Thoroughbred Breeding Partner wanted! 178 views  •   181 days ago
Victory Equines      •  16,434 career posts  
Iím looking for a breeding partner for my thoroughbreds.
Someone who is pretty active on the game, likes to chat and knows how to produce champion horses.

What i am willing to bring to the table:
-Artwork for projects as of when we need
-I can make and sell artwork for consistent income to our projects/breeding programme.
-I will trade lines and offer DNA breedings to add to our programme
-I will always try my best to send jumps to your horses when you need them and I will bombard horses over if I have any jumping/jumped.

Please let me know if you are interested, and what you can bring to the table. Please list atleast 3 of your top horses youíve produced.

Feel free to comment down below or message me if you prefer.

Look forward to hearing from you!

-Victory x
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Very interested and would love to work with you!

I've recently narrowed down the number of breeds I'm actively working on and decided to start my own line of Thoroughbreds with horses I've purchased and raised over the last several months. My goal is to do a full super early next year. I'm also planning to do an Argentine Criollo super in a few months and would integrate that line into my Thoroughbreds through crossbreeding.

Things I bring to the table:
-Variety of quality bloodlines (including foals from notable supers)
-Breeding age horses/foals that I'd be happy to lend/trade/etc
-Consistently logging in every day at least twice
-Jump barn and many horses in their 20's at other barns that I'd be happy to send jumps with
-Adequate resources (items and ponybucks) to invest in projects
-Only one horse away from getting my Top Breeder at this barn; I already have it at another barn ;)
-Supply income by selling foals that don't meet breeding standards and occasionally offering select studs to the public
-Can provide a reference who can vouch for my capabilities as a breeding partner

Top horses I've produced:

O* Right As Rain (hoping this will be the one that gets me the Top Breeder)
O* Maserati Sebring
*BC McLaren Sprint

Thanks for your consideration!
Oasis Argentine Criollos     •  321 career posts 181 days ago
I'd potentially be interested.

- lots of DNA and pbs to offer
- lots of cross options and old lines
- 2 jump barns with a variety of jumpers.

These are probably the 2 TBs I'm most proud of producing:
* Starry Prince *
KS Reckless Shame

Overall though, I have Kladrubys that are taking off again (one was just recently #1 for 3 days in a row) and hitting 96"+ easily and a few hit 97" this week without charms. I've got a few breeds that I'm working with, but I'm going for quality over quantity, so my herds are not large.
Kasch Stables      •  6,427 career posts 181 days ago
raise hand i would love to partner with you, i dont bring much but i have worked with tbs before and i will be willing to learn, iv never had a tb hit 100", pm me if i sound like a canidate for your consideration, i m trying to get this barn up and runnning
BlackgateTBS    •  364 career posts 181 days ago
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