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Figured I should do a slightly updated New/Returning Players post here :D
As per the previous post, I have collected Info from multiple pages here on ponybox, and stored them here for all who need.

I am also adding Useful guides, some may be outdated, but they give you a rough idea of how to advance more into the game. I am however, adding other Useful pages such as, links to current active mod barns, where to contact, etc, and hopefully more other useful info!
Hopefully this will help players who need some advice on the game, but if you need a question answering, please don't hesitate to pop a comment down below and me or another player will try to help you answer as best as we possibly can! c:

How do I Enter and Remove from Jumpoffs:
Jumpoffs are a great way to earn PonyBucks. To enter or remove a horse from jumpoffs just click on the horse name and select the Jumpoff ON/OFF slider at the top of the horse profile page. Your horse will continue to compete automatically in Jumpoffs until you remove it, the horse is sold, the horse is in foal, or the horse is retired. Horses with Jumpoff selected will automatically be entered in jumpoffs each day and will also be available for other member to challenge.

How can I improve My Horses Performance:
The following attributes play a role in a horses jumpoff performance: Training Level, Age, Strength, Loyalty, Conformation, Jumpoff Experience, Breed Percentage, Feed Type, Items, Pedigree, DNA, breed height, Registry Memberships and associated Registry Ratings.

How do I breed my horse:
A breed link will display above for any unretired Stallion 3 years or older that has a stud fee set. If the Stallion has no Stud Fee set then you can't breed to the horse. All Stud Fees collected will be credited to the Stallion owners account. Foals are born 3 to 5 days after breeding. Most of the stallion and mares traits will be transferred to the new foal.

Horse Rank:
Horse ranking is determined by the horses jumpoff win/loss ratio over the past 7 days. This is also weighted agaist the number of jumpoffs entered. For example, a horse with a 30-2 win/loss record over the past 7 days will rank better than a horse with a 5-1 win/loss record. A horse rank of 1 is the top horse on Ponybox.

Training Level:
Training is important for good jump performance. Horses age 2 and over are automatically trained to your barns maximum training ability for the specific breed. Typically horses increase 1 level per horse year. The first number in the training level the specific horses training level and the second number is your barns maximum training ability for that breed (2/8). Horses in training will show a "T" icon next to their name. If your horse does not have this icon then it is not actively being trained due to being in foal, under the age of 2, or retired.

Loyalty is how loyal the horse is to its owner. A horses loyalty will increase the longer you own it and take care of it. Placing your horse for sale or selling the horse will decrease its loyalty. Horse loyalty plays a significant role in how well a horse jumps.

Strength is the total strength of the horse with 100% representing the horses full strength. Horse stregth will increase slightly with each jumpoff and also each night of rest. When a horse is bred, both the Mare and Stallion will realize an effect on strength, once the mare goes below 20% strength then she can not breed until her strength rebuilds. Horse not active in jumpoffs will max out at about 80% strength. Horse strength plays a significant role in how well a horse jumps.

Feed Type:
Feed Type is the type of feed the horse is receiving. If no performance feed is being fed to the horse then it will default it Pasture Feed. Horse feed plays a significant role in how well a horse jumps.

Head & Neck, Chest & Underline:
These features represent the horses conformation on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 representing poor conformation and 10 representing perfect conformation. Horse conformation plays a significant role in how well a horse jumps.

How you care for your horse in regards to feed, strength and loyalty can effect how well your horse grows in its first 9 years of life. These first nine years of growth will also have some effect on foal birth height over multiple generations. Breeding a horse too early can lead to smaller foals. How healthy a foal is in regards to expected height for the breed can impact jumpoff performmance later in life.

Breed Restriction:
If a Breed Restriction has been placed on the horse then only the barn that placed the breed restriction can breed the horse.

DNA Mod:
Modifications to the horses DNA that have a neutral, negative or positive effect on the horses performance and breeding. A DNA Mod will sometimes pass down to foals of the Dam or Sire. Once a horse contracts a DNA Mod, it will always be a carrier in either a passive or active state. Passive DNA mods have no effect on the horse but can be transferred to foals in an active state.

Key Icons for Breeding:

What is a Breed Registry:
A breed registry is an exclusive registry a horse can join based on breed, breed percentage and conformation. Horses that join registries have slight advantages in shows, list as featured horses when placed for sale and display a registry icon next to their name. Joining multiple registries will have an even greater effect on your horses performance.

What is Rating:
Registry Rating is determined by the quality of active horses in the registry. Having high ranked horses in the registry will improve the registry rating. Low or non ranked horses in the registry will not have a negative effect on the registry, rating is only determined by the quality of the highest ranked horses in the registry. Registry Ratings go from 1 to 5 stars, with a 5 star rating the best you can achieve. An "NR" rating means the registry is not rated due to not having any high quality non retired horses in the registry.

