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Hello PonyBox! So the height rollout was not intended this past weekend as full testing was not complete, but while pushing a server performance code update I accidentally pushed one of the upcoming new features.. horse height. So instead of reverting back I decided to keep it on the servers but not have it impact jumpoffs for now.

I just pushed target heights on the breed description pages (just click on any breed name) so you can see the preferred target heights at birth and 10 years old. A smaller breed will not be at a disadvantage, the disadvantage is when you are off the target growth rates. I will shortly add this measurement to the xray item so you can see the potential for a horse to birth a healthy foal.

Also, I have received a ton of messages that specific breed heights are not realistic. I understand this as mentioned above it was not really ready to be pushed and this will be cleaned up over the next few weeks and fixes will also be pushed to the horses within the breeds that already exist.

Thank you and hope everyone is doing fine in lock-down. If you haven't looked at the PonyBox news page recently, Polo The Weirdo put out an excellent article covering the lock-down perspective from an equestrian.

We are still pumping away at upgrades throughout 2020 that I'm sure you will enjoy! Thank you for your support of PonyBox!
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Also, some of you mentioned to me already that you wanted to try and bread giants. This height feature will certainly allow this within the same breed class or cross breeding, not sure it will be a good jumper but you will definitely be able to breed some big horses after a few generations for show!
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Thank you l!! Hope all is well :)
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Thank you, Jeff!
Sonner Breeding Centre    •  2 career posts 911 days ago
Thanks, Jeff! Great new addition.
Valkyrie    MOD   •  53,798 career posts 911 days ago
Thank you!
Very excited to see what comes next
Aesthetic Equus     •  847 career posts 911 days ago
Awesome! Thank you!
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Thanks so much Jeff. Love the updates.

Stay safe! 😊
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These updates are breathing new life into the website that we grew up with and it's absolutely wonderful ❤️
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Amazing! Thanks Jeff!
I am extremely excited about this update =)
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