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C- COMMON - 5* and 10+ pages of purebreds
R5*- 4-5* rare under 10 pages
R*- 0-3* rare
Xx- less than 10 active purebred horses, endangered
X- extinct - no active horses

Note: # of pages is approximate and rounded, excluding crossbreeds


Abaco Barb- R* (1 page)
Abyssian- R* (6 pages)
Akhal-Teke- R* (1 page, 11 purebreds)
Albanian- X
Altai- Xx (1 purebred)
American Creme Draft- R* (1 page, 11 purebred)
American Creme and White- Xx (9 active Purebreds)
American Miniature- R* (1 page)
American Paint Horse- R5* (6 pages)
American Walking Pony- Xx (1 purebred horse)
Andalusian- R* (1 page)
Andravida- R5* (8 Pages)
Anglo-Kabarda- R* (1 page)
Apache- R* (1 page)
Appaloosa- R* (6 pages)
Arabian- C
Arctic- R* (1 1/2 page)
Ardennes- R5* (9 pages)
Argentine Criollo-X
Arion- X
Artax- X
Asturian- X
Australian Brumby- R* (7 pages)
Australian Pony- X
Australian Stock Horse- R* (1 page)
Azteca- X
Balearic- X
Baluchi- Xx (1 active purebred)
Ban-Ei- X
Banker- X
Barb- Xx (1 active purebred horse)
Bashkir- Xx (1 active purebred)
Bashkir Curly- Xx (2 active purebred)
Basotho Pony- X
Belgian- X
Bhirum Pony- R* (3 pages)
Bhotia Pony- X
Black Forest- R* (3*, 5 pages)
Boer- X
Boulonnais- X (all crosses)
Breton- X
British Riding Pony- R* (1 page)
British Warmblood- R* (2 pages purebred)
Buckskin- R* (1 1/2 pages)
Budyonny- X
Byelorussian Harness- X (all crosses)
Camargue- X
Campolina- Xx (7 active horses)
Canadian- X
Canadian Warmblood- R5* (4 pages)
Carthusian- X (no purebreds)
Caspian- X
Cayuse- X
Celtic Dwarf- R* (1 1/2 pages)
Cheju- X
Chilean Correalero- X
Chincoteague Pony- R* (1 page)
Cleveland Bay- R* (1 page)
Clydesdale- Xx (1 purebred)
Colorado Ranger- R* (2 pages)
Connemara Pony- Xx (6 purebreds)
Crioulo Uruguay- X
Crioulo- R* (1 page)
Dales Pony- Xx (2 purebred active)
Danube- X
Dartmoor Pony- X
Deliboz- X
Desert Dunn- R* (4 pages)
Djerma- X
Dole- Xx (2 active Purebreds)
Dongola- Xx (7 purebreds)
Dragon horse E- R* (1 page)
Dragon horse W- R* (3*s, 3 pages)
Dulmen- X
Dutch Draft- X
Dutch Harness- Xx (1 purebred)
Dutch Warmblood- R5* (1 1/2 pages)
East Bulgarian-X
Egyptian- Xx (1 horse)
Elfin-Xx (I saw 1 purebred, but did not go thru all 20+ pages of crosses to be sure)
English Cob- X
English show Pony- X
Eriskay pony- Xx (1 purebred)
Estonian Native- X
Exmoor Pony- X
Faeros pony- X
Fallabella- Xx (1 purebred)
Fell Pony- R* (1 page)
Finnhorse- X
Finish Warmblood- Xx (5 active)
Firehorse- Xx (I saw 5 active Purebreds)
Fleuve- R* (1 page)
Florida Cracker- Xx (1 horse)
Fouta- Xx (6 active)
Friederksborg- Xx (9 active Purebreds)
French Saddlebred- Xx (6 active horses)
French Trotter- Xx (1 active horse)
Friesian- C
Galeceno- Xx (1 active purebred)
Galician Pony- X
Gelderlander- R* (10 active Purebreds)
German Sport Pony- Xx (3 active)
German Warmblood- Xx (6 active)
Gidran- X
Golden American Saddlebred- Xx (8 active)
Gotland- R* (1 page)
Gronigen- R* (12 active Purebreds)
Guangxi- Xx (5 active)
Gypsy Vanner- R* (1 page purebreds)
Hackney- X
Haflinger- R* (1 page purebreds)
Hanoverian- R* (1 page purebreds)
Hequ- X
Highland Pony- X
Hippocampus- X
Hokkaido- X
Holsteiner- R* (3 pages purebreds)
Hucul- X
Hungarian Warmblood- R5* (2 1/2 pages) GREAT JOB Creature Comforts!!!!
Icelandic- R* (1 page)
Indian War Horse- X
Iomud- Xx (7 horses)
Irish Draught- R* (1 page)
Irish Sport Horses- R* (3 pages purebreds)
Irish TBs- R* (1 1/2 pages)
Jinzhou- Xx (2 horses)
Jutland- X
Kabarda- Xx (1 active purebred)
Kaimanawa- X
Karabair- X
Karabakh- X
Kazakh- Xx (1 active purebred)
Kelpie- R* (1 1/2 pages active)
Kerry Bog Pony- X
Kinger Mustang- X
