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me again :)

How do the co-training level bonuses go from +1, +2, +3, etc?

(I'm starting to hit a wall with my Chejus and not enough high-level co-trainers available :(
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I think its the more ticks you get in your own training gets your +'s up for others the best thing i found was getting someone to raise a foal so they could get some co-training up! or alternately get a second barn and do that on the second barn! up to you really. I would happily raise a foal!
Minnys Arabs      •  17,390 career posts 59 days ago
Wait, what haha.

I've only seen +2?

But have absolutely no idea how I appear to others I co-train (what level) and how it can be improved?
Pink Fox Equestrian     •  28,217 career posts 59 days ago
I believe it can be improved by getting ticks to your top breeder... so the whole
Top 100 Rank
> 90" Jump
10 Jump Win Streak
100K In Winnings
Top Breeder

the highest you can get is +3 for co-training :) but that's why its good to either have two barns raise foals so you can use your other barns co-training or find players to raise some foals for you to get up their co-training!
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Oh thank you!! Iíll have a wee little think. This game definitely requires more brain power than it did back in the day haha

Iím also wondering about multiple barns. I seem to remember back in the peg/morgan/etc days there was a rule that you could only have one barn on each server (and therefore there being a huge market for selling barns once u were done with them). Iím assuming this isnít a rule anymore?
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I donít remember that ever being the rule, Iíve had multiple barns since 2006 on all 4 servers. You can no longer sell accounts though, this is against the rules.
I think mainly it was harder earlier in the game to have multiple barns because you had to have multiple emails, still the case but I suppose easier to figure out now that Iím an adult and not 11 :p
Minnys Arabs      •  17,396 career posts 59 days ago
ÖThat would make a lot more sense haha. Now that I think about it it is very likely 11 year old me had convinced myself it was illegal to have more than one email actually. face palm
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Yep I also believe that was 11 year old me for a while and then I was fed up with the pixel restriction so more barns were made! Haha
Minnys Arabs      •  17,397 career posts 59 days ago
This is based on ur own level of training for that breed

Ur barn level/ur co-training level

Levels 3-5: +1 Co-Training
Levels 6-8: +2 Co-Training
Level 9: +3 Co-Training
BMC General Store   MOD   •  19,736 career posts 59 days ago
Barn selling is no longer allowed due to people selling barns then claiming them back which left a bit of a hiccup with the owner trying to reimburse members etc. technically itís meant to be 3 barns maxed but because so many owned from different servers and didnít merge some still own multiple :)

Yes considering the game was meant to be simplified it does confuse people the co training and dna breeding, it took me ages work out co training lol. Minny and bmc have explained it pretty well aswell , the best level to reach seems to be 11 so defo worth adding your horses in extra co training to reach that level :)
Ebony Friesians    MOD online  •  6,196 career posts 59 days ago
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