*cough* So Just Checking Back In - Questions 212 views  •   1758 days ago
Temalouso     •  11,458 career posts  
I just popped on to see if I wanted to restart my game on here again. I have a few horses left to work with, but is it worth it? I have some questions, so please help!

What is the average jump height now?
Where did the show scores go?
How is rank determined?

Thanks in advance, guys.
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Average in my barn is 70 - 85….80s being very good.
No more shows.
Rank has something to do with the number of jump-offs won in a row. It is still new…not too sure because I had the #1 horse who won her first 2 jump-offs! o.O
PythonPonyPalaces    MOD online  •  19,595 career posts 1758 days ago
shows have gone (thats all i know)
Kaylied Estal      •  54,346 career posts 1758 days ago
*gasps* Whaaat, the shows are gone? Okay does that mean people still care about rank, or is it negligible now? How are the jumpoffs done then? It says they're automatic, but how does that work?
Temalouso     •  11,459 career posts 1758 days ago
If you want to start back up, I'll give you breedings to my horses; discounted prices just for you c:
Shoot me a message if you are interested! :p
FE Spare Barn 1    •  480 career posts 1758 days ago
Just the same enter them and they'll jump 4 times a day. When you own a trailer, the horse you give the trailer to will jump 5 times a day.
HUUGGGEE + we don't need pictures amymore so nobody has to steal pictures:)
Galaxy Uni    •  1,079 career posts 1758 days ago
I, personally, don't care about rank. The whole system is a bit messed up right now and to be perfectly honest the ranks don't make any sense. Same with horse jumps. I had one jump 84.25" and then half an hour later jump 60". Everything is automatic now. Again, to be honest with you Clipseh, I'm leaving till we get manual jumping back. I don't care much for this new system as my horses get jumped maybe twice a day. However that's just me. You should play around with it. Who knows, you might like it :D
The Open Door     •  10,399 career posts 1758 days ago
I gave up with breeding for the most part since the updates. I don't think they are terrible but I just found myself lurking when online instead of actually doing something (ie: jumping, showing, breeding, etc.) With everything being automatic right now it kind of ruins the game for me. I plan on trying again after everything is complete.

I took the loss of shows hard because that was my main money-maker and I liked seeing how my horses competed. -_-
Green Mile Farm Irish TBs    •  4,483 career posts 1758 days ago
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