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Colins Legacy      •  7,186 career posts  
I'm trying to slowly make my way back to the game, I miss you guys, I miss the game, and PonyBox has always been a great place to be.

That being said, I'd like to also give you all some chances to get some of my better lines and have some people test them in the current system.

So, who would be interested in a DNA foal comp? If you are which stud would be most interesting to you AND how much would you pay to enter for that stud?

It's a fairly long list but I felt like each of these had their merits and might bring some interest.

1. _Poltergeist
2. CL Magic Night
3. CL Stalking Death
4. CL Shadow Justice
5. Odvaha
6. BMC Assault
7. Catan
8. Ozymandias
9. Geralt
10. SC LurkWhereYaWanna
11. CL Code Red
12. CL Private Beach
13. CL Twentynine Black
14. RR Cadeux
15. CL Shadow Of Death
16. Trenton
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You know i am for sure!!!!
Blind Infernal      •  28,987 career posts 338 days ago
Code Red !
Blind Infernal      •  28,988 career posts 338 days ago
I know, Elmster. XD
How much would you pay to enter Code Red? I have noticed massive price changes so I'm looking for pricing ranges too. :)
Colins Legacy      •  7,187 career posts 338 days ago
Erm easily 2mill maybe more it depends on the info and how its done
Blind Infernal      •  28,989 career posts 338 days ago
I would definitely be interested!

#1 _Poltergeist would be incredibly cool to work with his foals.... I mean an all 100 and a 166" jumper?! It'd be super cool to see how his foals do.

I honestly would not be good at guessing entry fee prices.. Maybe like 350k? I'm not sure. I charged 275k for my DNA Breeding Canadian Warmblood foal comp and I had 15 "slots" (6 DNA Breed items total) for that comp.
Haylo      •  7,645 career posts 338 days ago
I'm probably WAY off on pricing XD so ignore me o.O
Haylo      •  7,646 career posts 338 days ago
Haylo, Poltergeist breedings usually go for about 5 mil a piece. I did just sell a few of those.
Elmster, Okay good to know!
Colins Legacy      •  7,188 career posts 338 days ago
Lol that just a hmmm you know i easily pay 5mill for your studs xD
Like pol and Red
Blind Infernal      •  28,990 career posts 338 days ago
Hence why I said I'm terrible at pricing. I was just going off what my foal comp entry recently was.
Haylo      •  7,647 career posts 338 days ago
No worries, I was mostly stating to see if it would change your answer. :P I'm usually terrible at pricing too. That's why I'm asking! Lol!
Colins Legacy      •  7,189 career posts 338 days ago
Ah, misunderstanding on my part. Sorry xD

Hmm.. Maybe like 2mil entry fee? I know that's off of what you'd get for a breeding, but getting a good deal on a incredible stud could 1. draw more people in to participate and 2. 2mil per foal (you get 5 breedings in with DNA Breeding) would mean you would get 10mil per 2 DNA Breed items you're using--assuming you're using the same mare too.
Haylo      •  7,649 career posts 338 days ago
No worries. :)

That's a good point to consider. I'd probably put him around 3 or 3.5 mil. Good deal going both ways.

Another note about Poltergeist and I think maybe a few others on there: If they aren't TB would you want a Shire foal or to try for TB's and DHS them/pay extra for me to DHS them?
Colins Legacy      •  7,190 career posts 338 days ago
I would try for tb if i used him ID pay for DHS yes
Blind Infernal      •  28,992 career posts 338 days ago
I think doing a Shire foal comp could be really cool. They're an unusual breed right now and I'm all for working with a breed that isn't necessarily "popular" ... But maybe that's something you could leave up to whoever is entering? It could be a "mixed" foal comp and you let people choose from like 2 studs and 2 mares? (I'm not sure how many DNA Breed items you have so that may not be plausible depending on that)... You could do like an "Old Timers" theme and just base it off old lines instead of a specific breed.
Haylo      •  7,650 career posts 338 days ago
Mixed ? Be cool long as it by same sire or something

