RL: I bought a Jeep! 178 views  •   51 days ago
Devito International TBs      •  5,395 career posts  
I know it isn't horse related but I am over the moon happy with my progress in the past year. With most of my time being taken up by my three jobs it was about time I finally went and found a vehicle.

Working as a dog groomer, and over 14 years working for our family business of boarding dogs and I also train dogs on spare time I finally was able to go looking for a vehicle. It wasn't a surprise when I found a Jeep my heart skipped a beat. She may not be a Wrangler but still a great starter vehicle that fits me and my personality. And maby one day I will upgrade to the Wrangler. My dream Jeep.

Anyways, I just wanted to share a quick picture of my girl and her bigger sister (Muddy Girl) my mom's Jeep.

Click Link For Photo

Not many colors would accent well with her color so I am going to stay in the red/orange family for interior accessories. Maby a few mods on the outside as well. Lol.

But here's where I am Stuck.
She needs a name.

I was thinking something along the lines of wildfire or just fire themed in general. My top picks I have thought of are Firefly and Phoenix. I am packing in creativity, so Who better to ask than my favorite ponybox community that come up with the most creative of names.

I will throw in 1mill for the name I choose to the winner that suggested it.
Thanks for viewing :)
Feel free to get creative.

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fireheart? flame? blaze?
Peca girl stables    •  180 career posts 45 days ago
Hakuna Matata?
Peca girl stables    •  163 career posts 47 days ago
Jeepy Longstocking (like Pippy Longstocking)
DreamsInColor      •  1,380 career posts 50 days ago
Blaze or Ember!
Duns N Roses     •  2,145 career posts 50 days ago
hmm... got another:
Crimson Peak (or for the pun Crimson Jeep lol)
Turn Waterhorses      •  8,943 career posts 50 days ago
my envoy is Magnum! My ranger is Cole! My other ranger is Ruby!
JC Special      •  432 career posts 50 days ago
Nice wheels!!!
JC Special      •  431 career posts 50 days ago

I love it, what a cute looking Jeep!
Ebony Friesians    MOD   •  3,895 career posts 50 days ago
how about .......
Cheshire Cat

Elmo ink The Defenderss     •  3,666 career posts 51 days ago
I am a huge Disney fan!
The color would definitely match for that name. Lol.
It's gotta be the perfect name, I will be getting decals on the hood of the chosen name :)
If you have a Jeep you will understand lol. It's not a Jeep until it has a name XD
Devito International TBs      •  5,397 career posts 51 days ago
Dusty....Dusty Roads
Southern Haven Equines     •  2,400 career posts 51 days ago
Cute! Congrats on the purchase!

Are you a Disney fan? She strikes me as a "Merida" - from the movie Brave ;]
SweetWater     •  10,287 career posts 51 days ago
Bumping the prize up to 5mill for best name. May increase as others post suggestions. :)

Love the suggestions so far thank you :D
Devito International TBs      •  5,396 career posts 51 days ago
I like phoenix, but also maybe:
Firestarter (sounds a bit aggressive, but maybe good for a jeep lol)
Fawkes (the phoenix in harry potter...if you're into that!)
Turn Contest    •  627 career posts 51 days ago
fire pheonix
Peca girl stables    •  150 career posts 51 days ago
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