out and attack at random. And to know that horses are not stupid creatures and wouldn't run into it just for the fun of it.

But if they want to bust a gut thinking they have Clairvoyant qualities, I vote we let them!
  Mar 15, 2012  •  252 views
Que Sara...can I just say thank you!! Which I did forget to mention...the fence was 5 stranded, I walked the fence line with each of them so they knew their boundaries (and daily to monitor it), plus the fence was originally electrified to give them the incentive to stay off..quite boldly marked off with flags. I've had horses in such fencing before it is not my top choice by any means..and I will agree that you never know they can spook, they can get chased into it, but they were as safe as they could be. Just depends on where you come from and the horse.. Nothing beats a wooden fence, but if a fence is maintained properly, things are good.
  Mar 15, 2012  •  252 views
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