Can someone clue me in on updates? 236 views  •   587 days ago
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Been gone a wee bit and I am so confused. I see the co trained but dont really understand and im sure there is more im missing.

Also HI everyone. Hoping to stick around this time.
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Hi, welcome back

so we got a training update. Basically part one arrived the other week , so there is now ways to increase your horses levels.
100k in winnings
10+ win streak
Over 90
Rank below 100

Then in the week we got part 2 which is the option to Co train. This is where it gives you the options to increase your training levels more but at a bit of a cost.

So you can select up to 3 more barns to co train with. You will be allowed to choose from all barns who have 100% training this will give an added +1. If there barns have higher levels for the specific breed then it may give a +2 giving an extra point. However depending wether +1 or +2 will take a percentage of the horses winning.

Hope this sort of makes sense, if you read below the horses desciption it will give a bit of info and also when you click the Co training on your horses page where its info is there is more info. :)
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Welcome back!

In a nutshell, we now have training for our horses to help them gain levels according certain levels. You have a horse level and a barn level. The goals are a 90" jump, 10 for 10 win streak, ranking under 100 and 100k in winnings on top of the 5 we get for horse jumps. We can also co-train horses for a commission of up to 20%. It is supposed to help us gain higher training and therefore a higher jumping horse.

Hope between what pugs said and I posted it helps. Mail me if you need more help.
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Thanks friends. Has the Virus come out yet?
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Not sure, but if you just don't over-breed, it seams like you can easily avoid it. Just make sure when breeding both sire and dam do not have the virus.

My method now it so NOT breed every time...Keep your horse numbers low. Like 2 pages maybe maxish. The higher the DNA the better. Anything below an 8 active to me is too low.
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Virus is a yes but we haven't run into it quite yet in the mainstream. If a horse has below 15% strength over a long period of time then the PEV virus can pop active in a horse. This can be cured by a vaccine. Easiest way to avoid it? Don't overbreed like Wishy said xD
Breeding takes away dam strength as well as not having in jumpoffs, so theoretically if a mare is out of jumps and bred ever year her strength can fall below 15% and she can become susceptible to getting the PEV virus and if its active and not cured, it can be passed onto foals.

But yes the co-op and training are live as well! Like the others said if you have questions feel free to ask!
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