Rank  Ret   •  Best Rank   14   •  Best Jump   98.25"   •  Jumpoff (W - L)   2,341 - 619   •  Best Streak   35   •  Winnings   2,348,500   •  Records   14 Retired
Head & Neck
Chest & Underline
Back & Hind
Legs & Feet
M V R Anord     
Thoroughbred (100%)  •  Stallion  •  Retired  •  16.1 hh
BMC Titans Phantom     online
Sire (7th Generation)
Genuine Verdict    
Dam (11th Generation)
Owner & Breeder Mystic Valley Ranch   
Breed Restriction No
DNA Mods 14 Active 0 Passive
Training Level 11 of 9
Co-Training No
Feed Type Pasture Feed (+0 Bonus)
Loyalty 100%
Birthday 12-01-2019
Views 1,264
Watching 3
 Horse ID# 3701929
 Jumpoff Stats
  Today (W-L)
Week (W-L)
Career (W-L)
Streak Avg Jump Best Jump
0 - 0
0 - 0
2,341 - 619
L - 3 -- 98.25"
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 Jumpoff Show Results
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 Career Jumpoff Show Stats 1 1 0 0 0
 Jumpoff Show Name Entries Min Age Max Age Items Gender Winnings Date
 Over 20 Shootout [#4] 32 20 40 YES ALL -- 02-15-2020
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Breed Registries
Banner  Registry Name Breed Registered (All-time) Date Accepted Rating Action
 !Elite Thoroughbreds 2018! Thoroughbred 18,993 12-13-2019 --
 ! ! ! !🐎Foxie's 5⭐️ Thoroughbreds🐎 Thoroughbred 52,150 12-13-2019 --
 △ Elite Thoroughbred's 2021 △ Thoroughbred 20,925 12-13-2019 --
 ! * Fly High Thoroughbreds * ! Thoroughbred 10,653 12-13-2019 --
 MVR Elite Thoroughbreds Thoroughbred 137 12-13-2019 NR --
Owner Horse Description
Not open for public studding. If he is up, it will be for 1 mil, no more, no less. Do NOT breed if up for 1pb.

His eyes opened and the world came into a fuzzy existence. All he could see was darkness, no one was around him. He looked down to see hoofprints on the sandy floor- leading away from him. Thats right. It had been a few days since his mother had left him. He struggled to his feet, and for the first time noticed a pair of wings hanging from his side. Taking a few wobbly steps, he started walking. He didn't know how long he was down there, but thankfully found a patch of grass and a stream in the cave he was in. A scurry caught his attention and he swung to the right, catching a rat sitting on a rock looking at him. He approached it, curious as a foal, and it didn't run away. He sniffed the rat and it jumped onto him, crawling up his face and onto his back. He smiled to himself as he felt the rat's feet patter across his withers. He bent his head back to look at the rat again but it jumped off his back and disappeared into the night. That was his first interaction with another living being. He continued walking through the cave before finally coming to a dead end.

As he looked up there was a fiery light descending, calling him. "Anord" it spoke and the ground shook. "ANORD" it spoke again and flames darted around him. He spread them and shook his head, realizing two stumps on his head antlers would soon grow from. The fire seemed to respond to his movements. The light spoke again "Anord - take your place in the world"- and then with a fiery explosion disappeared from view. The flames around him settled down, but he spread his wings again and they re-ignited, beginning to dance around him once again. He soared up and out of the darkness and entered the world.

He was greeted by a dark forest, and spread his wings once more. Flames began to overtake the forest, obeying his will. The flames continued to grow and he looked closer to realize they were showing him pictures. Pictures of the past. Of those who had gone before him. First he saw an epic battle of good versus evil. 12 horses met on a battlefield, and while it looked as though good might restore peace in the land, evil reigned supreme. One horse came into view and stood at the front. It was a mare, Flaseudie, all brown save for streaks of yellow in her mane and tail. He shivered as he felt her gaze shift and lock into his eyes. "Anord, live up to your name" the figure said, before a gust of wind blew her away.

