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PythonPonyPalaces   MOD    •  29,935 career posts  
Let's play "How Many Of Us"...

I'll start and you add to the list!

How Many of us…
...Yelped out loud when a diamond saddle appeared on screen and scared our cat, dog, family?
And now we yelp louder when a shamrock appears! 😜

…Nodded off, chin on chest, at computer, trying to beat the clock, breeding many old mares?
Only to realize half got retired before ya woke up! 😜

…Start off with cutesy, endearing and encouraging pet names for a horse while challenging?
Only to end up with not-so-nice-nick-names, wanting to push `em off a cliff! 😜

…Named your awesome foal Princess Xena!
Only to notice way later, at breeding time - it’s a stallion! 😜

…Slurped our supper while playing Ponybox, watching T.V. - rock music in the background and talking to family!
But can’t seem to multi-task at work! 😜

Your turn! 😃
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Omg this is so funny.

... Bred all horses and waited around all day for foals?
Only to realise your a day early and your horses miss a day jumping xD
Ebony Vlaamps    MOD   •  1,654 career posts 91 days ago
this is so true, I do it all the time

...Breed your horses just before foaling?
just to realise that foals have already come and you are to blind to notice, meaning you ether miss a week of jumps or have to buy expensive foaling apples
Kaylied Estal    online  •  57,706 career posts 91 days ago
Yep to both - me too! Hahahaha....we all do these hilarious things playing this game!
PythonPonyPalaces    MOD   •  29,938 career posts 91 days ago
These made me laugh guys. XD

...Use an item.
On the wrong horse.

...Put your new foals on Carrot Juice.
Only to notice you have no carrot juice left, and now you have to re-link your whole barn.
Bepaling Stables    MOD   •  4,968 career posts 91 days ago
...Itemed up a no name because you could decide what to name them yet...
Only to realize A - Its the wrong horse, or B - when you go through to retire the other no names you retire the one you itemed on accident (did this on Sunday twice lol!)

....get lazy and say "I will register later"
Only to realize when they are 8-9 and sucking that you never registered!

....bred to a horse while half asleep
only to realize that you crossbred and had no DHS's

....spent all day on PB every day
during summer vacation instead of enjoying it outside! (Flashback to my younger days!)

....Take a laptop on vacation
Just to check your Pons every day and send em jumps even tho you are at the beach!

Guilty of all of the above xDDD
b a n r i g h    MOD   •  21,696 career posts 91 days ago a bunch of tabs to send a ton of jumps
only to realize you maxed out five horses ago so nothings going through
Turn Nomas     •  116 career posts 91 days ago
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