Kirdi Pony- Xx (2 active purebred)
Kisber Felver- X
Kiso- X
Kladruby- R5* (5 pages purebred)
Knabstrup- Xx (1 active horse)
Kushum- Xx (1 active purebred)
Kustani- X
Latvian- X
Lippizan- R* (3/4* fluctuating, 1 page purebreds)
Lithuanian Heavy Draft- Xx (4 active Purebreds)
Lokai- Xx (1 active)
Losino- X
Lusitano- Xx (6 active)
M- X
Malopolski- Xx (1 active)
Mangalarga- X
Marwari- X (did not see any purebreds but didn't go through all 30 pages of crosses either)
M'Bayer- X
Merens Pony- X
Messara- Xx (1 active)
Miniature- X
Misaki- Xx (1 active)
Missouri Fox Trotter- C (10 pages pure, can't believe we made it!)
Miyako- X
Mongolian- X
Morab- X
Morgan- Xx (1 purebred)
Moyle- R5* (8 pages purebred)
Murgese- X
Mustang- R* (1 page)
Nakota- R* (3 pages purebreds)
National Show Horse- Xx (3 purebreds)
New forest Pony- Xx (1 purebred)
New Kirgiz- X
Newfoundland Pony- X
Nokota- X
Noma- R5* (2 pages)
Nooigedacht Pony- Xx (1 active)
Nordland- R* (1 page purebreds)
Noric- X
North swedish Horse- X
Northeastern- X
Norwegian Fjord-R* (1 page purebreds)
Oldenburg- Xx (8 purebreds)
Orlov Trotter- R* (11 horses active)
Paint- C (12 pages purebred)
Palomino- R* (2 pages purebred)
Paso Fino- R5* (7 pages)
Pegasus- C (15+ pages purebred)
Percheron- R5* (1 page, good job Old Growth Farms!)
Peruvian Paso- Xx (1 purebred)
Pindos Pony- R* (2 1/2 pages)
Pinia- Xx (1 page)
Pintabian- X
Pintaloosa- Xx (2 purebred)
Pinto- R* (1 page)
Pixie Belle- R* (2 1/2 pages)
Plains Pony- Xx (9 active horses)
Polish Konik- Xx (5 active horses)
Ponies of the Americas- R* (1 1/2 pages)
Pottock- X
Prezwalski- X
Pyrenean Tarpan- X
Quatgani- Xx (7 active)
Quarab- X
Quarter Horse- C (11 pages purebred)
Quarter Pony- R4* (2 pages purebred)
Racking Horse- R5* (2 1/2 pages)
Rocky Mountain Horse- R5* (3 pages)
Russian Don- Xx (9 active horses)
Russian Heavy Draft- X
Russian Trotter- X
Saberhorse- X
Saddlebred- X (but I didn't go thru 25 cross pages)
Sami- Xx (1 purebred)
Schleswiger Heavy Draft- Xx (1 purebred)
Schwarzwalder Fuchs- Xx (1 active)
Selle Francais- C (13 pages purebred)
Shagya- X
Shetland Pony- R* (2 pages purebred)
Shire- Xx (9 active)
Single-Footing Horse- X
Skyros Pony- X
Somali Pony- X
Sorraria- Xx (4 active purebred)
Soviet Heavy Draft- X
Spanish Mustang- X
Spanish Barb- Xx (4 active)
Spanish-Norman- R* (2 1/2 pages purebreds)
Spirit Horse- X
Standardbred- C (15 pages purebreds)
Striker- Xx (4 purebreds)
Sudan country bred- X
Suffolk- Xx (1 horse)
Swedish Warmblood- R* (12 active)
Tahoe- X
Taisuh- X
Tarpan- X
Tawleed- X
Tennessee Walking Horse- R5* (6 pages purebred)
Tersk- Xx (1 purebred)
Thessalian- X
TB- C 100+ pages purebred
Tigerhorse- R* (1 page)
Tokara- X
Tori- R5* (1 1/2 pages, go heartlands tori's!)
Trakehners- R5* (4 1/2 pages)
Ukrainian Saddle- X
Unicorn- R5* (8 1/2 pages purebred)
Vlaampard- X
Vladimir Heavy Draft- Xx (1 active)
Vyatka- X
War Pony- X
Warlander- R* (4 pages)
Wartek- X
Waterhorse- R5* (6 pages purebred)
Welara Pony- X
Welsh Pony and Cob- Xx (1 active purebred)
West African barb- X
Western Sudan Pony- X
Westphalian- X
Xilingol- X
Yakut- R* (2 pages)
Yili- X
Yonaguni- Xx (1 active)
Zaniskary Pony- R* (1 page)
Zhemaichu- R* (1 page)
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Arabs have aprox 25 pages purebreds
Dixie n Kasch Jumps XP     •  139 career posts 726 days ago
Friesians mid to lower 30s
List by Dixie Diamond
Dixie n Kasch Jumps XP     •  140 career posts 726 days ago
I never should have looked at this lol. Now I want some Marwari purebreds just so the exist
Bella Terra      •  4,375 career posts 725 days ago
^^me every time I make the list 😅