How do Registries Effect My Horses Performance:
Registries have a positive effect your horses performance. You can register your horse into a maximum of 5 registries. The rating of the registries joined will determine the extent of performance added to the horse. Having your horses registered in lower or non rated registries is better then joining no registries at all. Registries contribute about 5% to your horses overall performance.

What are feed types:
Feed types are differences in feed that you can feed your horse. Each feed type has a perk or different effect on your horse.

What if I don't feed my horse or I run out of feed:
If you do not feed your horse or you run out of a specific feed linked to your horse, then your horse will default to pasture feed. Pasture feed will still maintain a healthy horse, but you will not get the additional perk that other members will have using a more high performance feed type.

What are Servings:
Each day one serving is subtracted from your available servings for each horse linked to the selected feed type.

Bonus Points:
Bonus Points is additional points your horse will receive in shows or challenges when using the associated feed type. These points are automatically factored into the horses performance when the feed type is linked to the horse.

If I'm not showing or challanging horses should I still select a performance feed:
It depends, in addition to better show and challenge performance, horses given high performance feed will also result in slightly better foal and stud performance, resulting in a more desirable foal. If you are not showing, challanging or breeding a horse, then free pasture feed is the smart choice.

What is All-Purpose feed:
All-Purpose feed is for sale to everyone by ponybox in limited quantities each day. The price flucuates depending on how much feed is available. All-Purpose feed can be modified to create even greater performance feed using items.

How do I modify feed:
At this time you can only modify All-Pupose feed if you have at least 500 servings available. A future update will allow the modification of more types of feed. Modifying feed can be done using items and adds even more performance to the feed.

What determines the All-Purpose Feed available and Serving Cost:
All-Purpose feed availability is based on supply and demand. A few times each hour All-Purpose feed is processed for purchase by members. If a lot of feed is available for purchase then prices will be low, if not much is available then prices will go up.

How do I sell feed:
You can sell Feed by going to the Feed tab in your barn. Currently there is two little boxes next to the type of feed that you can choose how much feed you'd like to sell and the amount you want for it!

What is a Jumpoff Show:
PonyBox has 3 types of Jumpoffs your horse can compete in. First is a manual Jumpoff where you directly challenge another horse to a one-on-one jumpoff, Second is the automatic one-on-one Jumpoffs where you enable Jumpoffs on your horses profile page and PonyBox will automatically submit jumpoff challenges for your horse each day, and finally there is Jumpoff Shows where you enter a show of typically 32 horses and your horse is paired with a challenger until it loses.

How Many Show Can I Enter:
Your barn can enter a maximum of one horse in each show.

What is a Flight:
A flight or round is a pairing of horse results. Each show will have up to 5 flights or rounds to select a winner. Each new flight takes the winners from the previous flight.

What is Show Status:
The show status will display Open, Locked or Completed. Open means the show is open for more horses to join, Locked means no more horses can enter and the show is in the process of running, and Completed means the show has ended and selected a winner.

Do the Jumpoffs in a Show Count Toawrds my Jumpoff Stats:
Yes, each jumpoff in a show counts as a jumpoff in regards to stats and your horse gaining experience and winnings.

Can I Create Shows:
At this time barns can not create shows. Shows are created by PonyBox.

How can I train my horses?
Increase your barns training ability for specific breeds by achieving goals. The higher you can train a horse the better it will perform in Jumpoffs. Your horses will automatically be trained starting at 2 years old if not in foal and will advanced to your barns max training level for that breed. Horses tend to advance in training quickly in low training levels, but as they advance the time to increase to the next level will take longer and also will vary by horse.

A Top Breeder Status is provided to your barn once you breed 20 horses that clear the 90" Jump Height. As long as you were the breeder, you will still be credited jumps for this award even if you no longer own the horse. Horses bred from a Top Breeder will display the badge on the horses profile page and typically perform better in Jumpoffs.

What are Items:
Items perform specific functions that typically improve your horse or barns performance. Items may only be used once unless the item states that it is an unlimited use item.

Max Items:
Each horse has a max item limit that can be applied of 5 items, however you can increase this max limit to 10 by adding a Saddle Bag item to the horse.

How do I get an Item:
Items can be purchased using PonyBucks from member barn pages, or you can donate to PonyBox for Item Packs.

How do I use or sell an Item:
Select the Horses link at the top of any page and then select the "Items" tab to view your barns item inventory for use.

What is an Xray
Get an X-Ray of your horse and see what makes it tick. Good for identifying good and bad traits of your horse that are otherwise unknown.

Inherited Ability Genes:
Each horse has an inherited gene that passes to foals. This gene can limit the potential of a horse if poor breeding selections were made in past generations.

