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Here's a small check list before jumping, and some time saving tips if you feel jumping takes too long.

~How Levels work!~

All horses now start out at level 0. At age 2 they begin their training and reach Level 1. They then gain 1 level per year until they reach level 9 at age 10. All levels after level 9 are harder to reach and varies from horse to horse. Some horses can get to age 15 and still be level 9 while others level quickly can get to level 14 at age 15.

A peaking Level so far seems to be Level 11!

A new barn will not be able to train horses at all. You can gain "Barn" levels for each breed easily. Below i will list how you gain those Levels.

This will need to be done for each new breed you start!

You can get up to 9 "Barn" Levels Per Breed

+5 Levels with 5 Horse Jump Items

+1 Level for getting a horse to 90"
+1 Level for getting a horse ranked under 100
+1 Level for getting a horse to 100k in winnings
+1 Level for getting a horse to a 10+ win streak


Your Barn level will NOT go down over time, you only have to each these goals once per breed.

Your "Barn" Level will also be able to help others with the same breed.

The level you have for that breed implies the "Co-Training" Levels you can offer others for that breed.

Levels 3-5: +1 Co-Training
Levels 6-8: +2 Co-Training
Level 9: +3 Co-Training

~Horse Jumping Check-list!~

Is your horse on Carrot Juice?

Is your horse in 5 of the best Registries?

Does your horse have full Loyalty?

Has your horse started to level up in training?

Once you have answered yes to those your horse will start to excel in their jumping career.

~Time/saving Tips!~

If you don't like jumping cause of all the check boxes there is a way to make it go faster!

Firefox Users - Find the Add-On "Check Them All", you can "Right click" and click the item "Select all" then "Right click" again and click on "Check Them All" once it is added.

Chrome Users - Add Automatic Checker extention to your Chrome. Once it is added you go to the jump page, click the extension in the top right corner, click the "Check All" Button and done!

Hope this helps! If i missed anything please feel free to leave your own tips in the comments!
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Thank you for the tip about the extensions! Will be downloading the Chrome one when I get on my laptop today 😆
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