*****A Reminder to Enter Shows***** 290 views  •   86 days ago
Briseno TBs      •  9,200 career posts  
Some of the shows have been siting there for ages it feels like and many are so close to running and only need 1-2 horses to enter in order to run.

I know shows aren't as important anymore but I still enjoy seeing the results so please if you haven't entered- do itttttttt

For those of you who don't know where to go;
On the "home page" when you log in or you can click the home button in the top left corner
Above My Jumpoff Stats there's a link that says "Try Jumpoff Shows" with BRIGHT RED "new" next to it
Click on it and it'll bring you to the page with all the open shows
Click the show you want to enter and enter a horse who meets the requirements.

Thanks all!
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I would enter them, but none of my horses qualify to enter.
Fox Tail Forge n Farriery   MOD   •  4,333 career posts 86 days ago
I was able to enter only one!
ELK Private Jump Barn 02     •  1,501 career posts 86 days ago
^Bri here :)

I know it can be so frustrating with the requirements but I appreciate you both checking and entering what you could. I know I've been guilty of buying a cheap horse in the sales that meets requirements just to fill a show and then I retire it lol
Phenomenon     •  984 career posts 86 days ago
I entered one, unfortunately the only one any of my horses were eligible for :(
HaJ Sporthorses      •  25,349 career posts 86 days ago
It all helps :D We got one show to go forward!
Briseno TBs      •  9,202 career posts 86 days ago
Thank you for bringing this up Bri! I was getting frustrated waiting for shows to go through. I've had some horses entered in a few shows for so long that they've more than aged out of the shows. I do wish the shows weren't so stringent on entries but literally anything helps!
Mirky In A Box      •  9,478 career posts 86 days ago
Nothing to enter currently but will check as my horses age.

It was on Jeff's list to sort this out as also it respawns mare shows and not stallions etc. So hopefully in time this will be sorted.
Ebony Friesians    MOD online  •  481 career posts 86 days ago

We got a bunch of shows to go forward with everyone's help! I truly appreciate everyone who entered and those you looked to try and enter even if you weren't able.

We're actually close to putting through another one of the new shows now even :D
Briseno TBs      •  9,207 career posts 84 days ago
Your horse beat mine 😭. Iíve been trying to add horses on both accounts when able! Hopefully we can get them going faster!
ELK Private Jump Barn 02     •  1,505 career posts 84 days ago
I'm so glad you said you buy horses from the sales just to enter them... I thought I was the only one who did that!! lol

I enter all I can on all my accounts. =) Thanks for reminding people! My ponies get stuck in them for ages sometimes waiting... XD

But yes, I know it is on Jeff's to-do list to give them an update. Fingers crossed we see some improvements to their running soon!
Bepaling Stables    MOD online  •  5,486 career posts 84 days ago
Mare itemed show needing two more entries.
Ebony Friesians    MOD online  •  909 career posts 31 days ago
Bumping this awesome reminder... =D
Bepaling Stables    MOD online  •  5,555 career posts 5 days ago
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