DNA Bonus Pts:
Sum of DNA Bonus points, not including negative attributes (Line-breeding, Virus, etc).

Lucky Charm Item:
Luck points that can help horse perform better. This typically comes from the The Lucky Charm Item.

Training Level:
Training level to include co-training.

A direct result of how many jumps a horse has performed. Experience level ranging from Newbie, Novice, Veteran, Professional.

Age Factor:
Age has influence on perforance and this metric measures this ranging from Baby, Still Growing, Prime Time, I can Still Do This, Slowing Down, Retirement Yet?

Breed Registry Points:
Get up to 25 performance points from Joining Breed Registries.

Percent breed ratio ranging from mixtures of breeds in the horses past to a 100% purebred.

Feed Type:
What you feed your horse makes a difference. Feed types range from pasture, All-Purpose, Carrot Juice.

Conformation points to include Head & Neck, Chest & Underline, Back & Hind, Legs & Feet. Without items you max out at 40 conformation points and 60 points with the use of items.

Percent strength with 0% no energy and 100% is full energy.

Horses loyalty to you ranging from Can't Stand ya, getting to know you, likes you, loves you.

Generation Longevity Pts:
Keep a horses lineage going through multiple generations and this will increase.

What is DNA Breeding:
DNA Breeding is breeding options you can store for future use, even if the horse is retired or sold at a later date. Use the DNA Breeding item (Previously Gold HorseShoe) to store options to breed a horse you own in the future.

Stock Left:
Stock Left is the number of DNA Breedings remaining. When you select to breed using the DNA Breeding option it will deduct one breeding option from each Mare and Stallion parent horse.

What Happened To Super Horses:
Due to the excess strain on PonyBox servers in keeping Super Horses alive forever, the DNA Breeding item has been introduced to provide a similar option without having to keep the horse active, which was causing extreme load and demand on the PonyBox servers.

1. Barns that owned Super Horses were automatically given 999 future breeding options for that specific Super Horse (See Above).

2. Barns that still had unused Super items were credited 500,000 PonyBucks plus 4 BreedStock items per unused Super item. The unused Super Horse items still remain in barn accounts. A new type of Super Horse function will be released shortly for these remaining unused Super horse items and the owners that own them.

3. All Gold horseshoe items were converted to DNA Breeding items.

How Do I Get My Horse Listed As A Featured Horse:
If your horse is registered in any registry it will display as a featured horse when placed for sale.

I Was The Highest Bidder, Why Didn't I Get My Horse:
Horses can take up to 30 minutes to be moved to your account once you win the bid.

How Do I Sell My Horse:
Just click your horses name and then select the Sell horse button under your horses photo. If you owe any bills on the horse you must pay them first by clicking the bills link on the left menu before you can sell.

Will the horse suffer any effects from being sold:
Horses may perform poorly for a short period of time when transferred to a new owner.

What happens if the horse does not sell:
In an auction format, your horse will return to your account if the reserve price is not reached when the auction ends. If you listed the horse as a Buy Now format and the horse did not sell, then it will relist automatically until you either stop the sale or the horse turns 30.

Can I remove my horse from the sale early:
You can remove your horse from sale at any time if you placed a Buy Now sale. Auction format sales can not be stopped early.

Public Item Sales:
Listing items for public sale will make your item available to any member. Public item sales are advertised on your barn page.

Private Item Sales:
Listing items for private sale will create a unique promotional link you can message to any barn for a private invitation to buy your items at special prices. Any member that uses this link can buy the private sale item. If you select the cancel option then the link will no longer work. Each time you create a link the previous link you generated is no longer valid for the specific item.

What is feedback:
Member feedback can be left on barn pages to reflect your satisfaction or dissatisfaction with any dealings you have had with this barn. Feedback items have Karma points that will either add or subtract from the members Karma. A barn with high Karma points is well liked by other members.

How do I leave feedback on a members barn:
You must posses a feedback item to leave feedback on a members barn. You can't leave a barn feedback if you have previously left feedback to the barn within the past 7 days.

Does feedback effect my barn rank:
Yes, feedback you receive does have a minor positive or negative effect on your barn rank.

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Useful Forums Posts:
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Current Active Mods
(If I've forgotten anyone please post below!) Feel free to message any of the Mods if you need help with anything! They are super helpful and can help with any Issues you may have.
BMC General Store
Ebony Equines
Python Pony Palaces
Midnight Serenity
If Wishes Were Horses
DNEs Deer Lake QHs
Fox Tail Forge and Farriery
Bepaling Stables

Contacting Ponybox
If you need to contact Jeff (owner and Creator of Ponybox) you can find all the information on this page;
Contact Us or you can message Jeff directly through your PB account here; Ponybox Account


FAQs From the last post
Q: How do Items appear?
A: Items randomly pop up on the pages when you're scrolling through ponybox, Item Images are larger than they used to be, which makes them easier to spot. You won't get them everyday, but more than likely will have some appear daily. It is also pure luck on which items you may get. Keep a Item reviver handy in your inventory and frequently check those, just incase you have missed any items! You can use the Item reviver to retrieve missed items so that you don't miss out! You have 7 days to collect these or they disappear from your Item Reviver list.

