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Valoroso      •  4,490 career posts  
I've been mostly DNA breeding to some of my best horses from about 4-5 years ago. Just trying to get my barn started back up without going straight to foundies.

Most of my foals are ending up with "very good" instead of "excellent". How big of a difference does this make? How likely is it to get "excellent" if one parent is just "very good"? Do foundies come as "excellent"?

I'm probably going to be getting foundies eventually, but I feel like I need a better understanding of this stat before I move ahead with my breeding plan.

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"Very good" horses have 15 points less than it would have ig it was an excelant. Just like other horses, they can be awesome or flop entirely.

You can have 2 "excellant" parents and still get a "very good" foal, just not as often. With 1 "excellant" and 1 "very good" i beleive its 50/50

Foundies are "excellant"
BMC General Store   MOD online  •  17,576 career posts 304 days ago
Thank you!! I'm even more tempted to get foundies now lol I wish I could x-ray some of my retired horses.
Valoroso      •  4,491 career posts 304 days ago
I have been trying to study the x-ray scores. So if you have any other questions feel free to PM me 😁
BMC General Store   MOD online  •  17,577 career posts 304 days ago
I definitely will! I feel like a brand new player almost, things have changed so much.
Valoroso      •  4,492 career posts 304 days ago
As a returning player too, I totally get the struggle.

I've been at a loss for how important x-ray scores are too. Like if "very goods" should just be retired or if they can still do fine. I do know that my oldest "very good" horse is not doing very well compared to the rest if that says anything. That's only one horse though.
Echo Sporthorse Farm ESF      •  7,985 career posts 304 days ago
So, from my experience.

Very good is a hit or miss. I've had a 98 jumper who had a "very good" score (*Cillian Murphy)
As far as I know, Cillian never produced a foal with an excellent score rating. However, he is the great-grandsire of Queen of the Damned. Her high jump as of now is 100.5 at age 20. She has an excellent x-ray score rating. Had she been a full super, 60/60 instead of 52/60, I feel she could have potentially hit 102 at least.

My second highest jumper produced, Polar Perfect, is out of a "Very Good" rated mare who only hit 85. (Almost Perfect)

So as far as the scores themselves, I'm finding if it has a score between 400-420, you'll see them reach at least 89-91. 430-440 about 92-95, 450-560 about 96-98, anything about that has seemed to have the potential to hit 99-100.

When looking at a foal, personally look at the lines. Are they solid? Do they have solid jumps for that period of time in the game? I also look at any other offspring directly related to the foal or potential foal when considering breeding.

All in all, it's about personal preference and what you have available to work with.
Fox Tail Forge n Farriery   MOD   •  3,810 career posts 304 days ago
While reading through old forum posts, it seems like some people do just retire them. I'm working on starting my own lines of Standardbreds and Paints, with a goal of Top Breeder status, so I can't afford to retire that much. I have this mare who hit 90" with "very good", only 20/25 registry stars, and low-ish training level. Like you said, it's just one horse, but I'll probably hang on to "very good" foals to see how they perform.

V Shasta
Valoroso      •  4,494 career posts 304 days ago
Thanks Fox Tail! That helps a ton! Are those scores based off foals or adults?
Valoroso      •  4,495 career posts 304 days ago
Valaroso, those are scores based around 9-13. My horses personally tend not to improve after that age. Polar Perfect is the only exception I have to that as she was saddled late.
Fox Tail Forge n Farriery   MOD   •  3,811 career posts 304 days ago
That's what I was thinking. Those numbers definitely make me feel better about these "very good" prospects!
Valoroso      •  4,496 career posts 304 days ago
I won't keep a very good. I find them to stubborn.

You can also guarantee you breed a pair it has the best dna and it will be a very good too. Makes me cry lol.
Bucki Int Friesians      •  3,029 career posts 304 days ago
Lol I think it was one of your old conversations that I was reading Pugs! Once I'm settled as a Top Breeder, I might switch to retiring them, but I want to reach that goal as quickly as I can so I'm going to give them all a shot. I don't keep more than about 3 pages of horses at any time though, so I need those numbers.
Valoroso      •  4,498 career posts 304 days ago
I usually see how they do and what their lines are like Aphorism he is was very good and is 9 and just jumped over 90 so will see how he does
Tip Top TBs    online  •  591 career posts 71 days ago
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