*sighs* Lack of motivation? 152 views  •   76 days ago
Heartlands Toris      •  12,197 career posts  
What do you guys do when you loose all motivation with your pixels?
Iím really not feeling my Toris anymore, my registry stars have dropped again. And my second breed that I was enjoying have completely dwindled out now

I have A rubbish jump barn but my ponies are too good for for Jump barn

What do you guys do to pick your horses back up?
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I think the registry stars are what kill it for most people. There has been a few suggestions put Jeff's way and he has some ideas too so hopefully they will come into play to make rares on par with the bigger breeds.

I sold up and took a break for a few weeks more for personal reasons, now am back and restarting and it's fun but the game is so quiet.
Ebony Friesians    MOD   •  494 career posts 76 days ago
I feel like Iím to attached to the toris to start over with something else. But on the other hand I really have lost a bit if interested in them
I am struggling with how quiet and slow the game is at the minute I think. I wish it would pick up a bit like the old days .L
Heartlands Toris      •  12,198 career posts 76 days ago
I feel you, I'm in of a slump as well. I've basically ditched all my ISHs and I was barely keeping up with my TBs. I've totally slacked and I have a lot of catch up to do now.

I'm trying to cut myself some slack though because I returned in January and this is the longest I've been back and stayed active since I was a little kid playing on here. I think we all just go through these moments and either we choose to stick it out or take a break.
Briseno TBs      •  9,205 career posts 76 days ago
I'm thinking it must be something in the air because I'm feeling the same way. I barely jump my horses anymore and I've only been breeding once or twice every few weeks because I'm just not motivated. I'm basically just doing what I need to keep my barns alive until I feel more motivated again. Things have seemed quiet all around lately.
Valoroso      •  5,907 career posts 76 days ago
Well least itís not me thatís neglecting their ponies :L
Like I really want to stick with them but I need something to spice things up a bit. I got some foundies and I feel like im wasting them as well and not pushing them
Heartlands Toris      •  12,199 career posts 76 days ago
Iím in the same boat sadly.

Iíve let good horses with high xrays just age out for no reason other than I donít have the motivation to bother jumping them. 😞

I see myself logging on but itís not for the long periods of time. Just a moment or two then hop back off because I truly lack the motivation to try getting my horses up to par right now. 😞
Bucki International      •  6,594 career posts 76 days ago
Sameeee here...

I think it's because, at least where I live, summer and I'm very outdoorsy so now to it's more of a chore to keep my pixels going than during the winter when I just want to be inside.

Also busy with life, my RL pony etc. I'm trying my best to keep what I have going because it cost me so much to get there. I wish there was like an auto-pilot feature I could turn on for a while. 😂

I think you should keep your Tori's going, the registry stars will come back up after some jumping activity.
Identity Sporthorses      •  12,148 career posts 76 days ago
I had the same thing with my Orlov Trotters a while back, I got rid of the whole lot, and took on Thoroughbreds, until I gained back motivation to work on another breed. Now, I brought them back, back in April and now Iím more motivated than ever to breed them. Iím just establishing my lines again and bringing the breed back before I start releasing them to the public and before I do Competitions :D
If youíre not feeling the breed, but still want to play the game, I say stick with a easier breed for now like TBs, Friesians or another more common breed, start working on them and integrate that breed into your Toris when you decide you want to bring them back.
Victory Sporthorses     •  18,971 career posts 76 days ago
Iíve always found if youíre not enjoying the breed, switch it up a bit, theres no point breeding a breed you no longer enjoy, taking a small break from them really does help tho c:
Victory Sporthorses     •  18,972 career posts 76 days ago
Don't give up on them..
I gave up on my trakehner's like a year ago and now im trying to rebuild them and the registry ratings are definitely a motivation killer but I know eventually they will get higher and I doubt you're going to want to give up and then one day you come back to have to start all over again!!
HaJ Sporthorses      •  25,364 career posts 76 days ago
I am questioning already if rares were my best root.
Trying to crossbreed to multiply my pintabiabs and I used 6 dna breeds because I kept getting tbs and in the end I got 19 foals resulting in 1 pintabian with 8active/6passive stats.

Ready for giving up again already *sighs*
Ebony Friesians    MOD   •  518 career posts 73 days ago
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