Q: How to I transfer money?
A: Go to the barn your wanting to send to and grab there ID then go to transactions page and there is an option to send. To get to your transactions page click your ponybucks on the right above next to log out. Click, 'Transfer ponybucks' Enter the amount along with the barn ID, double check its to the right person as this will not be able to be rectified once sent.

Q: What age do horses die now ?
A: It Varies, but the average retirement age is around 30-40, this may have changed however.

Q: Are there any big "no no's " ,like in the past ,that you've experienced?
A: Linebreeding is a big no-no, sometimes it happens, but it definitely brings down the quality of the horses, and they do not perform as well as it probably could do if it's linebred, so definitely take your time to look through the parents side of pedigree on the horse, and track back a few generations to ensure that you aren't breeding linebred horses. Crossbreeding as as bad these days, it still will negatively impact your horse, IF there is not a diamond horseshoe added to them. Especially for rare breeds, crossbreeding out lines, is key to getting in those lineage and items, however make sure you use a DHS on them in order for it to become a 100% Purebred.

Q: What age should I start breeding my horses at?
A: Normally people are breeding their horses 20+ but it all depends on personally preference. The later you breed them, the more advantages it will have to be able to jump better as breeding them reduced their strength which lowers their 'energy' to jump.

Q: Is there a negative impact to jumping my horses before they turn a certain age?
A: Its all down to personal preference on jumping, however you will find they do better the older they are sort of 9+ and they have gained loyalty and levels.
As for breeding same again, but if you are naturally foaling this will effect there levels, so most tend to wait until horses are in the teens or out of jumping.

I think that is about it, but If anyone has any questions, please don't be afraid to message me or post below and myself or other members, I'm sure will be happy to answer your queries! :D

Happy Ponyboxing!
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Amazing post Vic!
Cantering Sporthorses 5     •  205 career posts 167 days ago
This is wonderful. Thank you for putting it together. I'll be studying and probably come back with questions later ;)
Mighty Oak      •  14,417 career posts 165 days ago
Is the Ponybox Equine Virus that common? Like would it be smart to use the vaccine item more often than not? Or is it pretty rare nowadays?
Mighty Oak      •  14,418 career posts 165 days ago
No Problem, I hope it helps!
The PEV Virus has yet to be introduced, I believe. Iíve yet to see the Virus myself in this game =)
Victory Sporthorses      •  19,763 career posts 165 days ago
Suposedly the Virus was released a couple years ago. It can be gotten if a horses remains at low strength for too long. I have not personally tested it, but that is what we were told.
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Good to know, thank you!
Mighty Oak      •  14,419 career posts 165 days ago
A few additional questions for you experienced players!

1) Is there still a cap on the number of horses you're allowed to have at your barn? I remember there used to be a limit of 30, but that may have had to do with the old boarding feature more than anything else.

2) Jumpoff shows: is it only the winner that gets a prize, or are the winnings distributed among the top few horses?

3) How do I increase my co-training bonus, i.e. how do I increase my bonus for a particular breed so that other players are more likely to assign their horses to my co-training? Is is based on rank, jumpoff records, etc?

Thanks for your insights!
Mighty Oak      •  14,473 career posts 142 days ago

1. 200 I think now or maybe 250 max after the barn merges years back he increased it :)
2. Jump off shows you win a fee usually around 25k and you will receive a message saying you won
3. To add in additional co training go to your horses page and in it stats bar on the right there is a button that says co training click that and add your horses to trainer)s)
Ebony Friesians    MOD online  •  5,665 career posts 140 days ago
Thank you for your answers, Ebony!

Bumping this for new/returning players :)
Mighty Oak      •  14,539 career posts 118 days ago
this is super helpful, thank you!

I was wondering what linebred meant?
Barnbie Horse Adventures    •  12 career posts 67 days ago
this is super helpful, thank you!

I was wondering what linebred meant?
Barnbie Horse Adventures    •  13 career posts 67 days ago

Barnbie- itís breeding two horses within two generations. The Linebred Initiative has a post explaining it better. If you search the forum for that word. Itíll lip up.
I am counting on God    online  •  6,120 career posts 15 days ago
Bump :)
Mighty Oak AmericanPaints    •  60 career posts 5 days ago
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