Another scene appeared in the fire, this time 20 horses battling for victory. A stallion arose and came close him him. He was all bay save for a white star on his forehead. Alom, the mighty titan from the side of good. "Anord, you have both good and evil in you. You must decide which side you will fight for my grandson" he said, coming close. Anord looked closely at the scene behind his grandsire, the flames unfurling images before his eyes. Good was once again overtaken by evil in the battlefield. A now familiar shiver ran up his spine and spread to his wings. He wanted the power that the evil side had. He wanted power. And from what he saw, evil was power. Evil was undefeated. He shook his head, his rapidly appearing antlers bobbing up and down as he struck the earth with a hoof. The shapes disappeared and the fire grew, forming around behind him. He could feel the power. The sound of a call to arms filled his ears. It was his brothers and sisters. His eyes blazed as he spoke his first words "I am Anord. I am Chaos. I will fight for Evil." He spread his wings and took off into the night, anxious for the full power evil had to offer.
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  Horse is available for Breeding/Stud.
  Horse is in Training.
  Horse has an identical twin. Click to view twin.
  Horse was DNA bred and not from natural breeding.
  Super Horse (+2 Jump Bonus). Passes Super Horse DNA trait to foals (+2 Jump Bonus).
  Items were used to enhance horses performance.
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How do I Enter and Remove from Jumpoffs:
Jumpoffs are a great way to earn PonyBucks. To enter or remove a horse from jumpoffs just click on the horse name and select the Jumpoff ON/OFF slider at the top of the horse profile page. Your horse will continue to compete automatically in Jumpoffs until you remove it, the horse is sold, the horse is in foal, or the horse is retired. Horses with Jumpoff selected will automatically be entered in jumpoffs each day and will also be available for other member to challenge.

How can I improve My Horses Performance:
The following attributes play a role in a horses jumpoff performance: Training Level, Age, Strength, Loyalty, Conformation, Jumpoff Experience, Breed Percentage, Feed Type, Items, Pedigree, DNA, Registry Memberships and associated Registry Ratings.

How do I breed my horse:
A breed link will display above for any unretired Stallion 3 years or older that has a stud fee set.  If the Stallion has no Stud Fee set then you can't breed to the horse.  All Stud Fees collected will be credited to the Stallion owners account.  Foals are born 3 to 5 days after breeding.  Most of the stallion and mares traits will be transferred to the new foal.

Horse Rank:
Horse ranking is determined by the horses jumpoff win/loss ratio over the past 7 days. This is also weighted agaist the number of jumpoffs entered. For example, a horse with a 30-2 win/loss record over the past 7 days will rank better than a horse with a 5-1 win/loss record. A horse rank of 1 is the top horse on Ponybox.

Training Level:
Training is important for good jump performance.  Horses age 2 and over are automatically trained to your barns maximum training ability for the specific breed.  Typically horses increase 1 level per horse year.  The first number in the training level the specific horses training level and the second number is your barns maximum training ability for that breed (2/8).  Horses in training will show a "T" icon next to their name.  If your horse does not have this icon then it is not actively being trained due to being in foal, under the age of 2, or retired.

Loyalty is how loyal the horse is to its owner.  A horses loyalty will increase the longer you own it and take care of it.  Placing your horse for sale or selling the horse will decrease its loyalty. Horse loyalty plays a significant role in how well a horse jumps.

Strength is the total strength of the horse with 100% representing the horses full strength.  Horse stregth will increase slightly with each jumpoff and also each night of rest.  Horses not active in jumpoffs will max out at about 80% strength  When a horse is bred, both the Mare and Stallion will realize an effect on strength. A Mare can't breed if strength goes below 20%.

Feed Type:
Feed Type is the type of feed the horse is receiving.  If no performance feed is being fed to the horse then it will default it Pasture Feed. Horse feed plays a significant role in how well a horse jumps.

Head & Neck, Chest & Underline:
These features represent the horses conformation on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 representing poor conformation and 10 representing perfect conformation. Horse conformation plays a significant role in how well a horse jumps.

How you care for your horse in regards to feed, strength and loyalty can effect how well your horse grows in its first 9 years of life.  These first nine years of growth will also have some effect on foal birth height over multiple generations.  Breeding a horse too early can lead to smaller foals.  How healthy a foal is in regards to expected height for the breed can impact jumpoff performmance later in life.

Breed Restriction:
If a Breed Restriction has been placed on the horse then only the barn that placed the breed restriction can breed the horse.

DNA Mod:
Modifications to the horses DNA that have a neutral, negative or positive effect on the horses performance and breeding.  A DNA Mod will sometimes pass down to foals of the Dam or Sire.  Once a horse contracts a DNA Mod, it will always be a carrier in either a passive or active state.  Passive DNA mods have no effect on the horse but can be transferred to foals in an active state.

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