Like a Royal Rayale ?
Royal Rumble lol
Blind Infernal      •  28,993 career posts 338 days ago
I think it could also be cool if it were different sires. It could be up to the person entering, so you could choose the sire and that's part of the gamble in entering the foal comp!
Haylo      •  7,651 career posts 338 days ago
That's a good thought too. If I do that I would probably only use stallions who were immortal so, Poltergeist, Code Red, Geralt, LurkWhereYaWanna, and Magic Night. Have some decent mare pairing options for those. I'd probably pick 2 of them offer 2 mares per stud and go from there.
Colins Legacy      •  7,191 career posts 338 days ago
Be good idea it help.alot!
Blind Infernal      •  28,994 career posts 338 days ago
That's a good idea! It could be like an "immortal" foal comp and it's all horses who were immortal? Who knows! I think you have some super awesome horses and regardless of how you run the comp, I would be interested! :)
Haylo      •  7,652 career posts 338 days ago
Great! I'm gonna leave this up for a bit and see if I get more feedback on what studs people would like to see.
Colins Legacy      •  7,192 career posts 338 days ago
I'd definitely enter and I'd pick poltergeist for a... 500k entry fee? Do we get to keep the foal we get after the comp?
MidnightSwan Stables   MOD online  •  7,001 career posts 338 days ago
Foals would be yours to keep.
Colins Legacy      •  7,193 career posts 338 days ago
So I'd be interested but not for anything over 1mil. The point of the foal comp is to get people interested especially in different breeds or even bloodlines. It gives you a chance to see what that particular pairing or breed can really do without you having to put in all the energy into multiple foals.
My picks are Poltergeist and CL Magic Night
Diamond Ridge Stable      •  1,652 career posts 338 days ago
Honestly I would be interested in any of the horses xD
Another thing to think of is your entry fee to prize ratio. People will be less likely to enter if they have a high entry fee, but a low prize range from what I've seen. I haven't seen a comp go over 2 mil for an entry fee from looking at the recent ones, and recently its been lower (but then again we have also had less pure TB comps too).
I think when I did my DNA bred comp *if I recall correctly* The entry fee was 2 mil, but 75% of that went back into the prizes (it ended up with a 50 mil prize pool), so really I was only "making" 250k per foal.

Using one of the immortals would be a smart choice, but I would be more interested in just getting a Poltergeist foal outright instead of a comp foal, especially since the prices of items have been rather high. Cause if you think about it, crossbreeding a foal, then not only having to put a DHS on them but whatever DNA they might need can easily end up with millions of PBs being put into one horse, plus the fee. Cause if you don't have the items on hand, that puts you at 2 mil for the entry, plus another 4-8 mil in items, and that's if you can even find the items with how hard to get they have been recently. And since items have been hard to find, people can get away with selling them for ridiculously high prices recently.

I'd also perhaps suggest having the option for a "reduced fee" on the entry if a person provides their own DNA breeds and they get to pick from the five foals their DNA breeds provide. Especially if there is a chance of getting a crossbred. Sure, Shire comp would be pretty interesting but considering there are no active Shire's, the registries are all Non Ranked and that would be detrimental to the foals progression, especially since the other foals in the comp would be TB who have a multitude of good registries to get them going. And with only a few Shire foals from the comp, all related, that makes it harder to get the registries up and keep them up, as well as limits future breeding opportunities down the lines with said foals (which for the majority of players would mean crossbreeding their future horses, and needing more DHS's to put into the foals). And since they would all be related, it wouldn't be a start to repopulating the breed since they would all be linebred if they did breed to another Shire from the comp.

Anyway just food for thought :)
a g n i r a a n e e     •  3,150 career posts 338 days ago
Poltergiest is fab ♥
Victory Sporthorses   online  •  889 career posts 338 days ago
Id be all over poltergeist and code red as well and id pay no more then a mill for a foal comp
Whiskey Reinhardt    online  •  1,674 career posts 338 days ago
Okay you've all given me some great feedback so far. Anyone else want to chime in before I start trying to hammer this out?
Colins Legacy      •  7,194 career posts 336 days ago
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