Idk if it's possible to breed out the linebreeding gene, but my jump barn has low percent marwaris if you wanna experiment 😅

Oh it's this barn actually! I forgot I was over here waiting on jumps to load baha

Dixie n Kasch Jumps LC     •  485 career posts 724 days ago
Its not possible to outbreed line breeding

Elmo Ink The Defenders      •  35,604 career posts 724 days ago
Thanks Elmo!
Dang what a bummer
*Pats disfigured linebred "marwari"
Dixie n Kasch Jumps LC     •  486 career posts 724 days ago
So proud of my Percheronís! Iím really really happy with the progress theyíre making :)
Old Growth Farms      •  5,834 career posts 724 days ago
...I wanna add more extinct horses to my rare jump barn lol. Gotta bring them all back!
Phantom     •  9,030 career posts 724 days ago
I do wish they would "combine" a few breeds. Like Uruguay and regular criollo could just be criollo, the barb breeds could probably be combined ... Dragonhorses.. just to make that goal a little more obtainable 😅

My goal is to help get as many rare breeds to 5* and common as possible, so we have more breeds that preform well.when I came back last summer it was basically only Arabs, Friesians, and Arabs, there were very few rare breeders.

PS if anyone is interested in Kinger Mustangs I can bring back a 2014 ish DNA breed pair to anyone with 2 DNA breeds, no charge 😁
Dixie Diamond Equine      •  1,832 career posts 723 days ago
I am really thinking I might take on the Estonian Native to go with my Colorado Rangers I am already working on. But I am not sure lol. :)
Sorenson Stables      •  1,015 career posts 722 days ago
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