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For our new players who haven't taken the time to read the photos rules please take the time to read this and click the little link to the forum rules... they are very important to know...

Here on Ponybox we had a lot of issues in the past and now no longer allow the use of google images or DeviantArt images and we have to have credits on where the photos came from on every picture that is put up for the horses, your barn page, or for the forums. It saves ponybox from possibly being sued for Copyright which can be highly expensive. IF you go on the forums you can usually find someone who will make a quick photo or who might have some you can use. If something is used from Deviant art you must have PROOF of permission to use. We had a huge issue with this in the past and users from deviant art getting really upset with theft of photos being used here.


Image Credits
All images and graphics displayed on the Ponybox forums require readable credits. A text link to a graphic does not require any credits as long as only the link is shown and the image does not display or open on the Ponybox forum.

Credits must be applied to displayed images and graphics using the following guidelines:

1 - All forum images and photos must display your Barn Name @ For Example

2 - On photos not taken by yourself you must also credit the owner of the photo.

2 - All graphics and photo manips must include credits for all sources. A manip is a photo that has been edited to alter the original configuration of the photo to include different backgrounds or added objects that were not part of the original photo. All sources of the graphic or manip must be credited. For example, if the graphic or manip included objects(background, lineart, brush) from 3 different people then you must credit each person on the image.

All credits must be readable and you must have prior permission from the source to use their work on

THank you so much,

Ponybox moderator team
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Bumping this due to a few google images back around again.
Fairfax Stables      •  1,269 career posts 762 days ago
bumping this as I've also seen quite a few google photos around.
Haylo      •  7,773 career posts 641 days ago
Haylo, if you see someone breaking the image rules, please message a link to any of the active moderators.
Fox Tail Forge n Farriery   MOD   •  2,438 career posts 638 days ago
My wall has a personal removal policy, but I'm sure many other mods are the same way. Remember that no credit is essentially theft. Be respectful of artists and we WILL look into credits if there's a question on their credibility. Good way to get in a mods bad side.
Anchor Me Stables   MOD   •  6,864 career posts 526 days ago
Anchor glad you bumped this was going to make a new one today after seeing Google images arise again. We're all old enough am sure now to know the difference.
Bucki Int Friesians      •  1,481 career posts 526 days ago
Not to mention that they need to make sure credits are legible
Fox Tail Forge n Farriery   MOD   •  3,088 career posts 526 days ago
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