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Hi all. Ive been waiting for the perfect QH to super. But Im not getting one where I can have all 21 DNA active, five saddles, and a charm. Id love all generation longevity points too but that doesnt seem too realistic right now. Anyway, am I overthinking it? Ive not had the best luck with supers in the past and I really want the next one to go well. Am I better off to wait and see how they jump and super/charm from there? Or add all DNA, charm and less saddles? I guess Im looking to know how everyone else decides when to super and/or charm. And are mares/stallions preferred?

PS. If anyone is looking for a second breed, check out QHs. All registry stars already there. And enough high jumpers to make it fun. Could really use other breeders to diversify the lines. Plus Id love some friendly competition!
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So the highest foal base score you can get is 322 and obvs to get this you need to high gens and then its the fight against item room.

Do you have a pairing lined up?

Are you wanting top height or just a good height , I personally prefer fillys Iv had more luck with fillys than stallions but bmc would tell you different lol.
For me personally I super most of mine after getting the baby millionaire record then just leave them until theyre older to send.
Also Iv made an all 13 and I know bucki made tons of all 13 and they struggle to break the 102.75 barrier so Id personally go all out and add the 5 saddles.
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Personally, I would wait and see how they jump and then super/charm from there. Maybe identify 3-5 candidates to get all DNA added to them and then pick the one that is performing best as a teenager to super/charm.

But I haven't done it yet, so take my advice with a grain of salt LOL

If you're wanting to get a lot of foals from said super, a stud would be better just because you could get multiple foals without using foaling apples.
Oasis Argentine Criollos     •  148 career posts 210 days ago
I have several potentials including some TBs. I can only do two.

Compelling 97.5 and improving at 15. No charm making him the highest jumping uncharmed TB I believe. Is it too late? I think he has enough room for five saddles and a charm.
Told in a Whisper DNA bred from my lines
The Climb or No Name DNA bred from highest historical jumping QH mare, unrelated to my lines.

Any thoughts on any of the above? I think X-Rays should be public.
I am counting on God    online  •  6,262 career posts 210 days ago
Told in a Whisper doesn't have enough item slots left, but the other three look great to me :)
Oasis Argentine Criollos     •  149 career posts 210 days ago
Neither does The Climb. Hed either get four saddles and a charm or five saddles. Part of my dilemma.
I am counting on God    online  •  6,264 career posts 210 days ago
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